MAY 2021 LOG

Commodore's Report

I’m honoured to be the first female Commodore in the Club’s 57 year history. Thanks for your congratulations (and for the curtsey Gary Ford!). 

Whilst I may be the first female Commodore, I certainly won’t be the last and I’d like to encourage all our female members to step forward and contribute to running our Club. As an all-volunteer run organisation, a diverse mix of views and skills and everyone doing a little bit means our Club will continue to be a fantastic and affordable place to enjoy getting on the water. 

We’re very fortunate to have a good mix of active racing and cruising sailors on the board and I’d like to thank our Flag Officers and Directors for all that they do. We’ve got the best race track in Sydney on our doorstep and our protected waters mean there’s a good spot to anchor in every wind direction. 

The first priority for your board is to finalise an agreement with a new boat yard tenant. This represents a substantial amount of our income. We’re focused on a smooth transition at 1st July. I anticipate that it will be business as usual for both members and Herrick Sailmakers. 

The next priority is to celebrate! Our annual presentation on Sunday 27th June will be a big one, not only a double celebration after last year's was cancelled due to COVID, but also to celebrate the contribution of our long-standing tenants Endeavour Marine Services and wish Colin and Grant all the best in their retirement. I look forward to seeing you there.

I’d also like to wish a couple of our long standing members all the best after a stint in hospital, Robbie (Curly) Williams, my favourite crew member, and Brian Christenson who’ll be back on the water shortly with his new bionic knee. 

See you on the water



Vice Commodore's Report

This is the first time I have compiled a Vice Commodores report.

The attendance for the AGM was good and it was a great to see Karen Ballantyne elected as our new Commodore for 2021-2022. When checking the Office Bearers and Directors, Commodore Karen should have a great working team. Although I have not been at the Club recently Karen is well on top of things, especially re the Presentation Day.
After the AGM I was remiss in not asking Brian Talbot if he would continue to assist the Vice Commodore, I contacted him and apologized and asked if he would continue in that position and he graciously accepted, thank you Brian.
I was discharged from the Hospital a day early and am writing this brief report from home. With luck I will be at the Club for an hour or so on Saturday to check out what stock has to be topped up, at this stage my sailing appears to be some 3 months away, however I will be able to do my duties as the Vice Commodore.
VC Brian

Rear Commodore's Report

With the new Board installed at the AGM earlier this month, I look forward to working with our new Commodore and Vice Commodore and the rest of the Board – hopefully, the year ahead will be less challenging than the last!
The regular racing season has now concluded, with the last race of the Autumn Series run on Saturday. Now for the Winter Series (1st race next Saturday, June 5th)! Overall, racing has been very enjoyable, closely fought and well attended this season. As per my report to the recent AGM, our Saturday fleet numbers have remained consistent over the last 6 seasons, although Twilight fleet numbers have dropped slightly – we hope to see more participants on Friday evenings next season, enjoying the racing and clubhouse dinners that follow. For our Saturday fleet, we have been pleased to welcome new members Alan Lan and crew aboard Wukong and, towards the end of the season, it was great to see Stingray and Windy Point back out racing again.

The weather hasn't been kind for the end-of-month cruising events, but sails are still spotted regularly out on the bay. Plenty of wide-open spaces to enjoy!
For the last race of the season, the forecast all week had been looking dicey, but the Race Committee decided on the morning that the conditions, while not ideal, were OK for racing. Thanks again to the starters, Gary Dunne and Gary Kembrey, for their assistance on Saturday in braving the elements to get us racing, and throughout the season. As it happened, five boats ventured out, and enjoyed a bracing sail around fixed marks in Botany Bay – see the race report below. Completion of Saturday’s race finalised the Championship Series, the Endeavour Championship and the Autumn Series. Congratulations to all skippers and crew for a great season of racing, and particularly to the Series winners and placegetters. A full run-down of all Series results will be provided at the Presentation Day (see more details below) and published in next season’s Blue Book.
The Championship Series couldn’t have been closer, with Griffin and Stockade going into the final race level on points. Fittingly, the honours were finally decided by only 7 seconds, with Stockade just pipping Griffin on corrected time to win the last race and take out the Championship Series by 1 point over the course of 22 completed races. Resurgent was third. The Autumn Series was won by Resurgent, with Halcyon Daze in 2nd and Stockade pipping Blys for 3rd on a countback. The Endeavour Championship is a scratch series, and this year it was won by Blys, with Tic Tacs in 2nd and Rhumline IV in 3rd.
So that’s a wrap for a very enjoyable season of racing. Good sailing to all members, whether racing in the Winter Series or simply enjoying cruising our local waters.

