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5 Quotes to Help You Live Like You are Dying
Live Like You Are Dying
Orange Butter Brussels Sprouts
Where is Chere Speaking?
Where is Chere Savoring Life?

5 Quotes to Help You Live Like You Are Dying

  1. “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
    —Norman Cousins
  2. “There are far worst things than dying. Not living while you have a chance is one of them.”
    —Coach Lee
  3. “If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what you say? And why are you waiting?”
    —Stephen Levine
  4. “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time, it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”
    —Sydney J. Harris
  5. “The fear of death follows the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
    —Mark Twain


Live Like You Are Dying

Do deaths help you reflect on life? Gary and I intentionally created a summer filled with family memories after Dave, our sweet brother-in-law, passed away May 16th. Another loss this past week, my pen-pal Janet Stillman passed away. Read more. Read more.

Grandma Janet taught me how to live. You were considered double lucky if you had a conversation with her while eating her cooking. She was famous for her Christmas cookies.

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Recipe: Orange Butter Brussels Sprouts

Don’t let Brussels sprouts make you gag anymore. These little beauties are one of the top 10 food trends in 2014. Read more.



Do you want to eat healthier? Guess what? You have got to cook. Our 5 Ingredients for Healthy Living makes it easy. This cookbook gives you yummy healthy fast deliciousness. We only have 40 cookbooks left and when they are gone they are gone. Buy now.

Where is Chere speaking?

I am grateful that I could provide training to all the Wisconsin WIC support staff on the topic 3 Steps to Creating a Life You Love with Energy, Enthusiasm and Empowerment to celebrate WIC’s forty year anniversary. I felt like Jen Johnson, the Training Coordinator and I co-created a memorable workshop with easy to use action steps for a happier more positive life!

“Chere has an unrelenting passion for empowering individuals to make a difference in their own lives through reflection and sharing. She uses personal and her real life examples to motivate and empower. Plus, her optimism and upbeat personality are contagious which inspires us to see that change is possible. She works hard to ensure you receive the perfect presentation that you envision.”
—Jennifer Johnson RD, CD, CLS
Wisconsin WIC Training Coordinator

What the WI WIC audience loved:

  • Chere was funny and informative!
  • Chere’s positive energy and uplifting personality
  • Her simple common sense makes it so easy to make changes
  • Loved her personal life stories and how we could relate to them
  • Chere was professional, positive and very down to earth

Need a speaker? Refer me and receive $100 when I am booked. Positivity is the secret to happiness and productivity. I can create lasting positivity your group. Let me show you how! Please email me today.


Where is Chere savoring life?

Savoring is a quality that happy people naturally have in abundance.

Savoring = to mindfully engage in thoughts or behaviors that heighten the effect of positive events on positive feelings. There are 3 temporal forms of Savoring: (1) Anticipatory (2) In the Moment and (3) Reminiscent. We can savor a positive event before it happens by getting excited in preparation for it, we can savor the positive event as it occurs and we can savor a positive event by remembering it. What are you savoring today?

With eager anticipation we all awaited our mom’s 85th birthday. We ordered a tasty yellow cake with chocolate frosting from Sendik’s and broasted chicken. We celebrated for four days. The best? Just being together!

I have really enjoyed being the chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs, a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In October we all attended FNCE our annual conference in Atlanta. We have a great team of 30 registered dietitians from around the country who own their own businesses and want to help others succeed. We have a goal of 3700 members if you are a RD and not a member please consider joining.


You get what you expect and I always expect to win using the law of attraction. I won a dinner for 18 at Dickey’s. The dinner was graciously donated by Dr. Chris Erickson, D.C. from Discover Life Chiropractic Center.

Siggi’s sponsored a Nutrition Entrepreneur breakfast at our annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Atlanta. Siggi felt homesick for skyr a thick, creamy, high protein yogurt from his native Icleland. We are lucky his mom sent him a recipe and he began making skyr in his small New York city kitchen. The rest is history. He is gracious, humble and fun to hang around with. Thank you Siggi for making yogurt without any artificial preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, flavors or colors.



I am a proud Member of the National Speaker Association

My passion is to empower you to have an easy life, radiating extraordinary health and well being. Can you feel it? Email or call today at 1.952 937 5697 for a 30 minute complimentary coaching session. I guarantee one tip, tool, question or strategy that will make your life easier!!

Coaching is one on one, on the telephone, confidential and life changing!

You only have one life to live
~ imagine if it was one you loved.

Chere Bork MS RDN
Life Enthusiast!
Live Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream