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Essex Local Dental Committee  Newsletter
 April 2019 - Issue 4
Produced by Clint Foreman and Leah Farrell
In this issue:
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Essex LDC would like to thank Julie Bradshaw (Secondary Care Dental Commissioning Manager NHS Eng – Midlands & East [East]) who will be retiring shortly, for all her help over many years.
It has been a pleasure to work with Julie who understands the need for clinical engagement and has been able to provide invaluable advice to the profession.
We wish her well in her retirement and will be providing a small gift as a token of our appreciation.
Sara Hurley will be coming to Basildon Hospital on 11th June in the evening to present on how to implement Starting Well into practices.
The Essex LDN are working with NHS England to create a bespoke LDN App for use on smartphones for dental professionals across the region.

The app should help to allow shared learning and create a communication network.
NHS England have provided the funding and the LDN are currently working with an IT organisation to create the app.
More information will follow in the near future on how to sign up and use the app.
Essex GDPC Rep: the GDPC Executive has taken the decision to remove the current representative for Essex owing to persistent non-attendance and a by-election will now be arranged.
There is no constitutional impediment to the LDC providing an observer for the May meeting, and Tom Clough will be attending

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Orthodontic Commissioning in Essex

Your committee has been contacted by PDS orthodontists in Essex who have been concerned about a lack of engagement with specialist clinicians in the proposed new Lot sizes and distribution across our region. As a consequence Bryan Harvey, Tony Clough and Clint Foreman have had various meetings with Simon Jackson (Chair, Essex Orthodontic MCN), Gareth Davies (Specialist Orthodontist), Colin Wallis (Specialist Orthodontist) and Monica Reinach (Specialist Orthodontist).
Nick Stolls (Norfolk LDC Sec.) was also consulted as he has already engaged with the commissioners in East Anglia.
A letter was formulated outlining our concerns and sent to David Barter (Head of Commissioning NHS England Midlands & East [East]), in which we requested an urgent meeting. At the meeting TC and CF discussed these apprehensions and DB accepted that there needed to be more direct clinical input, particularly as the portal did not seem to be functioning adequately.It was agreed that the Essex Orthodontists would present their proposals formally through a document collated by the LDC, with the emphasis on commissioning rather than procurement (the latter will occur once the Lot sizes and distribution have been approved).
TC and CF worked with the PDS orthodontists and were greatly helped by Frank Clough who provided invaluable data from the Office of National Statistics. The presentation consisted of:
  1. general concerns (as have been highlighted in other areas that have already finished commissioning);
  2. specific questions about the commissioners plans; and
  3. our suggestions for alternatives where we feel that the Lotting will not provide continuity of care for the patients.
Further meetings have been held, including an Eastern Region OMCN which was attended by SJ, GD, Nick Barker (Chair, Essex LDN), Madelein Odendal (Chair, South Essex MCN / Specialist Orthodontist) and CF when questions were put to DB (although not to Debbie Walters, the lead commissioner in the Lotting exercise as she had made alternative arrangements and had to leave the meeting before it was CF’s turn to speak).
We now await developments from the commissioners having left them in no doubt that they will be held accountable should the well-being and continuity of care for the patients be compromised. In the meantime, we urge PDS orthodontists to continue to present through the portal their cases for revised Lot sizes and distribution in order that the patients will not suffer from arbitrary Lotting decisions. 
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Orthodontic Appraisal by Simon Jackson (Chair, Essex OMCN)

Prior to the current period of fixed contract sizes, the growth of orthodontic practices was related to several factors. Primarily, transport links, access from local schools and available parking help to minimise time away from the classroom. Secondly, the skill set of the orthodontic team determines the range of cases accepted for treatment, including any complex and special needs cases that are commonly destined for secondary care or the community services. Providing there is a high standard of patient care and a high quality service, the confidence and support of referring dentists will significantly increase the number of referrals.

NHSE has a statutory obligation to abide by European procurement laws, meaning that all PDS (time limited) orthodontic contracts in England are now subject to an open tender process. National procurement for orthodontics has now commenced, starting in the South of England, followed by London, the North of England and finally the Midlands and East. Essex is part of the Midlands and East and is one of the last regions to enter the process this summer. 

Read the Full Report
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Join The Protest Against Rising Patient Charges

For any of you in NHS practice we encourage you to take part in a push on underfunding/patient charges for the next few weeks. Following quite wide uptake of graphics on social media, the BDA are offering hard copy and downloadable posters explaining to patients that dentists see no benefit from the hikes, and that they are being used to make up the shortfall from declining government contributions.  
The posters – a pastiche of the NHS England official versions - are available here:
If you can we’d ask:
  1. EMAIL
    please take 2 minutes to share the graphic using twitter, Facebook and Instagram 1800+ individual and practice accounts have done so thus far:  Share on Facebook        Tweet your support             Re-post on Instagram
    A 5 minute task - either print out the PDF or wait on hard copy in next BDJ. 