Race Reports

Saturday Bay Racing
Autumn Bay Race 6, May1
We headed out to the gate start off the Ramsgate #1 buoy using it as the leeward mark and the airport #3 buoy as the windward mark, running a windward leeward 2 laps – it worked very well with long legs in the NE breeze 8-12kts. The whole fleet got away very well and spread right across the first leg of the course in a twitchy breeze, trying to get a favourable lift. Stockade and Halcyon Daze on the left side of the work jagged a late port lift going into the windward mark and rounded in that order followed by the rest of the fleet with Vamos sailing two up hanging in there and Blys and Wasabi doing well. The run was straightforward and Halcyon with masthead symm kite held onto the lead as all boats enjoyed a long easy running leg. Up the 2nd work the breeze stabilised a bit and Resurgent came through to round the final mark between Halcyon and Stockade and it was a tense square run to the finish with Halcyon holding on for a very well-deserved daily double, nailing the scratch from Stockade and Resurgent and the handicap from the latter, followed by Blys sailing very well in the lighter breeze, then Stockade, Wasabi, Griffin, Tic Tacs, Rhumbline, Juluka, Vamos.
Autumn Bay Series Race 7, May 8
We headed out for a 4-10kt W-WNW race around the triangle from Kurnell to Ramsgate, Airport, Kurnell, finish Ramsgate. The gate start was well run by Griffin at 1pm in what would have been 4-5kts W probably. Halcyon Daze started first as the gate opened and were off like a bat out of hell, very soon followed by Stockade and the rest of the fleet. The works were a tad biased to the port tack due to the wind not getting to the NW forecast but all boats got that. Half way up the work Resurgent had come through to the lead, Vamos and Griffin were hanging on well despite the light wind, and the Ebrigade were also sailing well with Blys showing the way.

At the windward mark it was obvious the ¾ run to the airport was going to be migraine sailing, with the wind now down to 1-2kts and sagging. The new breeze seemed to be coming off the Monterey shore and some headed a bit higher than the compass course to the airport mark for that, while others went back out into the middle of the bay, against the tide, and into nearly nothing. The leaders had less than nearly nothing also at times, but gradually got into the wind lane which finally came through off Monterey and got the kites filled and were able to progressively bear away and head closer to the course. Stockade came through well running deep with their big mhd symmetrical kite, to grab the lead before the airport wing mark. Halcyon Daze came back well also with the breeze filling in, along with Vamos and Griffin, and the Ebrigade as the fleet compressed at the wing mark.

Resurgent gybed back to starboard just before the wing mark for a 6kt wind lane coming through and got that, while Stockade held onto port further across to the airport, maybe to keep out of the tide. Rounding the mark the breeze dropped again and the leaders hole-sat while the whole fleet compressed up again. A SW veer came in and Stockade and Resurgent latched onto that sailing neck and neck to the leeward mark to set up for the final work to the finish. Halcyon Daze also hooked into it and the last work was on for all money between those three.

