Welcome to the Autumn 2018 update

Over the past few months we have been busy - in this update we cover:
  • New technology partnerships with Genetec Inc
  • Things to note when installing ievo systems - Top Tips
  • 8 Steps to reduce the risk of security breaches
  • Using biometrics to secure the food & drink industry
  • Guide to how your business can benefit from biometrics
  • Exploring the very basics, what is biometric fingerprint technology?
Please note that as of 1st January 2019, Software discs will no longer be supplied with product shipments. All required software to allow for installation of ievo products can be downloaded from the ievo website.

New technology partnership with Genetc Inc.

ievo Ltd engineers and programmers have been working closely with Genetec to directly integrate ievo registration/user management software with the Genetec Security Center and now it is ready for you to utilise.

Security Center communicates with the ievo system via the ievo central SQL distribution software which allows for simple access using only one set of registered (Genetec) credentials, rather than having to manage multiple credentials on one system. 

The integration provides simple, efficient and cost-effective profile management saving customers both time and money.

“Our technology integration relationship with ievo for access control efficiencies comes at an exciting time for Genetec, and will provide greater flexibility and choice for our end-users, adding another competitive edge for our unified security platform in what is an evolving marketplace,” 
Francois Brouillet, Commercial Manager – Access Control, Genetec

Read the full press release here and contact us to find out more.

Things to note when installing ievo systems

We are sharing some of our top tips and commonly asked questions for installing our fingerprint readers to ensure your company is safe, secure and protected:

Cable spec
When installing ievo biometric readers, it’s important that the cable used between the ievo reader and ievo control boards meets our specification. ievo readers use a bespoke PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection to the ievo control board, carrying both power and data. Each ievo reader comes supplied with a 5m CATTE S/FTP (braid-shielded cable, foil-shielded pairs) Ethernet cable.

It’s important to note that if the installation distance between the reader head and control board is over 5m, you use the below specification:

  • Up to 50m – Cat5e/Cat6a S/FTP Stranded-conductor, with shielded RJ45 connectors
  • Up to 100m – Cat5e/Cat6a S/FTP Solid-conductor, with shielded RJ45 connectors

Note: Cat7 specification cables are too thick to use for connection between the control board and the reader head.

Power supply 
Each ievo control board requires a dedicated 12-24v AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current), 2amp PSU. You must calculate the required amp rating correctly when installing ievo equipment onto a shared power supply unit. If using multiple power supplies, make sure they are grounded together. 
For companies using the Power other Ethernet (PoE) module, ensure you are using a PoE+ (802.3at) rated injector. If you do not supply enough power to the readers, you increase the chances of the equipment failing substantially. 

Triggering the ievo reader
The ievo reader uses a proximity sensor to initiate the sensor when a finger is brought into proximity, with the sensor located just below the entry lip of the reader. To trigger the reader correctly, you need to slide your finger onto the pattern from a ‘head-on’ position. If approaching the reader from a different angle - either from above or the sides - it may prevent the sensor from triggering. 

Registration unit usage/orientation 
ievo desktop registration units are a fast, accurate and simple way of managing the fingerprint enrolment process. However, for the desktop reader to work, all ievo control boards have to be installed and online. This is because the ievo control board is responsible for turning the data captured from the desktop reader into a secure template. 

Once the ievo control boards are online and the relevant desktop drivers are installed, the desktop reader must be placed in the correct position during enrolment, with the logo facing the user and the cable coming from behind the unit. 

Accepted card formats 
The optional card reader module allows ievo readers to operate and process a number of widely used identification cards. We recommend using our free ‘card checking service’ to ensure your cards are compatible. 

If you have any more questions regarding ievo biometric installation, please get in touch with our team to discuss the solutions.

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Where we'll be: 

The ievo team will be attending a number of upcoming shows and events through the 2018 calendar, below are all the currently scheduled events we will be attending. Please come and visit us to discuss you biometric needs or get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting at any of these events.

Safeguarding Schools & Future Technologies: Gloucester - 4th Oct
CONSEC: Heathrow, London - 4th Oct
Security Twenty '18 Events: London - 7th Nov

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