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Dear friend

Lots of tango fun over the past months...what with tango adventures in Northern Europe and spending the last weekend in Melbourne where I enjoyed Robles milonga, Tango Marathon at Sidewalk Tango and Melbourne Practica Group (MPG) on Sunday. Sydney DJs invited to DJ the marathon - Mohammed Ibrahim and Sonny Ho - did a great job!  

So as you can see I've been a tad busy enjoying tango. For this reason I've merged October and November newsletters into one.

Happy reading, and wishing you good times on and off the dance floor.

Until we dance...
Sophia Alvarez de Lautour 
So Tango
7 Nov 2014


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So Tango News 

I recently returned from four fabulous weeks tangoing in northern Europe - visiting the cities of Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Nijmegen and Amsterdam and including the Tango en Punta Festival in Bregenz, Austria. It was an amazing experience and you can read about some of my experiences in the Blog section below.

(l) with Eric Jorissen of El Corte, Nijmegen
(r) with Ariadne Naveira and Fernando Sanchez at Tango en Punta Festival

A big thank you to Paul (Pavel) Wagner and Natalia Varakina who did a superb job running all So Tango classes while I was overseas. So Tango definitely had a Russian influence during September and October.

Paul and Natalia also performed in the Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium on 23rd September. This was one of the highlights of the 'Encuentros Espanoles'. They danced with elegance and sensitivity to the complex piano arrangement of Piazzolla's Le Gran Tango

Paul & Natalia perform at the Conservatorium.
Pianists are Daniel Rojas and Natalia Ricci.

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Special Offers

Complete beginners wanting to learn tango now

Brides and Grooms wanting to dance tango for their wedding

or November and December only - Pay HALF PRICE for your 1st private lesson!
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For Your Diary

October 15 - November 12
So Tango's current five week courses. Click here for details:  
Beginners (level 2A)  covering circular walking (Giros and Medialunas)
Intermediate (level 3) theme: Variations on Ochos

November 9
Outdoor Milonga in Darling Harbour - Hosted by Tango Synergy and DJ'd by So Tango instructor Paul Wagner. Click above link for details. Don't miss this!

November 14
So Tango Student Night Out at Tinta Roja in Bondi.
Click on the above link for details.

So far this year our Student Night Outs have been to Marrickville Milonga (Tangueros' special milonga) Pablitos and Club de Tango. Now finally we get to take our students out to Synergy's monthly milonga in Bondi!

November 19 - December 17
Last 5 week courses for the year for Beginners (Level 2B) and Intermediate (Level 3)

November 28 - 30
Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands
I won't be missing this!  Paul will be DJ'ing BASH's Farewell Milonga.

More leaders are needed. Guys get your act together and register. You'll love it! For many tango addicts in Oz this is the tango highlight of the year.

Throughout November and December

Women's Technique Workshops
Location: Kingsford 
When: 1.5 hour sessions on Saturdays or Sundays at a mutually agreed time
For more details click on the above link.

Private Lessons
One to one tuition with an Australian tango champion.
Location: Kingsford - by private appointment with Sophia. ** Special Offer for November and December only - half price for your first lesson (for first timers only) For more details click on the above link.
Lots of tango fun over the past months...what with tango adventures in Northern

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From the Blog

Here's an eclectic mix of posts that you may find interesting...
For This CEO Learning to Dance was the Key to his Success

The 'Gift' of Having Parents Who are Tango Teachers

How Tango Can Help You Recognise an Unhealthy Relationship

Tango in Small Places
(amazing video of dancing in the most compact way possible!)

Not Being Able to Walk Didn't Stop this Person from Tangoing 

and from my recent European travels...

My favourite Tango DJs in Europe

Thoughts of Bregenz and Inclusion in Tango
(inspired by Mikayla)

Make Tango not War
(inspired by Flor de Fango in Arnhem)

First Tango in Paris

Cartoon of the Month
Source: Simba Tango 
Juicy Quote of the Month

This one is from my friend and fave tango blogger Terspichoral Tangoaddict. She's a master of metaphors!

"Every style of tango can be danced well, or badly. Sustained close embrace can feel like a twelve-minute mammogram administered by an evil doctor pregnant by an alien. Or it can feel like being rocked in the gentlest of cradles, like the most blissful lovely twisty rolling together till you are blurry-eyed and fuzzy-headed from an oxytocin overdose. Villa Urquiza-y, salon-y dancing can feel like being in the arms of a well-dressed robot with hair gel, wearing a butt plug. And it can feel like the most beautiful gliding and swooping and flying, circles upon circles, like a child's drawing of a flower, and lovely secure, padded walking. Nuevo-influenced dancing can feel like being jerked and manhandled through a thousand strange angles, like dancing with an anglepoise lamp made of melting candlewax. And it can feel like a grown-up's adventure playground, making you want to squeal for pleasure as you rush between swings, slide and roundabout with the wind in your tangled pigtails."

Video of the Month

Click here for a video of tango teacher and performer Pablo Pugliese at the age of 9 years old dancing tango with his mother Esther: Pablo Tangoing with his Mum Pablo is now based in Montreal, Canada. 
(sorry I can't embed this video!)

I remember taking lessons in Buenos Aires with his father Mingo about ten years ago!


Click on the link Pablo Pugliese to read more about him and his famous tango family.
Image of the Month

My favourite DJs in Europe - Age and Sebastian DJ Duo - at Los Locos Milonga in Amsterdam.

Notice how they have projected the details of the current and previous songs on the wall. I would love to see that practice take off in Sydney! Normally they also project the name of the Orquestra for the next tanda but as you can see it was the last song of the night.

You can read more about them here: Age and Sebastian


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