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Prioritizing Learning

In a 24/7 World

It feels like the whole country went back to school with the kids from the end of August to after labor day. The hypnotic rhythm of our 24/7, always-on, lives has resumed. For many, back to school means back to business so I made a personal call to a prospect who expressed interest in our Fearless Follow-Up training for his employees. Here's what he said to me, 

"We have so many new products coming in we don't have time to train our staff. Learning to follow-up and sell will have to wait. We just have to sell."

I smiled, secured his commitment on a time to re-engage, and thought,

"Not making time for training because you're too busy working is like not filling your car with gas because you're too busy driving!"

I can't help but think his idea of training is tied to his decades-old experience with the idea of school and the classroom. You may be nodding your head now, but I'd argue that each one of us first thinks of training like the college classrooms of yesteryear

Like every aspect of our lives, training and skill development has had to evolve to serve our needs in an always-on economy. It's not just Millennials that need bite-sized, hyper-focused learning - we all do.

Our success in the 21st Century demands the rich options offered by e-learning, mobile learning, microlearning, and yes, even face-to-face instruction. In this month's e-newsletter, I provide resources that will transform your view of the potential training offers in your 24/7 world.

Discover the basics in our new world of training. 10 eLearning Buzzwords You Need to Know

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Our first group of students is launching into a mLearning experience to turn conversations into clients with their follow-up plan. Engaged with bite-sized videos and video exercises that can be completed waiting for an appointment or over a cup of coffee, our participants will become the model of follow-up strategy and expertise.

Here's a sample video, modified for the public, that gives you a behind the scenes peek at the class.

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Where's Soma Speaking?

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  • Training all Employees to Network: The Benefits No One Talks About (AssetHR Leadership Breakfast), October 20th. Watch for links on Facebook and LinkedIn to sign-up.

Amp Your Productivity

Work fewer hours

Have you ever wondered how you get more done from home than at the office in less time? Stephan Aarstol, author of The Five-Hour Workday: Live Differently, Unlock Productivity, and Find Happiness attributes it to "focus dividends." Read more about the company's success moving to a 5-Hr Workday here.

Less Seat-Time, More ROI

Aarstol's post inspired me to write this comparison of his productivity gains and the benefits of microlearning. One of the common benefits is named in the title. Read the post for more productivity and learning gains from microlearning.

Use Video to Engage Adult Learners

Your recipe for an effective adult learning strategy includes using instructional video and the appeal of cute cat videos.

"When you put the power of video together with solid learning design in your training and development, you have the secret formula to creating programs that transfer to results you want. Don’t get rid of the readings and discussions yet. A multimedia or transmedia, approach to learning earns your program the greatest benefits."

How does it work?
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Millennials Demand More

and so should you.

The Millennial generation doesn't want to "work through the binder" during their onboarding session. Their education was peppered with flipped classrooms and competency courses. They want their onboarding to fit the always-on lifestyles centered around their mobile devices. I'm far from a Millennial, and you may be too. Shouldn't we demand the same benefits of on-demand skill development? 

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