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June 2016. Everyone wants happiness! Are you willing to invest in your happiness? These ideas can be an investment in unstoppable confidence to live your happiest healthiest life ever.

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Happiness
Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese
Create Your Best Summer Ever
Why I Adore Milk
Say Cheese Please
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Approved Favorite Dairy Foods
Are you making decisions to be happy and healthy this summer?
Where is Chere?
Where is Chere Savoring Life?

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Happiness

  1. Realize that “I” is the Center of your happiness.
  2. Be grateful daily.
  3. Exercise or MOVE IT three times a week.
  4. Focus on what is working in your life instead of what is not working.
  5. Create daily  time for “planned spontaneity” 
I have never met an unhappy person who I could inspire to be healthier. You gotta be happy before you can attempt healthy! 
Happy = Healthy!


Create Your Best Summer Ever!


Remember your carefree fun filled summer days and even more savory nights where you stayed out late and watching the dragon flies and begging your mom to stay outside “another minute.” You are in luck. You are invited to join the Best Summer of Your Life Club. Read more.

Celebrate June Dairy Month!


Why I Adore Milk and You Should Too

I remember our mom pouring all five us kids a big glass of milk and us chugging it down as fast as we could. Today fifty plus years later I realize more than ever the importance of milk in our daily diets. Read more.

Say Cheese Please

I have to admit cheese is my favorite food. I eat it every single day. Guess that’s what happens to Wisconsin cheeseheads. Read about the favorite cheeses from my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist friends.  Read more.


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Approved Favorite Dairy Foods

I am delighted to share of my colleagues favorite dairy foods and why they love them. I hope you celebrate June Dairy month by upping up your dairy. Read more.

Are you making decisions to be happy and healthy this summer?

Summer is here! And maybe you are like the majority of people I meet. You vowed you would become thinner, richer or happier this year. And, your year is half over! Last month the Taste Life ezine focused on wealthier. So, this month let’s focus on healthier. Read more.

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Recipe: Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese!  Jill Castle, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist  and mom of four shares her homemade mac and cheese that her kids adore and you will too.

Read More.

Abundant Mondays

Want to attract more in your life? Become a deliberator creator. Jumpstart your week with a feeling of abundance and you WILL attract more in your life.

Where is Chere Speaking?


Chere Banana popped into Medtronic for Kid Wellness Day  - a  day for employee’s kids and grandchildren to experience wellness which included yoga, cardio drumming, soccer,  outdoor 1K and dairy nutrition chat with Chere Banana


We celebrated June Dairy month and all the kids took the #Dairy3forme pledge. They pledge to eat or drink 3 dairy foods a day. (good idea for adults too) We topped it off with demonstrating the Frosty Orange Sipper which was thumbs up approved by the kids.


Kate Bendickson, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)  is a Fitness Specialist from Stanchfield, Minnesota. She loves discovering unique coffee shops for a morning brew in the Twin Cities. And, also enjoys biking/walking the numerous beautiful trails our amazing state has to offer.
Kate writes: “Chere Banana has the right amount of humor mixed in with knowledge. She was able to keep the kids (wide variety of ages) engaged with fun questions, many opportunities to be involved and age-appropriate activities. Thank you, Chere!”

Thank You Kate. My pleasure!  




Need a speaker? 


Check out my speaker video on my new website!

Need a speaker? Refer me and receive $100 when I am booked. Positivity is the secret to happiness and productivity. I will create lasting positivity for your group. Let me show you how! Please email me today. Please help me reach my goal of giving a talk in every state!


Where is Chere savoring life?

Savoring is a quality that happy people naturally have in abundance.

Savoring = to mindfully engage in thoughts or behaviors that heighten the effect of positive events on positive feelings. There are 3 temporal forms of Savoring: (1) Anticipatory (2) In the Moment and (3) Reminiscent. We can savor a positive event before it happens by getting excited in preparation for it, we can savor the positive event as it occurs and we can savor a positive event by remembering it. What are you savoring today? 


We celebrated our niece Juliet Bork’ graduation from
Stevens Point Area High School.  We are excited she is headed to Minnesota to attend Winona State University!  My other nephews Tyler Wehr and Steven Barney graduated from high school this year and we can’t wait to celebrate with them later this month.


We have kayaked 4 lakes so far this summer with the goal to kayak 10 lakes total. My life changed when I bought Bubba my little nine foot kayak. Nothing like kayaking a new lake on a hot summer day. Even more exciting  than hot summer days,  I adore kayaking at “almost sunset”  and the adrenaline rush to get off the lake before it is totally dark out. We have already put the kayak on the car in the almost dark. Not fun! What’s on your best summer list?


I am a proud Member of the National Speaker Association

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Coaching is one on one, on the telephone, confidential and life changing!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork MS RDN
Life Enthusiast!
Live Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream
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