Film launch: The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?, Extinction Rebellion, Guardian profile on David Fleming's influence...
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Fantastic reception for
The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?,
David Fleming's book/audiobook sales in the tens of thousands, Extinction Rebellion involvement and a whole lot more!

In previous updates we've reported on books, courses, films etc - now here's The Guardian profiling a whole U.S. city inspired by Fleming's vision.

The influence of his work is spreading in strange and wonderful ways, as the mainstream starts to catch up with pioneering inspirees like the Transition Towns and Extinction Rebellion.  More on those below!
Again we have hundreds of new subscribers since the last update.  Welcome indeed!

And special thanks to all those who have reviewed the books on Amazon, which really helps to spread the word. 

We need one more review of Lean Logic on (even just a 5 word one!) to hit the magic 15 mark where Amazon algorithms boost exposure for the book. 

In the immortal words of Nick Cave, are you the one that I've been waiting for? ;)
Our film - The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? - has been receiving rave reviews everywhere it goes, from both audiences and critics.

It premiered as an official selection of the Global Peace Film Festival, and is currently on preview release for educational institutions and grassroots groups.

Early viewers have told us they have been inspired to make numerous changes to their lives, including starting groups, spending more time in nature, reclaiming community spaces, volunteering and making films of their own!

We are planning events in England, Scotland and the US for the full public launch in February 2020, when the film will be available both on DVD and to stream online.

This was delayed in order to allow for a simultaneous launch with the new online Lean Logic and Sterling College's interactive online course based around Surviving the Future!
One of the most popular sections of our film is the 'Deep Time Walk' that gives us our opening.

And if you'd like to experience the walk for yourself, there's now a free Deep Time Walk app, developed with Stephan Harding himself!

Other news...

New York State's Radio Kingston completed their week-by-week, chapter-by-chapter playthrough of the audiobook Surviving the Future
Listen from the first episode, or here's a full archive.

And Norwegian daily newspaper Vårt Land published translated extracts from the book for their readership.

We've been interviewed on several shows, including the ever-essential Radio Ecoshock and James Kunstler Howard's podcast.

While the excellent new books Reclaiming Commons and
Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future are just the latest to heavily reference David's writings -
Google Scholar reveals over 30 papers or books do so already!

Keen to tell a friend about David Fleming's work? 

Here's the link to share, for our regularly updated page:

Extinction Rebellion

As one of the first Extinction Rebellion arrestees I've spent a lot of time on the streets (and a little bit in police cells) since our last update.

And of course I've been spreading the Surviving the Future word while I've been out there, from the talk on Blackfriars Bridge pictured above (click through for video) to several smaller presentations.

Unfortunately our planned Trafalgar Square screening of The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? was foiled by police seizures of equipment, but nonetheless XR activists are eagerly devouring David Fleming's vision for a better future.

They don't need any convincing about the unsustainability of our current way of life, so are more than ready for some good news!
Speaking of good news, the resurgence of interest in David's system for actually achieving dramatic emissions reductions (rather than just setting targets to do so) continues to gently swell.

Several independent groups have been in touch about apps they are developing to help people get to grips with the idea. 

A working group in the U.S. are trying to get Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal to embrace such radically ambitious policy

And Stan Cox's interview with me for his forthcoming book on carbon rationing led to an engaged - and engaging - debate.

"The market state is so impressed by its own ingenuity - by its ability to find technical solutions to its problems - that it finds it hard to recognise that it is not technical solutions that are needed.

Forward movement is not helpful if what is needed is a change of direction

~  David Fleming,
Lean Logic

The striking headline above is from a piece in Quaker magazine The Friend in support of TEQs.
Yet living simply is as far from a majority pursuit in the likes of the UK and US as it was when David was writing.

So the bestselling theologian Reverend Michael Dowd is hosting a number of 'Post-Doom' interviews, on dealing with the consequences, and the widespread foreboding about climate chaos, societal collapse and ecological 'doom'.

I was honoured to open the series, and we forged a warm and lasting connection through a touching conversation.  Future participants at will include Joanna Macy, Derrick Jensen, Chris Martenson and David Abram.

Humanity - not just a virus with shoes

One thing I've noticed, especially in Extinction Rebellion circles, is a growing opinion that humanity is just inherently incapable of sustaining a future. 

So I wrote a piece to remind us all of how plainly untrue that is.

And Tikkun magazine's article The Sequel: Life After Economic Growth gives a great taste of the far more beautiful story we can support with our lives, if we so desire.
"It's just what I need right now.

I think the 'dictionary' approach is brilliant.  It's a great way of not only allowing the reader to dip in and out, but it helps dyslexics like me not feel guilty for reading how much we like when we like, and not feeling it's always about going cover to cover!"

~ Benjamin Zephaniah, poet, novelist, playwright, musician, actor...
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"Lean Logic is an extraordinary book, uncategorisable, driven by a great rolling intellectual curiosity. 

Fleming fathomed the depth of the mess in which we find ourselves and left us clues as to how we might find our way through that mess."

~ Dougald Hine, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project
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