We’d like to see photos of posters on display and dentists (in scrubs if possible) in shot. A nicely composed example is above, and some guidance on tagging, sharing is included on reverse of the poster. 
    When sending out an image encourage you to use your own words. The usual approach is to be clear that: None of this money will help dentists improve services. Dentists are health professionals, not tax collectors. Patients are losing out thanks to years of underfunding. Patients shouldn’t have to pay more just so ministers can pay less.  Use tags @thebda  #TaxonTeeth, 
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Dental Tourism

Dr Hiten Pabari was requested to speak to BBC ESSEX by the LDC. After some media training from them and was handed this hot potato of a topic. Prior to the interview he carried out some research based on personal experience, colleagues and patients, as well as the legal pitfalls. It is important to note when talking about this topic, we are speaking of colleagues and to try and treat them this way. They may also practice in the UK partly and therefore be governed by some of the rules we do (some clinics offer a consultation in the UK prior to travelling abroad). You must speak respectfully where possible, even if the natural instinct is to recall all the negative images we have of this topic.

Patients that are planning on going ( what they may ask)
Most patients go for complex treatment including multiple teeth and arches.  They are attracted by the price, convenience and advertising from these companies.
1) There is no guarantee of continuing care afterwards (if out of your comfort zone/experience or desire), it is unlikely a hospital setting will assist either.
2) There is the importance of excellent dental health prior to starting treatment.
3) You cannot assist if some treatment doesn't go to plan.
4) The costs if something needs to be re-done.
5) This type of dentistry is complex and isn't recommended to be executed over just a few days.
6) UK dentistry has progressed a lot.  Our long-term view of teeth means less is more.
7) The top performers in these countries normally charge the same or more than UK dentists.
8) Those that enquire about the costs, give them honest answers the way you see it i.e. Materials, Method, Training, Staff Costs, Regulations etc... (the minimum wage in the UK vs Hungary, the cost of a meal etc.... all show the relative costs).
Patients returning - commonly seen issues (of course in general we only see the ones that go wrong)

1) There is no treatment of primary disease which can still be on-going.
2) Linked crowns can cause hygiene and caries concerns.
3) Occlusal issues.
4) Partially completed endodontic treatment (pulpotomies etc...).
5) Cost to treat issues sometimes is double to 4 times the initial cost in the UK.
6) Advise the patient to seek care from the initial dentist that carried out the treatment, failing that, a UK based dentist used to dealing with such complicated treatments.
7) Unfortunately some of the websites can appear misleading in the information they give patients going abroad, such as ‘just see your dentist once a year afterwards’ and ‘that your dentist will do you a crown on the NHS’ etc... be prepared to tackle these questions!
If you need any further assistance/feedback on this topic or even how to prepare for a Radio Interview please contact Hiten be emailing
Dr Hiten Pabari
Consultant and Specialist in Prosthodontics

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Launch of Green Impact Tool in Essex and East Anglia

Thank you to those who joined the first of our two launch webinars of the Green Impact Tool, an online support to guide environmentally sustainable dental practice. The attachment contains all the information you need.

NHS England (East of England), Public Health England (East of England)  England (East of England) and Health Education England (East of England) all support this fantastic initiative.  Please show your support too, by making use of the tool by registering, and thank you to those who already have. 

Participation is definitely not mandatory, but, we hope, something you will consider important as well as helpful to make your practice more environmentally friendly, which is also cost saving.

We warmly recommend you to give the tool a try and we’d love to see a big sign up. We have over 600 practices in our geography! Over the next twelve months we’ll be able to demonstrate reductions in our carbon footprint, and together, from your feedback, we will improve the tool itself, and gather further evidence of what works for the dental setting.

In March 2019, we have seen the formal launch of the Green Impact programme in Essex aimed at reducing the environmental impact of general dental practice. Two launch webinars have already taken place on 21st and 27th March which are both now available to view, along with plenty of useful supporting literature, on this webpage.
 Click here 

Linda Hillman - Consultant in Dental Public Health and Centre Sustainability Lead

Nick Barker - Chair Essex Local Professional Network

Tom Norfolk - Chair East Anglia Local Professional Network

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Check out  the  brand new revamped website for LDC conference 2019 in Birmingham.  If you are going to attend, it tells you everything you need to know.

Check out the link below
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Starting Well Event 

Tuesday 11th June 2019 

Basildon Postgraduate Centre 

Registration 5.30pm, Event 6pm – 8pm 

Book your space now for this FREE EVENT to learn about the principles of Starting Well and how to integrate them into your clinical practice. 

Gain information on the avoidance of doubt for when to claim UDA’s, top tips for examining children and FREE Public Health England Starting Well resources. 

Speakers: Sara Hurley – Chief Dental Officer 

Charlotte Klass – Public Health England 

Georg Schnellinger – Local GDP 

This event is open to the whole dental team, spaces are limited so book yours now to avoid disappointment.



