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February 1, 2020
Hello Everyone,

As we begin a new year, many of us tend to make commitments to improve ourselves through new year resolutions with the intention of changing our habits or behaviour. This year, I'd like to suggest that you consider making a resolution for your investing behaviour.

There were some nice gains in last year's market and to continue having investing success, you need to avoid impulsive behaviour. Reacting impulsively to market ups and downs is a key reason for poor investing results. This is why I use behavioural coaching to help keep my clients stay on track with their investment plans.

When markets go through prolonged sell-offs (a.k.a. Bear Markets), your natural reaction is to sell your investments to prevent further loss. But this is the wrong thing to do because you will invariably miss out on the market rebound that often surprises investors by its suddenness. Of the 11 market drops since 1950, seven recovered all their losses in one year! If you sold at the bottom of the bear market in early 2009, you would have missed more than half of the rebound if you didn’t get back in within two years.

So, what’s the right thing to do? The answer is: “NOTHING”. Evidence Based Investing tells us to stay invested because the markets have always bounced back and reached new highs. This has happened throughout the history of the stock market. The best thing to do is to have a plan, stick with it and ignore the turbulence. 

To read more about Behavioural Investing,  click here to read our article series titled “The Behaviour Gap”. These articles describe how investors always fare worse than the market indexes because they sell at the wrong times.

This month’s focus is on Optimizing Investments from our Successful Retirement Solution. The first article emphasizes the tenant of Evidence Based Investing and the second article explains why we need to be wary of 'experts' offering market predictions. The last article has some of the latest findings about dementia and what you can do to prevent it. Hopefully, these articles will help you achieve a successful 2020 and beyond.


                                     LIVING IN FAITH

                      my personal reflections since the sudden passing of my son

“I often feel like I get Chad’s left-overs, like I’m an after-thought to most everything else that gives him purpose in life”. Please click here to read why my wife Rose Mary feels this way and what we're doing about it.


Evidence Based Investing
– globally diversified, balanced portfolio structured to reduce expenses, turnover, and minimize tax, but should grow with the market. We partner with Dimensional Fund Advisors for this component.

Rising Income Investments – blue chip securities that provide a robust, consistently rising dividend to counteract inflation. Potential candidates are Canadian financials, telecoms and utilities.

Good Night’s Sleep – fixed income holdings which are uncorrelated to equities and have low volatility to provide portfolio stability. This component can provide a steady, dependable income during prolonged bear markets.

Relative Strength – a tactical asset allocation portfolio which uses a rules-based approach to objectively assess opportunities and threats in the market. We partner with Bank of Montreal’s Global Asset Management for this component.
how to stay focused

EBI is based on the knowledge that the stock market marches upward over time, with an occasional set-back every now and then. This means you should take a long-term view to investing and not be distracted. Click here for a Financial Post article on how to keep your focus.
beware of 'experts' bearing forecasts
It's not hard to find market 'experts' on TV, radio, or magazines who offer predictions or forecasts about the market or specific stocks. Our media is inundated with such content. But, click here for a CFA Institute article that will dispel the myth of market 'experts'.
latest in prevention of dementia

After age 65, the risk of developing dementia doubles every 5 years. That is a sombre thought for those of us in or heading into retirement. Click here for a Zoomer article which highlights the latest research on dementia and what you can do to prevent it.
Successful Retirement Solution
An integrated planning approach we offer to our valued clients, involving a six step process that will help you:    
                     1. Clarify Vision
                     2. Preserve Wealth
                     3. Minimize Tax
                     4. Maximize Retirement
                     5. Optimize Investments
                     6. Design Legacy

We will touch on one or more of these steps at our future meetings with you. We'll also provide educational resources to explain each step so that you'll understand their importance and how you'll benefit from this holistic planning approach. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
                                          Chad Ekren  
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I have a group of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. We offer an integrated, holistic, financial planning process to help our clients achieve a Successful Retirement. Click here to view video.
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