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Unfreeze your life with endParalysis!

Why Unfreeze?

The endParalysis foundation aims to accelerate research towards curing  spinal cord injury. Is the foundation solely for persons suffering from a spinal injury? Absolutely not. At any time anyone could be affected. What is a spinal cord injury? What is paralysis? What's needed to cure spinal cord injury? Well, we need funding, we need a more goal-driven and integral approach to research, but we also need more people to realize what it means to be paralyzed.To enlighten people about this condition and to give them a chance to support our efforts towards a cure while improving their own lives, we have recently launched the Unfreeze challenges.
Those challenges are, again, not just for "handicapped" people. The gap between the able and disabled community should be narrowed down and possibly even disappear. We can help and inspire each other! That was the inspiration behind our Unfreeze challenges. 
We have built a platform that enables any of you to create and share your own challenge page.

Photo: Fabio Piva

Corinne's "Unfreeze your body" challenge

Before the beginning of my Unfreeze challenge, I felt more "paralyzed" than I should...That's exactly why I wanted to stretch my limits! I just didn't want to be glued to my chair anymore. I knew that I needed to move, use my whole body, including my legs, even if it's only on a therapeutic basis. My target: do therapeutic walking and cycling again and move my body about four hours per week. Want to encourage me? My goal is to raise 10,000 Euro for research, and I am steadily and steadfastly reaching that goal. Please click on Donate below. Thanks!
Donate to Corinne's challenge
Reminder: 100% of your donations are allocated to vital research projects. We do NOT have any paid staff and pay our own costs!  We offer tax deduction for many European countries (contact us before donating).For more information about our work and achievement so far, we invite you to check our annual reports online here.

Unfreeze your body? Unfreeze your mind?

Even if you are "able-bodied", you may realize that there are some days or periods when you actually feel quite "paralyzed". Your body feels heavy, you don't feel like moving an inch. Your minds feels even heavier. It seems as if your whole life is stuck and you are not able to change anything... You live but do you really feel alive? It's just time for a challenge, to unfreeze your mind or your body, or both...

For us, disabled bodies, one way or another, the "real" paralysis is omni-present, every single day, in most if not all aspects of our life and should not be minimized. But let us move in any way we can! Spinal cord injury "sucks", in many ways, but it does have one advantage: our brain and our mind still work!

Photo: Street Art by David Walker

Will you Unfreeze your life with us?

Paralysis concerns us all. By participating in our Unfreeze challenges, you have the opportunity to improve your own life while helping the endParalysis foundation raise funding (of which 100% go to research to cure spinal cord injury), After telling the world about your challenge, you will get some extra courage to bring some changes into your life or implement some project that you always had in mind.  
We are all looking for a life of purpose. Every change in that direction, however small, counts... Maybe this can be the beginning? Read more here.
Photo: Sean Stephens

Thank you!

We want to thank our sponsors, donors but also many people who made "Unfreeze" possible:
  • Mymza and Emre for fantastic brainstorming sessions around the theme "Unfreeze your mind", 
  • Laure, Emre, Eric, Isabelle, Sharon, Mayra for creating or preparing their own first challenges,
  • Ali, William, Fons, Beverley, Serena, Eliska and other numerous volunteers who helped us design the program.

Watch us, Follow us, Like us, Contact us!

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