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This lecture presented by Vyomesh Bhatt - Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, will explain how you can learn from mistakes and failures in everyday practice. It will discuss attitudes, mindsets and cultures related to failure and the human factors associated with learning attitudes. The lecture explains the background to critical incident analysis that is a key component of dental governance and, therefore, something that would be good evidence in a CQC inspection.

Please find attached HERE  the flyer for an upcoming meeting provided by Health Education England on 8th May 2019.

To book, please follow the guidance on the attachment or contact Wendy or myself to be added to the attendance list.Kind regards

Nick Barker - Chair Essex Local Professional Network

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Dentists having difficulties can find help from the following 4 sources;
1. Essex LDC by emailing  our secretary

2. The Dentists Health Support Programme  which provides  free support for dentists with problems with  alcohol, drugs, eating disorders and other health  issues.
Click HERE for Dentists Health Support website.

3. The BDA Benevolent Fund which  is an independent charity working for dentists – both past and present – to ensure that dentists do not go unsupported in times of need or crisis. Every year they help people of all ages who are in serious financial need as a result of illness, accident, or other adversity. They provide grants and financial support with career transition.

Click HERE for BDA Benevolent fund website.

4. NHS Practitioner Health Programme (see below)

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The NHS Practitioner Health Programme is an award winning, free and confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists with issues relating to a mental or physical health concern or addiction problem, in particular where these might affect their work.

If you live outside of London, it is possible for you to access PHP

Any Doctor or Dentist can request a referral from their own GP

If you don’t have a GP or have concerns about speaking to them please call us to discuss

Any patient in England has the legal right to choose their provider of care (if provider is recognised as an NHS provider) and so any doctor or dentist can request a referral from their GP.

PHP will provide an assessment and discuss a proposed treatment plan with you. If treatment can be provided within PHP then care can be initiated, however please note that if treatment requires input from external provider we will need to discuss this with your GP and agree a referral route.

For confidential advice call 020 3049 4505 

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The Chief Dental Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme

What is it?

The Chief Dental Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme was established in 2017 by Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer. It provides dentists who have had limited dental leadership opportunities and have not held a senior leadership role in dentistry, with a unique opportunity to spend 12 months in a national healthcare-affiliated organisation outside of dentistry practice to develop their skills in leadership, management, strategy, project management, and health policy.

"We can rise to emerging challenges of the 21st century by fostering talent and prepare a cadre of capable and motivated dental leaders who can confidently take their seat alongside their healthcare peers in the key national and regional forums."
Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer, NHS England 

What it offers

Clinical fellows have the opportunity to work with senior leaders to fast track their leadership skills and experience in a diverse range of organisations, including Bupa, NHS England, and the General Dental Council. Clinical fellows lead and collaborate in meaningful projects at a national level, the fellowship is fully immersive and is an intensive experience designed to gain unique insight, skills and experience outside of the clinical setting.

"As a clinical fellow and practicing clinican I have the unique opportunity to feedback from grassroots to the national level"
Maynaha Indrakumar, Clinical Fellow 2017/18

"The fellowship has provided me with the opportunity to influence national healthcare policy. The work is extreamly gratifying, and a career move I highly recommend"
Haroon Malik, Clinical Fellow 2017/18

Find out more here

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Please see below a message the LDC has been asked to forward to you from NHSE :-

Dear Provider,
NHS England have arranged for the BSA to provide a Compass User Training Event.
This will be aimed at Providers and/or Practice Managers who use Compass on a regular basis. In order to manage the numbers, spaces are limited to two people per practice only. The aim of the 2 hour session is to work through the functions of Compass.  The BSA have provided this training with other Area Teams who found this to be beneficial. Please note that you will be able to claim for 2 hours CPD Training for the session you choose to attend. When responding below, please can you use this opportunity to bullet point any specific areas of Compass that you would like the BSA to cover off.NHS England would encourage you to attend this one-off session.

Below are the two dates that are available:
Tuesday 7th May – Evening Session 17.30pm – 19.30pm
Boardroom, Swift House, Chelmsford
Parking will be available at Swift House from 17.30pm onwards

Friday 10th May – Lunchtime Session (no lunch provided)
12.30pm – 14.30pm
Boardroom, Swift House, Chelmsford
Please use alternative parking at Sainsburys’ Supermarket

The deadline for booking your space is Thursday 18th April 2019.
In order to confirm your attendance please can you respond by email directly to, marked for the attention of Melanie Wilson.

Please include your full details below to Melanie to confirm your space:
EVENING SESSION (Tues 7th)   YES  -  NO 
 Please include any specific areas of Compass that you would like covered below:
 Confirmation of your booked session will be emailed to you during week beginning Monday 29th April onwards.

Melanie - Senior Primary Care Support – Dental, NHS England – Midlands and East (East)
Swift House, Hedgerows Business Park, Colchester Road, Chelmsford, CM2 5PF
Tel: 0113 824 9039 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only)

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