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Sophia Alvarez de Lautour 
So Tango
Sydney, Sep 02, 2014



So Tango News 

pic of Marlen and Adrian
Marlen and Adrian

Public Performance by So Tango students

So proud of our students Marlen and Adrian who recently performed at the GEM Bridal Expo! The event on August 27 was located at the beautiful Sergeant's Mess Hall in Chowder Bay.

In preparation for their March 2014 wedding, Marlen and Adrian, had a series of private lessons with So Tango over January and February, to cover the essential technique and moves of Argentine tango and develop a choreography to their chosen song.

You can read more on this here.

pic of Marlen and Adrian at GEM
Marlen and Adrian at the GEM event

So Tango Student Night-out at Gala Milonga

At So Tango we organise for our students regular visits to milongas around Sydney. On August 8 Sophia, Paul and a group of our students attended a special milonga in Marrickville. The milonga featured a wonderful performance by the world renowned tango dancers from Argentina - Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino.
pic of Natalia and Alejandro
Natalia and Alejandro

It was a wonderful night out, and a great experience for our students, most of whom had never before been to a milonga!

One of our students was so moved by the experience of his first ever milonga that he wrote the following account in his blog:

      "I feel happy returning home at 2am last night catching the last train from the city. I’ve been to my first milonga, dancing and watching real life tango for almost 5 hours. It was an amazing experience! Half year ago I’ve thought I can not dance at all. It is changing since then with the help of Sophia de Lautour (Alvarez), my tango instructor, who is passionate about tango, very friendly and patient teaching someone who was not born to dance..." 

You can read the rest of the blog in: Maxim's blog

pic of students at milonga
Group shot of Paul and So Tango students who attended the Marrickville milonga

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Sep 05  

Student Night Out - Pablito's Milonga - Redfern

Sep 17
Start of new series of  So Tango courses. Click here for details:  

Near Future

Nov 28 - 30
Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands

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Cartoon of the Month 

pic of tango cartoon

Video of the Month

Here's footage of a popular outdoor milonga in Buenos Aires:
LA GLORIETA Tango Milonga Buenos Aires Curiosidades
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Image of the Month

An idyllic scene...people tangoing in the streets, sunset, Naples, Italy! It just shows how tango is truly an international phenomenon and it can be danced (almost) anywhere!

Just like yesterday evening, for example, when Sydney's tango community was dancing in the streets of Surry Hills for the opening of the Fringe Festival. 

pic of dancers in Naples


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