I am giving my music away!  More info here!

I am giving the gift of music to you!

Hello dear friend,

I was sitting on the couch talking with my wife last week.  She does all of my accounting and behind-the-scenes magic, and she pulled out her phone and calculated that my online digital sales of “The Guest House” are down 93% from online sales from my previous record.  Now, that’s partly because so many folks participated in the Kickstarter, but the other part is simply that people are not buying music anymore. 

But as we were talking about it, she said something interesting. “Well, if you’re not making money from music sales, that means you finally get to do what you always wanted.”

I asked her what she meant.  She said, “You get to give away your music.”

I should pause here to tell you that I have always had that dream. I believed that the day would come where I would make enough money making music that I would be able to afford to just give it away.

But it turns out that the opposite is true.  Life truly is full of surprises.

It turns out that NOT making money making music makes it possible for me to give away my music.

So here’s my big announcement: I’m giving my music away!

I haven’t totally figured out the logistics of where to post it, but I am going to give everyone access to my music, 100% free, for personal use. So if you have ideas of where to host it, please send me a note! In the meantime, just ask for an album that you want, and I will send you a link.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t accept money for my music. I will. 
Make no mistake: I will still write songs and I will still make albums. And people can still buy them and give me money.  And I will say YES!

I will happily accept money for my art. And I already do, thanks to the amazing and generous and lovely folks who donate via Patreon. And I will ask for help via Kickstarter to make the next record.  And I will sell CDs (until I run out).  And I will charge money for concerts. And I will joyfully charge money to license my music, putting it in movies, or other uses.  And if you wish, you can still buy it on iTunes and other fine digital sites. All of the normal ways I participate in the music world still exist. I am and will continue to be a willing recipient of any and all of your musical patronage. Yes! 

But you can now listen to all my music for free.

Starting now. 

Message me for a download link to any of my albums – and I will send it to you.  And once I figure out where to host it, I will post a link on my website and I will make it all available at once. (Speaking of that, do you have ideas of where I should put it? Should I host on Bandcamp? Free Music Archive? Somewhere else?)

I am really interested in hearing what you think.  And I am so happy to be fulfilling this dream of mine, which is totally aligned with my music mission.  Sure, not exactly how I intended, but I am so happy to make it a reality! 

I'm wishing you so much peace love and wonder... and music!
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