Up the last work the breeze stabilized to around 6kts but still swung +/-10deg. Resurgent stretched out to finish ahead of Stockade for the scratch win. Halcyon Daze got 3rd followed by Griffin who held on well, then Vamos, Blys, Tic Tacs and Rhumbline IV. On handicap it was Resurgent from Blys sailing a very good race, with Rhumbline 3rd. Well done to all boats in such variable and trying conditions.
Autumn Bay Series Race 8, May 15
 The fleet gingerly headed out due to the WSW to W forecast which was gale offshore and strong wind warning for enclosed waters. The wind was only about 1/2 of the predicted strength at 10-11am and it was wondered if the forecast 27kts during race time was going to happen. Most boats rigged small in anticipation that it would and around 12-12.30 it certainly reached the forecast at 19kts average gusting to 33kt and most boats scrambled to put mainsail reefs in. During the race it was 23-25 average and 30-34kts gusts and all hatches were battened down and halyard and sheet systems tidied up.
The fleet tacked the first work sticking to the middle of the course and Stockade and Resurgent lead around the windward mark – unfortunately the wrong mark as Griffin calmly lead us to the Ramsgate fixed buoy and the two leaders grimly got back on the wind to try again. At the mark Griffin lead  from Halcyon Daze followed by Resurgent, Stockade, Vamos, Blys and Juluka in a compressed fleet at that stage.
Down the first broad reach Halcyon Daze flew into the lead with small asymm kite while the rest except Stockade two sail reached, wary of the westerly. The second reach was tighter and Halcyon was going like a bat out of hell but sagged down with kite and had to drop it half way down as the breeze gusted in above 30. Griffin reached into the leeward mark from Resurgent with Stockade and Vamos closing in as expected, then Halcyon, Blys and Juluka who were both hanging in well and looking like handicap menaces.
The next work was more than fierce with gusts well over 30 down near the airport but lightening off a bit up at Ramsgate. Mainsheet hands had a real battle keeping their boat on its feet, while frontier land crew kept an eye out for flying corrugated iron roof sheeting. Stockade powered through to the lead. Down the square run Stockade small asymm kite set again and sped off but broke a shackle on the sheet as Griffin hung on well and Halcyon hit 17kts with fractional code zero. Stockade held Griffin off up the last work followed by Resurgent, Vamos and Halcyon those five reasonably bunched within about 5 minutes. Blys and Juluka were well in it at the leeward mark the last time but the last work told, with traveller issues on Juluka compounding the beating from the westerly. On handicap Griffin got the win in a very good effort from Vamos, Stockade, Resurgent, Halcyon Daze, Blys and Juluka. Well done to all crews in that wind. The Autumn and Championship series point scores were tightening as we approached the money end of the season.
Autumn Bay Series Race 9, May 22
10 boats headed out into a late arriving SSE breeze which steadied nicely both in direction (SSE) and strength (9-11kts) during race time. The race tracker confirms this, with Resurgent, Stockade and Griffin on it. RaceQs is a free app and is very easy to use (see HERE).

At the start, the buoy end was favoured and most boats lined up for that, either hanging around beyond it and coming back on port with hope and not much else or coming in on starboard with a planned timed run. Halcyon Daze nailed the latter process to lead the fleet off, Resurgent did a gybe and three tacks before getting across the line near the buoy, while Blys and Vamos preferred a boat end argy bargy, and the rest of the fleet did it smoothly in the middle of the line. Halcyon Daze held on out on starboard going well, as was Stockade on port from a near buoy-end start. Half way up the work Resurgent came through to snare Halcyon Daze then got back onto port measuring up where the starboard layline might be for the windward mark ½ way between Kurnell and Quibray, tacked to starboard before the apparent layline at the time and had Halcyon tucked away nicely to leeward. But the breeze kept veering back to the south out of Quibray as we went into the mark leaving us a tad overlaid and the foxes on Halcyon came up from leeward and abeam to round a boat length in front with Stockade not far back then Vamos, Stingray, Griffin, Windy Point, Tic Tacs, Blys (sailing 4 up not their regular 2 and seemingly with too many Chiefs and too few Indians) and Rhumbline IV.

Down the first kite broad reach Resurgent got right up onto Halcyon’s transom but couldn't get past. Halcyon nailed the wing mark gybe and skated away as Stockade threatened also. The fleet strung out a tad and up the next work the slight lifts and knocks had to be managed and ¾ the way up Resurgent got Halcyon after jagging a nice port lift. At the windward mark a blanket could have been thrown over the 3 boats as Resurgent gybed and kite set on port to start the square run, as Halcyon and Stockade bore away and continued on starboard. Vamos was coming through nicely after bashing the port layline on the first work and the starboard layline on the second, and Windy Point and Tic Tacs were sailing very steadily upwind and down in their favourite breeze.

Resurgent held nice wind lanes which were coming out of Quibray and gybed back to starboard for the leeward mark to slide in nicely ahead of Stockade and Halcyon, who had a friendly encounter just after the square run gybe with the former’s symm kite running deeper troubling the latter’s asymm kite having to reach up behind their stern. Vamos had a top leg and quick kite drop but went the wrong side of the mark so went back to try it again – ouch, that was second handicap place gone there sorry guys.

