Hope's Path February 2017 Newsletter
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February 2017 Newsletter
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Good Neighbor
A new friend of Hope's Path, Erin Linchovsky has also become a beloved "good neighbor" and volunteer!  Erin and her husband Joey have 8 children who all love the Lord.  Joey has severe Cerebral Palsy which seems to disappear when he is engaging with his passion for music.  Their family is a true testimony of love, courage and unity. Each month, they host 40 neighbors/friends at their home where Joey shares his message of adversity, restoration and hope through story-telling and his original music while guest are fed a delicious meal and spiritual growth.  On the ocassions when Hope's Path has a bountiful plate of sandwiches, fruit, cheese, potatoes, or other veggies Erin comes to Hope's Path to gather up what excess perishables we might have and distributes them to local needy families and ministries!  We are so happy to now include the Linchovsky family among those families both blessed by Hope's Path and blessing others alongside Hope's Path. WE ARE ALL BLESSED.
Richard Bril, a member of the Montgomery County Child Welfare/CPS Board of Directors, is a good friend of the Hope's Path family.  Weekly, he and his ministry partners at Tree Top Entertainment bring sandwiches, salads, and fruit cups for the guys to eat here at the house.  We recently spoke with Richard about why he first chose to donate to Hope's Path. "It's a very worthwhile cause, and we don't want those guys going hungry" said Richard. Sometimes it's as simple as that; seeing a need and doing what you can to help out of love for those concerned.  Or, as our Executive Director, Terri Jaggers likes to say: "Loaves and fishies!" (referring to the story in the Bible of a little boy bringing the little he had to Jesus which Jesus used to feed thousands of hungry people).  He told us that he receives the donations that he passes on to us from Bush Intercontinental Airport and from Whole Foods.  Also, he informed us that we are just one of the three organizations with whom he shares the donations he receives.  He also shares donated food with Heaven's Army, (an organization that helps women who have had alcohol and drug issues), and an organization that specifically focuses on serving kids with downs-syndrome. We love Richard, his heart for the community and for the Lord he serves! Thank you Richard!
Feel the Love!
On February15th, Hope's Path hosted Orphan Care Solutions' Heart-To-Heart luncheon in which 32 local foster care professionals representing 17 foster care organizations and our own County Judge Craig Doyal were in attendance.  The guys of Hope's Path, along with food-preparation life skills instructor, Jim Scott prepared and served a scrumptious spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread and salad. "Pat and I have sponsored this luncheon for 13 years.  The goal of the annual Heart-to-Heart luncheon is to take time to let those who do so much for our local children, CPS and collaborative a heartfelt 'thank you'.  Having the privilege to lead such an amazing county of collaborative change agents is a mind-blowing blessing", says Terri Jaggers.  The luncheon was a real win/win for everyone as the guys of Hope's Path really enjoyed showing off their new home, skills, and serving those who have been serving them for years.  GOD IS GOOD!
Meet Howard!

