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Hi Folks,
First, I just want to say what a great experience I had at the Treasure Coast Alzheimer's Symposium and finally meeting in person some of the best dementia advocates in person. Mara Botonis, Lori a Bey, Carole Larkin and so many others involved in educating their community down there. It was priceless!  

This week's article is also special, for it was written by Dementia Mentors' member, Paulan Gordon. After reading this, I encourage you to go to Dementia Mentors and check out all the other writings by those living with dementia. These people are absolutely amazing, all of them.

Transforming My Kindle Fire as a Result of Difficulties with Reading

I am rapidly losing my ability to read a book.  I can comprehend the words and meanings, but I have such short term memory loss that I can no longer follow the characters, plots and subplots!  Many have suggested audiobooks.  That is a great suggestion, but I guess I am a visual learner because the audiobooks don’t work well for me.  It’s extremely frustrating because reading was the love of my life, always available to take me away.

So I have transformed my Kindle Fire from a reading machine into a music and relaxation program device.  As an Amazon Prime member so much music is free.

I have all types of music on my Kindle, musicals, old rock and roll, current titles and old love songs along with international music.  Music is really incredible therapy for someone with dementia.  I can listen to music that I remember, and it takes me back to earlier times in my life.  I believe it is incredibly comforting to those of us with dementia and must be tailored to the unique memories and love of various types of music. 

I have also found many other uses for the Kindle.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire has an enormous number of apps available to tailor to your needs.  Sometimes I use the music as an escape from current difficulties; sometimes I use it to relax; sometimes it reminds me of various people and relationships in my life.  One of the best things about music is that you don’t really have to remember it.  Most of the music I listen to brings back old memories.  However, I also find any new music stimulating as well.  There is a lot of repetition in music so there’s not so much to remember.

There are also a lot of relaxation apps with nature sounds and meditation type music that can sometimes lull me into a deep sleep which is critical.  It seems like sleeping has become more difficult for me.  I can put on some music and my headphones.  It seems to relax me.

Also, there are mixed opinions about whether we can create new neural pathways in our brains by playing various games like those on Luminosity or other game sites. Personally I do find strategy games particularly stimulating.  There are many apps for this.

I have discussed these issues relative to my Kindle, but I’m sure any other smart phone, notebook or laptop can work just as well.  Enjoy! 
Paulan Gordon@2015

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"Amazing is all I can say, Gary said it all. I am coming up on a year this week losing my spouse and it's been a hard road. This book has made me feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel , I already ordered several copies for friends it's a must read"
~ Janet Winter

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Also don't forget to go to and check out the short amazing videos all done by those living with dementia and the rest of the website.

Stay strong everyone!
Gary Joseph LeBlanc
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