The last work was beer and skittles sailing for the fleet as Resurgent eased out to cross from Stockade and Halcyon. On handicap it was Resurgent, Halcyon, Vamos, Windy Point, Stockade, Tic Tacs, Griffin, Rhumbline and Blys. So the Championship Series is now at a knife edge and hopefully the last race of the Autumn series presents fair winds.
Autumn Bay Series Race 10, May 29
Five boats went out for the last race of the Autumn Series in SSW winds which would peak at 32kts, with the critical issue deciding the Championship Series (26 bay races, spring summer and autumn combined) between Stockade and Griffin who were tied on points. The weather forecast all week wasn’t at all good but it seemed like it could be ok yesterday and this morning it also seemed ok – but it was touch and go as the SSW breeze funnelled down Kogarah Bay around 11-11.30am and there were some very nervous persons pacing around the dock. Well done to the Race Committee for the decision to sail which was certainly correct, and it was good to get the Championship Series done and dusted today in a directionally reasonably steady but gusty breeze and a fitting final race of the regular season.
Course Brighton to Ramsgate upwind, to airport no3 mark broad reach, airport to Brighton close reach, finish back at Ramsgate. Well done to the starters for setting a perfect starting line and at 1.05pm we were off to battle the SSW averaging 21-23 and gusting to 32kts during the race time as per the Kurnell BOM data.
So all boats except Blys set off with reefed main and smallest jib – the former with full hoist main and no2 jib. The start was fairly even see good video off Griffin HERE.
The first work was heavy going in gusts to 32kts and Stockade marched out as expected, rounded the top mark and quickly set a kite followed by Resurgent, Griffin and Halcyon Daze both kite setting and the latter going like a runaway truck (17.9kts, see HERE). Blys was hanging in very well.
The breeze was gusting and down at the airport mark, and at about 1.40pm it was more like 32kts. The swells coming through the heads and backwash off the airport made the sea a dog’s breakfast and all boats approached it with caution. The second reach was close 2 sail and the final work started in 30+kts but it sagged 1/3 the way up and then came back in. Stockade crossed the line well ahead on scratch from Griffin who came through to pip Halcyon Daze for 2nd. On handicap Stockade got Griffin by 7s, with Halcyon Daze 45s back in 3rd.
For the Autumn series Resurgent prevailed from Halcyon Daze in 2nd and Stockade and Blys tying for 3rd - Stockade getting it on countback.

For the Championship Series Stockade won by 1pt from Griffin, with Resurgent 3rd.

From the Editors

New Commodore
Congratulations to Karen on her election as BBYC Commodore. Check out the news item published in the June edition of AFLOAT magazine (p27, click HERE).

BBYC presentation 2021 - get your tickets!
Tickets are now on sale for our annual presentation on Sunday 27 June. It's a triple celebration this year, to congratulate Colin Cole and Grant McKellar on their retirement as well as our trophy winners for last year which was deferred due to COVID.
Tickets are just $25 for adults and $15 for kids. The afternoon will start at 12:30 and includes substantial finger food/ chinese yum cha/ prawns and finger food. 
All members, family and friends welcome. Appreciate if you could confirm numbers ASAP, please pay by cash or cheque at the bar or email if you'd prefer an invoice to EFT.
Galley duty June 
Thanks to all our bacon and egg roll chefs for May. Here's a quick reminder of which crews are on in June. If you can’t make this date, please swap with another crew & let the Vice Commodore know.
Sat 5 June Halycon Daze
Sat 19 June Rhumbline IV
Sat 26 June Blys
New crew?
Just a reminder to all skippers, when new people sail with you please check if they are a BBYC member. If not, it is mandatory for them to complete a try crewing form (click HERE) prior to sailing. This includes in case of emergency contact details and a risk warning. This is an important part of our safety procedures and risk management.  After 3 sails people need to join BBYC.

We're up in Lights!
Thanks to Brian Talbot, the club sign is now illuminated for a limited period each evening - check it out when you're out after dark!
Contributions to the Log
Thank you to the Log's host of 'official' photographers, including Karen, Helen, Craig, Marc and Col, who have provided great shots out on the water or back at BBYC throughout the season. We are always looking for more, both photos and written contributions (see below for details). Our web gurus are planning on setting up a site on the BBYC website to host a photographic record of BBYC.

Log Hibernation
The Log will be taking a short break for the winter solstice, with no June edition. We will be back on deck at the end of July, with all the news and updates in preparation for the new sailing season. During the break, stay safe, stay dry, and happy sailing!

Members' Corner

Members' Contributions
The Editors welcome input from Members to the BBYC Log - old photos, reports on how you're sailing through social distancing, other items of interest. The best 5 contributions will win a prize. Please send input to:


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