This month, we would like to feature our "oldest" young man in our home.  Howard is a student at Lonestar College, and was recently employed by SCM Solutions Corporation; a freight forwarding and customhouse brokerage business which is in the transportation/logistics industry. Howard is an introspective individual who has many dreams and goals for himself and how he will use his time at Hope's Path as a launching pad for each of them.  His journey to Hope's Path started in East Texas.  Or rather, it started in his growing disdain for the environment that he was living in at the time, and his desire to come back to Houston.  Besides Jesus, and Howard's consulting Google, we have the HAY Center's Dr. Evelyn to thank for Howard becoming a part of our Hope's Path family.  Howard says "for me, it's all about progression and Hope's Path seemed to be a perfect match"  He says that what drew him to the program was its roots in the Christian faith and how "it's all about getting you to the next level in life."  He says there was a spiritual aspect in his life before he joined our program, but that his faith and understanding of God is much deeper and stronger now.  He expressed how much he gets out of the daily devotionals as well as going to church with the rest of the guys every Sunday.  When we asked what it's like to live with other guys in the house, he likened it to his experience with the program as a whole, saying: "it can be rough sometimes, but it is what you make it; if you manage your time well, set your focus on the things that you're trying to get done, and set goals to work toward them...it is good."  Having been in the program even before the house was open this past December he feels his favorite part is the life-skills classes.  Along with the practical life-skills sessions the guys are mentored by our "Open Table Mentors."  Each of the guys are also going through a leadership and ethics curriculum that supplements tangible examples with characteristics and mentalities of a good leader' almost like modern-day parables.  The most memorable of these for Howard thus far has been the lesson that uses the example of an iceberg to explain how the real substance of character is in what lies underneath the surface.  "You have to build your character and [build] some type of integrity," he says.  In just the three months that Howard has been with Hope's Path, he testifies to already having become more self-disciplined and better at working with a team to accomplish something.  Howard plans to go on from here to enroll at UTSA and earn his Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship so that he can one day preside over his own record label as well as some other businesses.  Along the way, he is loving his Music Appreciation class in which he's learning fundamentals that are helping him learn to play on the keyboard that he got for Christmas. When he's not in class or at work, he enjoys watching movies and playing his PlayStation.  Two of his favorite movies are Love & Basketball and The Replacements.  All in all, Howard is glad to be in a community, such as Hope's Path, where he is consistently encouraged and challenged.  As he says himself: "...they're actually trying to put you out there in the real world so that you gain life-skills and not just get a job, but a career.  You go to school [to] get your education and get a degree."
Our application is now available! 
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We'd like to express our sincere love and say "thank you" to our major 2016 and January 2017 sponsors/donors:  
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Hope's Path WELCOMES Pathways
It's been a great privilege of ours to welcome some new faces into our Hope's Path House over the past couple of weeks.  Our friends with Houston-based Pathways has temporarily moved into extra office space at Hope's Path in order to better serve their Montgomery County families. We sat down with Stacey Loftstad, (Regional Program Director of Pathways' Houston and Montgomery County locations), to talk with her about what Pathways is and how they're working to meet the needs of people who want to make the ultimate difference in the lives of foster-children.  Stacey shared with us that Pathways is in the business of building and training individuals who have a heart to serve as foster and/or adoptive parents into being the best foster/adoptive parents possible. Becoming a foster parent takes a lot of responsibility and commitment and Pathways' goal is to make sure they equip new families and provide support and additional training throughout their fostering journey. Stacey explained that "every child who comes into our care has been traumatized in some way" and Pathways works to guide these prospective parents through every step in productively dealing with their trauma.  In addition, Pathways helps those who will be making the choice to adopt. Of course, Stacey and everyone at Pathways are most excited to be a part of matching children with "forever-families through adoption".  Pathways helped over 200 children achieve permanency last year, and about half of those adoptions were put in motion and seen through by their Houston branch!  Stacey summed up the motus operandi of Pathways with this: "...we wanna make sure everyone has the resources that they need so they can be the best possible parents and so that the kids can achieve their full potential.  That's our biggest goal.  Whether a placement ends in adoption or not, it is what it is.  But we want to see children grow and thrive...When families leave, we want them to be better for having been associated with us." 
For more information, visit www.pathway.org!
Special Delivery!
On Feb. 3rd, we got our first donation in from the Montgomery County Food Bank.  As it turned out, we really had no idea the actual volume we had ordered!! After Richard Bril (with Tree Top Entertainment) had just finished bringing the entirety of his sandwich donations in to us, a truck pulled up in our driveway with  6 wooden pallets full of food!  We were blessed with everything from canned goods to fresh vegetables to frozen meats to cases of water; on top of the sandwiches we had just received!  Since you can only request donations from the MCFB in whole pallets or half-pallets, we ended up with quite a lot of blessing on our hands. That entire work day required all hands on deck unloading, sorting, organizing, and storing.  Each of the guys prepared a box for each neighbor of perishable fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches. Everyone on Hope's Path team learned a lot about "loaves and fishes" that day and were a part of a real feast of blessings.  All in all, it was another truly fantastic day at the Hope's Path!

February Calendar

February 15th
  • OCS Heart-To-Heart Lunch 
February 21st
  • Dr. Tim Elmore (with Growing Leaders) Habitudes On-Site Visit
February 24th
  • Global Shop Solutions "Taste of Italy" Luncheon
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