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Bodies, Hearts and minds

Hi friend!

A couple weeks ago coming back from a short tour to Colorado, I was in an airport bathroom and confronted by a woman who was yelling at me, “sir… sir… you are in the wrong bathroom!!” She looked stiff and terrified and sounded angry. Her body registered a threat and she reacted. I felt compassion for her and said in a soft voice, “I’m a woman… No worries, this happens all the time.”

This has me thinking about a couple of things… One, how scary that would have been for me if I were a transgender woman, or a non-binary identifying person. Two, it has me thinking about how many of our societal problems (gun violence, racism, rape culture, transphobia to name a few) begin with reactions in our bodies that our mind-centered culture has us ignoring and devaluing - but still reacting from nevertheless.  

In our society, it is considered weak to say that you are scared, so instead we respond with anger. We reach for a gun instead of reaching for understanding.

I’ve lost my words in the midst of so much going on lately writing that last sentence.

And while I don’t have the solution to serious and pervasive problems like those, I’m determined to think about it and understand what I can as best I can. 

What I'm Reading
Right now I'm reading a wonderful book called, “My Grandmother’s Hands”. It was written by a Minnesota Trauma therapist who talks about how racialized trauma lives in our bodies. It is a refreshing look at how racism harms our bodies and how to heal that trauma.  

What I'm Doing/ Practicing
I'm also doing some work in understanding my own nervous system and how to connect with it.  I've also been really interested in feeling more connected to others. It can be lonely as a modern musician sitting at my computer!   Once I realized that social media is not even remotely connecting for me, I launched the Right On Time hotline (AKA my experiment to mostly avoid social media and instead record a weekly message). 

It is going quite well practicing being affirming both for my benefit and hopefully yours! I’m so delighted to be listening to your voicemails and reading your texts to me. If you haven’t called yet, the number is: 612-998-2355. For those of you introverted folks, I never answer the phone! You are guaranteed to hear the message! Call anytime! 

What I'm Supporting
Another connecting thing that is brightening my life is that two friends of mine have created a lovely bingo game to play when you have way too many medical appointments! My friend Diana has multiple diagnoses that bring her to several medical appointments each week and frequent hospitalizations. Together with her friend Sarah, they found a way to make those appointments more fun and they have a desire to spread that fun around.

They have a Kickstarter going on now, and if you or a loved one are in this many-medical-appointments boat, please check it out. You may find it brightens your whole day and others around you too!

Where I'm Touring
Oh yeah, and about the music! I’ve got a few tours coming up. This month I’m coming to Maryland and Pennsylvania. Next month, I’ll be heading back to Colorado!

I’m also hoping to set up a show in Los Angeles CA on April 13th. If you, or someone you know, is interested in hosting a house concert, please reach out to me!!

Here are all of the upcoming dates:

March 23 Coopershouse 1790 Concerts, Columbia, MD
March 24 Acoustic Brew Concert Series, Lemont, PA
March 25 Riverfolk Concerts at the Cooperage, Honesdale, PA
April 6 Little Tree Acoustic Concerts, Lafayette, CO
April 7 Swallow Hill, Tuft Theater, Denver, CO

Hopefully: April 13, House Concert, Los Angeles, CA

I would love to hear from you so please do drop me a line!! Thank you for your support and presence.
Wishing you much peace, love, and music always,

ps.  I have my music available as pay-what-you-want (even free) on Bandcamp
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ppps. Thanks for reading to the end! :-) 
And do call my Right on Time hotline at 612-998-2355. 

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