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By John Gannage, MD, CCFP 

The holiday preparations, parties and treats are upon us. Afterwards, there may be many weeks of cold days. If you're not careful you may find at the end of 4 months that you've gained 15 pounds or more. Heck, some may gain that by New Year's Day. Here are some tips to help avoid the extra pounds and stress.

DISCIPLINE AROUND FOOD.  Learn to say no, particularly when out at social gatherings, to foods that you know are blacklisted. Try hard not to slide into consecutive days of poor food choices. If one day or night your diet (and alcohol consumption) takes a bad turn, be especially good for the next three. Make it a priority to focus on many servings of salad each day after the overindulgence, before the next party arrives, and drink lots of water too. Plan some activities that don't focus on food.

FIND COMFORT IN FRIENDS AND FAMILY, NOT FOOD. If it's a lonely time for you, due to loss or other reasons, make a point to make contact with special people (or bury the hatchet with someone you've been at odds with). Go beyond small talk and make an honest attempt at connection. Otherwise, loneliness leads to overeating, usually of the starchy, refined carb, sugary foods that can add the pounds and drain your energy.

REDUCE THE STRESS LOAD. Stress can lead to more eating, and also causes hormone imbalances that result in weight gain. Ask for help - do pot luck dinner rather than the whole thing if you're hosting. Ask the kids for their participation. If shopping is a bother, try your hand on-line rather than stressing to find a parking space and rushing through the crowded malls. Delivery to your door of gifts you've intended for others can make a big difference toward allowing more quality time with friends and family. 

ACTIVATE, DON'T HIBERNATE.  Remember, it's a long winter. Don't hibernate with unhealthy snacks - activate with healthy exercise. We should all bundle up and get out there, choose a parking spot further away from the entrance, take the stairs, chase the kids in the snow, steer clear of hours in cyberspace or video-gaming. Tis the season to spend time with friends, volunteer yourself to those in need, exchange gifts, and connect spiritually.  Take some of the focus off food. And have fun! After all, it's meant to be a wonderful time of year!!

Wishing you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season! From all of us at MIM!

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Continuing to spread the message across the country, for a second year Dr. John Gannage presented

Integrative Medicine for Children's Mental Health.
An evidence-based orthomolecular approach.

on Sunday October 25, 2015
in Vancouver, BC

To an audience of medical doctors, naturopaths and other healthcare practitioners, Dr. Gannage reviewed the current evidence and clinical applications of nutrition and environmental medicine for children's mental health.

Saturday January 30th, 2016 in Calgary, AB

To learn more & register:
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MIM Welcomes New Naturopathic Doctor!
Well, she's new to us! Dr. Caroline Bearrs has been a Naturopathic Physician since 2000.  She brings a unique perspective and treatment protocols for a variety of conditions, particularly neurologic health, chronic pain, women's health and autoimmune conditions.  She is MAPS certified from the Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs, applying the Biomedical Model for treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has special interest in neurodevelopment disorders, ADD/HD, recurrent infections, allergies, speech, learning and delayed development. She also has certified training in Environmental Medicine, Electrohypersensitivities, and Building Biology and Environmental Consulting. Dr Bearss is certified in and has practiced Auricular Medicine since 2003. Auricular Medicine is a Bioenergetic testing method, which provides diagnostic information about each person, beyond what other forms of testing can show.  She is also certified in Live Blood Analysis.  Her full biography can be read by clicking here.  We are excited to have Dr. Bearrs join the MIM team!

Dr. Bearrs is replacing Dr. Natasha Klemm as Naturopathic Doctor at MIM, who has courageously decided to return to school at the University of Manitoba School of Medicine. We warmly extend best wishes to Dr. Klemm as she pursues the next step in what promises to be an important and influential career, and extend our heartfelt thanks to her for the many contributions she made to MIM. 
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