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April 1, 2016
How Much Retirement Income Do You Really Need?
An old rule-of-thumb says that we should expect to need about 70% of our pre-retirement income during our retirement. But how realistic is that? Read this article to see why 70% for most people may be too much and what more reasonable estimates are.
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A "TFSA - First" Strategy For Retirement Planning
Conventional wisdom has advocated using RRSPs to save for retirement, but a recent study by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries provided some compelling reasons to choose TFSAs over RRSPs. Click here to read if a TFSA may be the better choice for you.
Why Bonds Are So Confusing
A recent survey showed that 40% of investors did not know that bond prices drop when interest rates rise. Click here for a refresher on bonds and their performance in various interest rate environments.

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