Hope's Path March 2017 Newsletter
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March 2017 Newsletter
WELCOME CHRIS!!  Earlier this month, we were all excited to welcome our newest program participant/intern Chris into the program and house. Be on the lookout for Chris to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. 

100% GOAL REACHED!  We are proud to report that we have reached 100% employment with our Hope's Path program participants/interns! 

SHIFT IN PROGRAM!  You may have already noticed, but we have shifted our terminology from "program residents" to "Program Participants/Interns".  This is because we have day clients who are not residents and because we want to brand our program above the community's interpretations of "transitional home" and "residential facility".  Our guys have experienced fear from neighbors, law enforcement coming to "checkout the house" and misunderstandings from even local churches.  

We want everyone to understand that our program is not a fit for every foster youth who has aged out.  Our applicants must complete Prochaska's  "Stages of Change" assessment to help us know what stage of transitional change each applicant currently is in.  Since we are not a shelter, we do not believe that our program suits individuals in the "pre-contemplation', or lower levels of "contemplation" stages.  We seek to accept young adults of whom are assessed as higher levels of "contemplation, preparation or action" stages.

Each of our participants become "interns" after they have demonstrated consistency in their personal development, attending  Life-Skills classes, and has maintained employment for 60 days.  Our Interns are then presented with the opportunity of having 6 mentors who all participate in Open Table with him/her for at least 12 months, assisting the intern with decisions regarding transportation, housing, healthcare, finances, education, career, and social/spiritual development.  After 18 months, our prayer is that each Intern has developed a life plan that transitions them successfully into sustainable independent lives.  
  • DRIVERS NEEDED: Jump starting our program in December, we failed to recognize the dilemma we were putting ourselves in once they all started school and began their jobs. We are in desperate need of people who will be faithful to drive them to and from work and school until they have accrued the funds necessary to purchase their own vehicles.  If you or someone you know would be free to offer your time during the day to meet this great need, please contact our Program Director, Jeremiah Belyeu at jeremiah.belyeu@hopepath.org
  • VOLUNTEERS to join our Open Table mentors!  One of our program participants is graduating in May from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. We are looking to create a career launch table for him.  We are specifically seeking career professionals and retirees who would like to be on an 8-month table to help him launch his career and independence outside of the House (Criminal Justice background is not necessary).  In addition, we are in desperate need of black mentors.  As Howard, one of our interns asked, "Can I have someone of my own color on my table?" Please help us extend our network and pass the word around that the guys of Hope's Path are needing mentors of color!!!  For answer either of these needs, contact Jeremiah at the email address listed above.

March Calendar

March 10th
  • Appreciation Dinner for Hope's Path Board
March 15th
  • OCS Pastor's Luncheon at Hope's Path
Thank You,
Global Shop Solutions!
On February 24th, employees from Global Shop Solutions (one of our sponsors) came to the Hope's Path House where our guys treated them to a spaghetti lunch! 
WE LOVE Our Sponsors:
We would like to express our sincere love and say "Thank-You!" to our February donors and sponsors.
Jeremiah 29:11 Sponsors 
Craig & Sheila Charbonnet
Daniel Charbonnet
Emerus Hospitals, LLC
Donna Gammenthaler
Pat & Terri Jaggers
Stonebridge Community Church

February Path Leaders
James Kalinowski
Rebecca Mack
Judy Callender
       Volunteer of the Month!
Carol Duncan is our Hope's Path volunteer of the month for March!  She's been with HP since the beginning and now serves as one of our Open Table Mentors.  She first found out about Hope's Path from her involvement with Orphan Care Solutions of Texas when her church, Woodlands Community Church, assisted with supplying school supplies, backpacks and Christmas gifts for registered foster children in need.  When she heard about the development of Hope's Path Carol spoke clearly and openly that she felt God was speaking for her and her church to wrap around the needs of the young people moving into the house.  She immediately stepped into leadership, organizing the guys at the house to have food and a Christmas in which they would "understand God's love for them".  And... they DID.  

