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Who doesn't want free stuff?!


I got into Personal training because I wanted to give back to the fitness community at large.

The fact is that information should first and foremost be free to be consumed by every individual on the planet. Knowledge is the most powerful of commodities, but is the one that is the most widely available. Yet, in this age of having information at our finger tips, we still get bogged down in the minutiae of sifting through information.

Half of the job of a coach is to help you develop the ability to sift through the quagmire of information that is out there and find what is pertinent to you as a unique human being, and what is going to get you that one step closer to your goals

To that end, I want to offer you a complimentary PT session.

As well as that, please click on the link below to receive a copy of 'Rebellion Nutrition'. An ebook I designed and wrote to help increase your understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition. 

Rebellion Nutrition

I want to help you guys out, and I highly encourage you to share this email with as many of your friends as you can in order to share the knowledge.

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Train Strong.
Live Strong.
Be Strong.

Rogan Allport - Personal Trainer

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