Tickets now available for March 16th film launch -
The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?
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The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? officially launches March 16th
- tickets on sale now!

Ok ok, so in the previous update I promised the launch would happen in February!

Coordinating diaries proved trickier than anticipated, but we now have Monday March 16th confirmed at the beautiful St. Ethelburga's in central London, with panelists Caroline Lucas MP, Kate Raworth and Rob Hopkins joining me and the film's director Peter Armstrong. 

The trade-off for the venue’s comeliness is a tight capacity of 70 for the screening, speakers and drinks reception.  You're the first to hear, so get your tickets now at the link below if you want to join us.

Alternatively, the event will be livestreamed by Extinction Rebellion, so you can watch either from home or at the communal viewing parties being organised in the US and UK.  Details also at the link below.

The night will also launch both Sterling College’s new online Surviving the Future course based around the late David Fleming’s book, and the new online hyperlinked version of Lean Logic, with these and the film available for access online from launch day.

Watch the video above for a teaser, or for full details (and tickets) head to

Other news...

Meanwhile, community screenings of The Sequel are already underway, including the above event in Ross-on-Wye and Sustainable Tiverton's AGM on March 19th.

I particularly enjoyed a Skype Q&A to one screening in California, and was also delighted that the brilliant Chris Smaje invited me to speak with him at last month's Oxford Real Farming Conference. 
His forthcoming book A Small Farm Future develops many of the themes of Fleming's work.

And on a slightly different note, I am much looking forward to being part of the Advaya Initiative's Deep Change: Cultivating a Truly Regenerative Activism weekend, 18th-19th April.
A nice little 'fireside' interview by Frank Forencich of The Sapience Project, discussing wisdom and the daunting fertility of the space between stories.

Also touching on David Fleming's post-growth vision, and Extinction Rebellion's recent high-profile branding as extremism.
Just ahead of the UK election, The Guardian's John Harris concluded by pointing his readers towards David Fleming's work, quoting his famous line:

“Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions;
they require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.”

As Harris wrote, "the insight is so plainly put that you have to pause to absorb its radical implications.

But this is the future, and until the British left thoroughly embraces it, its great revolution in thinking will remain incomplete."

"Life-saving information tends to come in local dialects."

~  David Fleming,
Lean Logic

I've been delighted to see this powerful speech by the late Ursula LeGuin doing the rounds again.

I quoted it at length in my preface to Surviving the Future, and it's well worth revisiting.
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"Fascinating books that lay out a compelling vision of a powerfully-different economics for the post-growth world."

~ Chris Martenson, author of The Crash Course, and co-founder of
Order the books
"Without hyperbole I see these two volumes as among the most important recent texts for any permaculture practitioner.

A bridge between the early work of permaculture in designing the landscape and the space now of creating the resilient communities that are necessary to survival.

Within the depths of David Fleming's work I'm finding answers, and adapting them to my own experiences."

~ Scott Mann, founder of The Permaculture Podcast
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