Carol is on her church's media/tech team and she helps coordinate their outreach ministry, Compassion.  Others from her church have joined in coming to serve with Hope's Path; some have helped prepare meals, some came to help with the move-in process, and some even donated furniture that's in the House now!  She says, regarding the collaborative effort of Hope's Path and her church, "It's really what the church is supposed to be about, you know?  We are the family of God and we're a family coming together for people who don't have one."  She says she wasn't aware of how big of a problem kids "aging out" of foster care, homeless really was before volunteering at Hope's Path, and added that she learned from one of her fellow Open Table Mentors who works for the police dept: "one of the ways they staff the prisons is by finding out how many kids are aging out of foster care."  She told us she's come to realize through serving HP how grateful she is for those who lent her a hand along the way in her own life, such as her grandpa whom she lived with while she earned her Bachelor's degree in psychology from Ohio State University.  "..if I didn't have my grandpa, I would've been really struggling and it wouldn't been a much different situation.  These guys don't have anybody."  She also told us, as much as she loves her two boys, (a 22-year-old and an 18-year-old), she sees how they wouldn't make it if they'd had nobody, as our guys here at Hope's Path had no one.  Being someone who serves in multiple positions with her church, an Open Table Mentor, and a full-time parent, Carol Duncan doesn't get a whole lot of free-time.  But when she does, she said she enjoys expressing her heart with piano-music.  She loves to play and sing hymns with her Ladies' Bible Study group.  Her 22-year-old is a musician as well; specifically, a professional steel-pin player who just had his first real gig at restaurant in San Antonio!  Next to her love for music, Carol tells us she's had a passion for tutoring since her teacher appointed her as a tutor for "the slow kids" in her 3rd grade class.  When we asked her what she would have to say to someone whose heart is stirred by Hope's Path's cause, but doesn't believe they could make a significant impact, she responded with this: "I would say that God calls us to do what we can do.  And if you have the tiniest sense of movement, that's God calling you.  It's just a matter of being there and being relationship, part of the community.  We are the family of God.  The Bible gives us the example of being a hand, or a foot, or an eye, and how it takes everybody to make it a whole.  There's ample opportunity to do even the littlest thing...it's really just coming and being here, I think.  God will open the doors; He's awesome like that."   

              Meet Zach!

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on the youngest of our 7 residents; Zach.  At 18 years old, Zach is a respectable and kind-hearted young man with a persistently positive attitude.  He may come off as rather shy at first, but anyone who talks to Zach for even 5 minutes will be able to clearly see the air of humility and joy that he carries himself with and a maturity that exceeds his years and is expressed through his willingness to serve.  Though he is the youngest of the residents here at the Hope's Path House, he was among the first to join the program and move into the House last November along with Ukeles and Howard.  Like Howard, Zach first learned of our program through the HAY Center, after having been homeless since he was 3 years old.  He enjoys living here with the other guys, and he tries to make the best of his free time during the day when he's at the house' "I'll try to do something productive like go outside and play basketball instead of watching TV...do something on the computer that's productive, like homework and studying for tests and things I need to get done around the house."  When he's not around the house, Zach is going and applying for jobs.  He takes his classes online, so he's taking care of business around the house quite often!  Between his math class and his college-readiness class, he definitely enjoys his math class more, and he finds fulfillment in using math in general.  However, the activity that Zach draws the most joy from is cooking, so his time of taking online classes with Lonestar Community College are only a necessary pit-stop for him on his journey to becoming a professional chef.  Currently among his favorite things to cook are seafood and soups.  But from Lonestar in a couple of years, he plans on enrolling in Houston Community College's Culinary Arts program to pursue his dream!
A story of the true love that caring for the orphan requires of foster parents.
watch Part 1 HERE
Our application is now available! 
For more information on How to apply email Jeremiah.Bleyeu@HopesPath.org for more information.
Is God Calling
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Feel like God is calling you to help Hope's Path?
If you want to help, but aren't sure how, join our talent database!
(If you would like to become a part of our talent database, please go to https://hopespath.org/volunteer/ to register.)

"Sing A New Song"

Last month, Hope's Path was invited to attend "Gateway" at the home of Joey and Erin Linchovsky.  Our guys and staff were inspired by the testimony of Joey's life's struggles with Cerebral Palsy.  His gifted talents in writing and preforming music painted a picture of his relationship with God that has seen both deep pain and true joy.  There is a limited amount of space, but they welcome anyone to come to their home for dinner, worship and a blessing of love the 3rd Friday night of every month!  It was truly both an honor and a blessing to get to be a part of such a special evening. 
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