As 2021 dawns, how do we fill our future with fewer 2020s?
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As 2021 dawns, how do we fill our future with fewer 2020s?

In many ways, 2020 represents why I do this work. 

Many talk as though last year's challenges were a unfortunate one-off, but the future is full of 2020s - and worse - if we continue on the path we are on.  The pandemic is not some external ‘act of God’ event threatening our globalised way of life. It is a direct consequence of our globalised way of life, with its international flights, vast supply chains, incursions into the last vestiges of wilderness and all the rest.

Covid has brought a taste of death and disruption home to much of the global north, and we can use this to catalyse a deeper sense of compassion with those already long suffering the consequences of our society's way of life.  Doing so brings a deep determination to change our course.  Or simply to prepare for the consequences.

A month ago I announced enrolments were open for the second run of
'Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time'
and I'm glad to report that all 100 places have since been taken.

So this will be a wonderful opportunity to heed the message and explore joyous, wholehearted paths forward through these extraordinary times, with some of the most compelling thinkers around, including David Abram, Eve Annecke, Rob Hopkins, Nate Hagens, Lucy Neal, Richard Heinberg and Chris Smaje.  I can't wait!


With apologies for the lack of updates in the last rushed mailout, here's a taste of all that's been afoot!

Both Lean Logic and Surviving the Future have again sold better than in the previous 12 months, and have attracted over 50 academic citations in their short lives to date.

Kaicron published the Spanish translation of Surviving the Future - Sobrevivir al Futuro - for the world's half billion Spanish speakers, while The American Sun published a exceptionally insightful essay - 'The Machine & The Carnival' - inspired by the English version.

And I was personally delighted to see a hero of mine, Tim DeChristopher, referencing David Fleming in this conversation with another hero of mine, Wendell Berry.

The final word though has to go to this review of our film The Sequel: What Will Follow our Troubled Civilsation?, which continues to reach and inspire new audiences.
But our reviewer really, really, didn't like my absolute favourite part.  Which seems a great excuse to offer it again! ;)

~ Shaun
Regardless of what TrustMovies may think, this is absolutely my favourite section of The Sequel

(and over 4 million others agree.
Just sayin'..!)
Advaya were increasingly regular collaborators over 2020, from this enjoyable interview back in the Spring, through actually getting out and about to speak at the government-sanctioned Medicine Festival in the summer!

Most recently I Ied the workshop on New Economies as part of their wonderful ongoing 9 month A Journey Home.

And this Sunday 10th, join the first Medicine Session of 2021, which will be our above-pictured and truly magical session on Reimagining Activism.
Meanwhile, the talented and generous Michael Rezl kindly built a new website in support of my efforts, which is, frankly, gorgeous, and well worth a look!  Thanks Michael!!
Keen to tell a friend about David Fleming's work? 

Here's the link to share, for our regularly updated page:
The 'David Fleming: 10 Years on, Celebrating His Legacy' events to mark the 10th anniversary of David Fleming's passing were a great success!

Over 400 people joined, and you can retrospectively enjoy the programme - and the live chat from the day - here.
And as those of you who were able to join us for the anniversary events already know, Lean Logic is now not only a book, but also a band!!

As DJ Marc Riley revealed on BBC Radio 6, they named themselves for a certain magical book...
Meanwhile, David's brilliant TEQs system continues its struggle against the dominant political interests of our time, and continues to garner new advocates.

From former Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson's excellent November column in The Herald newspaper to the University of Melbourne's truly outstanding peer-reviewed paper on TEQs' implications at this point in history, word continues to spread.

Even permaculture co-creator David Holmgren has been writing in favour, while here in the UK the pioneering Icebreaker One team are revolutionising energy data, with an eye very much on laying the groundwork for bringing TEQs quickly and cheaply into being, once politicians admit it might be time to do something...

"As people surrender the power to build the institutions they want, which would enable lives that make sense to them, the system as a whole sacrifices the intelligence it needs: it loses it minds.

The difficult task will not be to move away from our market-based civil society: that will fall away so fast that we will find it hard to believe it was ever there.  The task, on the contrary, is to recognise that the seeds of a community ethic
and, indeed, of benevolencestill exist.

It is to join up the remnants of local culture that survive, and give it the chance to get its confidence back.  We now need to move from a precious interest in culture as entertainment, often passive and solitary, to culture in its original, earthy senses of the story and celebration, the guardianship and the dance that tell you where you are, and who is there with you..."

~  from David Fleming's Surviving the Future, p.50

One of the nicer little outcomes of the first Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time course was heavy usage for the all-new, which we integrated with the course.

The above video is an example of enhancement to the book's content too - course participant Greta Hughson shared it, and I couldn't resist adding it to the entry on Carnival, which it so perfectly exemplifies!

Over the months since we have also enhanced in response to feedback - making it a faster and smoother experience.

Usage accordingly continues to grow, and this month we expect this wonderful free resource to hit the landmark of averaging a pageview every 15 minutes, 24/7! 

Which is testimony not only to David Fleming's enduring genius, but also to the foresight and hard work of Matthew Taylor, who conceived of and brought it into being.  Congratulations Matthew!
"His writing style is just wonderful elegant but not pretentious or designed to obscure things.  It was clear and that's what makes it work from a literary point of view.

David Fleming is such an important person in the world of alternative ways of looking at our relationship to each other, to our future, to the natural world.  In a way it's tragic that he wasn't more understood and better-received during his life.

It's only now that
Lean Logic is out there, and people can see the combined effect of 30-40 years' worth of work brought together in one place to help people understand the need to transform our core ideas and assumptions about the future.

It's only now that this life of indefatigable work and genius is there for people to share."

~ Sir Jonathon Porritt, CBE,
co-founder of Forum for the Future,
former director of Friends of the Earth and chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission
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"David Fleming has laid out a logical, persuasive, and very readable pathway to dealing with the most crucial catastrophe we face: the double bind of growth—if no growth the economy fails, if growth the economy fails.

He illuminates the 'transition from the global city' to 'habitats on a human scale' and an economy 'organized around the rediscovery of community'. 

If there will be any survival following the coming collapse, it will be through following the wisdom provided here."

~ Kirkpatrick Sale, NeoLuddite, and author of Human Scale and The Conquest of Paradise
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