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EndParalysis foundation is 1 year old! 

Since the launch...

Since our June 2014 launch, we've continued to develop a professional and transparent organization, with a global profile. We now have:

Our current work
SCI Therapy development
This is the video that we made to illustrate our "Medische Inspirator" project, and which was part of our application. Click on "cc" on the vimeo reader bar to select the English sub-titles.

We are currently involved in an exciting competition with the chance to win €50,000. It's called "Medische Inspirator" and is organized by the Dutch organization ZON-Mw to promote cooperation between researchers and patients. 

EndParalysis joined the competition along with Prof. Verhaagen (Neuroscience Institute, Amsterdam) featuring our cooperation on the Chondroitinase project.

We have made it to the second round of the competition and will know pretty soon whether we are selected as one of the three finalists. We're still in with a chance of winning € 50,000.

So, watch this space!

Our achievements

Achievement highlights:

  • raised and donated €25,000 to our first research project
  • established partnerships with various global organizations 
  • actively participated in various conferences and workshops
  • raised awareness about the need for more research into curing chronic SCI
Our future work

Our goal is to accelerate research into curing chronic spinal cord injury. In addition to co-financing promising research projects, we also participate in a number of collaborative networks with other organizations and researchers in order to advance research.

We further intend to work with our partners in order to establish a flexible research roadmap and to identify certain accelerators. Our goal is to help enable combination therapies that will offer a certain level of functional returns to patients in the future. 

Moving forward, we will also continue to raise vital funds for carefully selected and goal-driven research projects.
Reminder: 100% of your donations are allocated to vital research projects. We do NOT have any paid staff and we pay for our operation costs ourselves! We thank all our donors and our sponsors: 
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