David Fleming audiobook out now!  + film first screening, May course at Vermont's Sterling College, and much more.
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Deep Time Walk
The trailers from the forthcoming David Fleming film - The Seed Beneath the Snow - have now attracted over 4 million views, and it's been invited to preview at the Illuminate Film Festival in June!
For the latest on the film, see:

'Surviving the Future' audiobook out now! 
& latest on the film and course

Surviving the Future Feature
And here's a powerful highlights package from December's oversubscribed symposium on David's work at Vermont's Sterling College. 
Wonderful to see 150+ people gathering to discuss its implications!

Well, hello :)

It seems only appropriate to welcome the hundreds of new subscribers to my David Fleming newsletter since the last update a few months ago.  Welcome indeed!  

17-19 May 2018
Surviving the Future short course

After the success of the above symposium on Fleming's work, Sterling College will be hosting a deeper dive into Fleming's work.

Taught by Richard Heinberg, Martin Kirk and Matthew Derr...
Full details and registration here.
Craftsbury Common, Vermont, USA.

Free books, you say?!

A generous fan of Surviving the Future is funding free copies for groups keen to engage with the work.

Would you like to run a reading group (10 or more people) to discuss the books?  Then fill in this quick form.

Or do you know of a larger upcoming event whose attendees might value a gift of the books, perhaps alongside a discussion like the one I ran at the Transition US national gathering

If so, email who'll be glad to pursue any leads!

Other news

Erik Lindberg's thoughtful and superb review "Surviving the Future in America" is well worth a read, especially for those of you in a U.S. context.

Meanwhile, Surviving the Future itself is now on its third print run, with over 11,000 copies of the books now in circulation, as well as the e-book, new audiobook and forthcoming Spanish translation.

Several engaged fans of Fleming's work also made submissions to the Irish Citizens' Assembly regarding his ingenious TEQs carbon rationing system (here's the submission by Prof. Barry McMullin of Dublin City University).

And I've led a number of events discussing the books, including this enjoyable webinar with Helena Norberg-Hodge of Local Futures, the special anniversary event at Gaia House near David's home in Hampstead, and a stimulating interview with Randy Powers of Practical Prepping Period over in Georgia, U.S.A.

Fleming family pics

This fine figure of a man is David's grandfather, David Hay Fleming (1849-1931), a distinguished Scottish historian, antiquary and critic.

David's niece Lucy kindly supplied us with his portrait, and we were also able to track down the below image of David as a young student, all dressed up for his class picture!

Audiobook out now!

As you can see above, last month I wandered into a London studio to record the audiobook of Surviving the Future.  Rob Hopkins also recorded the audio for his foreword.

If you'd like to hear our dulcet tones, click here to order a copy (or to get it free with a trial of Audible).

Also available on Amazon, iTunes and wherever audiobooks are sold!
Order the audiobook

Latest award

In December, Lean Logic won 1st place in the New York Book Show, to sit alongside its earlier awards won at both the New England Book Show and the PubWest National Awards!
Have you read David's legendary chapter on carnival?  This astonishing 3 minute video captures the power and influence of the Palio di Siena that he writes about. 
Jaw dropping!
And speaking of carnival, here's an artistic rendering of David Fleming's words from a Garden Club in New Orleans, who write:

"Carnival here is still a celebrated neighborhood/parish tradition. It is so refreshing to read about the economic implications of such frivolity!"
Keen to tell a friend about the books? 

Here's the link to share, for our regularly updated page:

(or if you prefer: )

"The claim that industrial agriculture is the only way of feeding a large population is about as scientific as a belief in Creationism - and far more damaging...

Forward movement is not helpful if what is needed is a change of direction.

...The study of economic lift-off is well developed; touch-down has not been considered.

There is an asymmetry here which would invite comment if applied to aviation."


~  David Fleming, Lean Logic

"I refer to Surviving the Future as my Bible, in that it brings me solace and helps me to understand the world and my place in it. 

I look through its passages and dog-eared pages and it explains to me why I’m thinking this way; why I feel this way.  It’s loose, accessible and funny, and yet deeply true. 

It reminds me, through the language that is unique to David Fleming, why I’m really motivated, often, to get up in the morning.  This work is so central to what I believe is necessary."

~ Peter Buffett, composer and author; co-president of the NoVo Foundation
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Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry Trailer
If you can't wait for our film The Seed Beneath the Snow, here's something to inspire in the meantime!  Look & See is a portrait of the great Wendell Berry, a contemporary of, and inspiration to, David Fleming.

Wholeheartedly recommended:
"David Fleming was an iconoclast in a time when orthodox thinking reasserted suffocating control. 

When many major environmental voices had, in effect, decided to 'go with the flow', accept the mainstream economy, and do their best to make it greener, David Fleming went the other way.  His analysis told him that nothing short of a paradigm shift could ensure our collective survival, and he said so, loudly, without fear of being marginalised. 

Thank goodness his analysis can now be shared more widely.

~ Andrew Simms, codirector, New Weather Institute; fellow, New Economics Foundation; author of Cancel the Apocalypse
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