Exciting times..!  New alliances, European enthusiasm and the definitive argument for TEQs
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Welcome to the May 2015 TEQs newsletter

Brought to you by the Fleming Policy Centre

Building alliances

As regular readers know, our focus now is campaigning for the implementation of TEQs.  However, we are pleased to finally be able to announce the official publication of the definitive peer-reviewed paper on TEQs, which lays out exactly why this is what we are fighting for.

In the meantime, we have been focusing on building alliances with the organisations who can take our message far and wide.  Our European partners the Resource Cap Coalition are now pushing for a Europe-wide feasibility study and impact assessment as part of the EC’s Energy Union priority theme, and we are actively pursuing possibilities for similar partnership with UK NGOs.

As you can read below, Dr. Chris Shaw's research programme is also ongoing.  We were pleased to see TEQs in the Green Party manifesto for the recent UK election, and Chris' most recent workshop (in Bristol last week) assessed the prospects for climate policy in light of the returned Conservative government.

Thanks to Salt magazine...

The impressive team from Salt magazine kindly offered us a free communications and branding workshop, to help the TEQs idea spread its reach and impact.  A number of useful and exciting new approaches to sharing how TEQs could change society emerged, which we will be making good use of in the coming years.

...And to the Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Our Campaign Manager Tom Pashby has now completed his five-month Influencing Change training with the Sheila McKechnie Foundation alongside the above group of committed campaigners (Tom pictured in dark blue suit, front row). 

Tom writes:
"This training programme was an invaluable experience. It covered everything from starting a campaign from scratch through to submitting evidence to Parliamentary committees. I'm also hugely grateful to the Sheila McKechnie Foundation for bringing together such an inspirational group of people, and I now feel part of an excellent new network."

Wider interest in TEQs

As well as the above paper, TEQs has been popping up all over the place:

It Is I Who
Must Begin

As a little thank you for reading right to the end, a poem...

It is I who must begin.

Once I begin, once I try —

here and now,

right where I am,

not excusing myself

by saying things

would be easier elsewhere,

without grand speeches and

ostentatious gestures,

but all the more persistently

— to live in harmony

with the “voice of Being,” as I

understand it within myself

— as soon as I begin that,

I suddenly discover,

to my surprise, that

I am neither the only one,

nor the first,

nor the most important one

to have set out

upon that road.

Whether all is really lost

or not depends entirely on

whether or not I am lost.

~ Václav Havel ~

How TEQs would work

The definitive peer-reviewed paper on TEQs

This new peer-reviewed paper, "Beyond carbon pricing to TEQs – reconciling scientific reality with realpolitik", covers the design, history and importance of TEQs

It explains how TEQs would effectively engage a nation's ingenuity in the task of overcoming climate change and retaining secure access to essential energy services.

In so doing, it contrasts TEQs' hard cap on emissions with the ‘carbon pricing’ approach (carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes) that has undermined public engagement with, and support for, climate policy,

We took care to avoid tedious academic language, so with this definitive text now available, please do circulate it widely, especially with so much concern about climate change currently being funnelled towards ineffective frameworks like carbon taxation.
Chelsea Green Publishing have signed up to do a full publication of Lean Logic, the dictionary-format masterwork of the late Dr. David Fleming, inventor of TEQs.

As some of you will be aware, there was a previous self-published version of just 500 copies – now destined to become a collector's edition – but this new edition will be carefully edited by Shaun Chamberlin and produced in a full print-run to Chelsea Green's professional standards. 

In addition, Shaun has also edited a paperback 'abridged version' in a more conventional format, which will be published simultaneously, around the turn of the year, and which may prove more accessible to those new to Fleming's entertaining writing.
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Update from Dr. Chris Shaw, Oxford University Environmental Change Institute

"In the second half of 2014 I conducted a fascinating series of interviews with eleven key academics, politicians, campaigners, consultants and business leaders to get a sense of the current political landscape.  We then used this to design appropriate stakeholder workshops to explore how grassroots engagement with climate change could be stimulated (or even whether it needs to be).

Our first workshop, in London (23rd March), featured presentations from Adrian Gault (Chief Economist of the Committee on Climate Change) and Dr. Adam Corner (Cardiff University), and was attended by WWF, nef, COINRSPB etc, as well as the Nature Climate Change journal.  This provided a structured opportunity to discuss the different policy options out there and how progress could be made.
Last week (21st May) our second workshop, in Bristol, was a more informal round-table discussion with a more grassroots audience, building on the key themes of feasibility and fairness that emerged in London, and exploring the post-election landscape. 

We will now take these outputs into our third and final workshop (2nd June, Brighton) before producing a briefing paper on our findings, to be followed in due course by a full academic paper.  Nature Climate Change have expressed an early interest in publication."
Chris and Shaun Chamberlin also had a short TEQs piece published on the Huffington Post website
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"TEQs is a watertight proposal that deserves to be spread as widely as possible, as it is an idea of its time.  Take the time to read and understand the mechanism thoroughly.  New situations require fresh thinking."

~ Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Towns movement
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