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The sad news in December for lovers of tango poetry and Piazzolla songs was the passing on December 21 of the great tango lyricist Horacio Ferrer. Ferrer wrote the lyrics of so many Piazzolla songs including my personal favourite Balada Para Un Loco. This edition pays special tribute to Ferrer and all that he contributed to the literature and music of tango. You can read more about the life and works of Ferrer here.

On a happier note December 17 saw over 2000 people converge in a tango flashmob at Vatican Square to celebrate the 78th birthday of the Pope - Papa Francis - the first South American Pope and a confessed lover of tango!  You can read more about this extraordinary event here.

Wishing you
good times on and off the dance floor - Happy New Year - Feliz Año Nuevo - and safe, happy holidays!
Until we dance...
Sophia Alvarez de Lautour 
So Tango
Sydney, 31 December 2014


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Your New Year's X-Rated Gift!

I'm guessing you've been both naughty and nice on occasions during this year so here's a gift for you that has those same qualities!

The gift is one of the sexiest tango scenes that I have come across.  The video includes tango singing, dancing and more...the 'more' bit is what makes it X-Rated! I'm sure you well agree that the nudity is not gratuitous and all in good taste.

It's from the Argentinian movie Tango Feroz (Wild Tango) set in the 1970s and filmed in 1992-1993. Click to 0:32 for the nice and naughty scene!

To view click here (sorry still can't embed videos here!)

 So Tango News

It has been a wonderful year for So Tango. I have really enjoyed working with my wonderful teaching partner Paul Wagner and our amazing students, and look forward to continuing our classes in 2015!

Thank you again to Natalia Varakina for co-teaching with Paul while I was tangoing in Europe during September - October.  Paul and Natalia also performed at the Conservatorium of Music in September. It was a beautiful performance which can be viewed here.

Paul and Natalia at the Conservatorium 

Thank you also to our dedicated assistants who have helped with gender balancing our classes and made the learning experience so much more enjoyable for our students. Our classes just wouldn't be the same without you!

What is so very heart warming is how many of the students who started our complete beginners course at the start of this year have continued their tango journey, progressing to our intermediate level, and dancing at milongas around Sydney. As a result of our classes new friendships have been formed, great personal transformations have occurred, and even a new business venture between two of our students has resulted!  It is these things that make my work as a tango teacher so gratifying!

Here are some pics from our student outings over the past year...

'Mini Milonga' at Kingsford for So Tango students and friends 

End of course celebration at the Indulgent Sage in May 

A Night at the Opera!

Apres-class drinks at 'the local'
                                Visit to Marrickville Milonga - photo by Manuel Garber

So Tango Christmas party at the Indulgent Sage 


Celebrating Paul (Pavel) and Janet's birthdays at Pablito's 

It has been lovely working with many brides and grooms-to-be preparing them for their wedding tangos! Here's one of our couples - Caroline and Marco - practicing at the Kingsford studio before their big day. Marco, who is half Argentinian, was delighted with the opportunity to honour his heritage in this way at his wedding! You can read more about our wedding tango services here.

Caroline and Marco finding out how much fun tango can be!

In 2015 all So Tango courses will be four weeks long. This will enable us to offer three complete beginners courses. The start date for these courses will be January 14, May 6 and August 26.

pic of special offers

Special Offers

Complete beginners wanting to learn tango now - we're offering a 20% discount on private lessons. More details on the special offer here.

We're also offering a special '2 for 1' offer for anyone who has not taken classes with So Tango before. You can read more about this here

The early bird rate for all our courses (which start on January 14) is January 7.

Spread the news to anyone you know who might be interested in trying out tango!
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For Your Diary

January 14 - February 4, 2015

Complete Beginners tango course (Level 1A)

Intermediate tango course (Level 3) Theme: Sacadas

Throughout January

Women's Technique Workshops
Location: Kingsford 
When: 1.5 hour sessions on Saturdays or Sundays at a mutually agreed time

Private Lessons
One to one tuition with an Australian tango champion.
Location: Kingsford - by private appointment with Sophia.

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From the Blog

Here's my Top Ten for this month...

Tango Your Way to More Elegance, Serotonin & Testosterone!
Just with one simple postural adjustment

From Shy Man to Gentleman Lead
The transition needed to become a great leader. Also has relevance to followers 

The Architecture of Tango
Why the engineering brain is attracted to tango

'Play' Your Way to Great Tango Technique!
Inspired by a 72 year old 'player' with phenomenal balance and flexibility

Decorations to die for!
Guaranteed to inspire 'adorno envy'!

Partner Poaching
Explaining this phenomenon and how to prevent it

Footage of Carmencita (95 years old) Tangoing! 
The partner of the legendary 'El Cachafaz' proving one is never too old to tango!

A Simple Exercise for Improving your Balance
You just need a book or two...

Which Tango Orchestra is Known as 'The Orchestra of All Rhythms'?
and no it's not D'Arienzo...

How Many Steps are There in Tango? 
You might be surprised by the answer

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Juicy Quote of the Month

“Tango is so attractive to poets because tango is entirely poetic in itself. The music is poetic, the dance is poetic, the singing is poetic, and the world from which the tango evolves is poetic: it’s the world of the night, it’s the bohemian world where money has little importance, and to be sure where love has a great deal of importance, triumphant love or destroyed love, the affections, distant affection, a love of looking back through space and time,” 

(Horacio Ferrer)

Video of the Month

To view click here: Balada Para Un Loco (sorry once again for no embedding yet!)

In the video Horacio Ferrer is reciting with great emotion the lyrics of his beautiful poem which Astor Piazzola put to music. Ferrer is here accompanied by the Orqestra Typical Alfredo Marcucci. The location is Turin, Italy. The year is 2007 - Ferrer would have been 74 year at that time.

This is one of my favourite Piazzolla songs. The most famous version of Para Un Loco was that sung by Amelita Baltar, and it is this song that Amelita is best known for. Click here to hear the Baltar version.

Images of the Month

Vale Horacio Ferrer
June 2, 1933 - December 21, 2014


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