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Expat Entrepreneurs
of the Month

Sarah and Johnny Robinson, expat entrepreneurs from the UK who shared their story in Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs are featured in the Guardian Top 20 family holidays in Europe this summer.

"We decided on Europe as we like the general social fabric, we identify with European values, and the cultural value of ancient villages and historic towns. Europe is politically stable, safe to live in, has good healthcare, transport infrastructure and easy access to the UK market – the market we best know. We chose Spain due to the climate, food, culture and landscape. We believe the people are open minded and are open to new ideas." - Sarah and Johnny Robinson

Take a look at Caserio del Mirador

Feature of the month

The ultimate lifestyle magazine and preeminent resource for expats worldwide

Meghan and Heidi had the pleasure of connecting with Alison Cavatore, the founder of Global Living Magazine, a publication dedicated to expatriates worldwide.

"Global Living Magazine is a consumer publication catering to the expatriate community, worldwide.

Focusing on expatriates who live and work abroad, Global Living Magazine features exclusive content for expats by expats, including articles on living abroad, expatriation and repatriation, Third Culture Kids, culture, business, world-class cities, international travel, and more."

American born, Alison herself has experienced life as a Third Culture Kid. She's also in a cross-cultural marriage - no surprise given her extensive travel and having an American mother and a Spanish father. She has lived in both the Netherlands and in France as a child and went on to study in Paris. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Alison moved to Miami for a year and a half where she met her now-husband (half French, half German). After living apart for a time in order to complete their Masters degrees, in 2012 they moved to Washington, DC and now have just recently relocated again to Scottsdale, AZ, where they will likely stay for a year before moving on again.

DOWNLOAD the Global Living Magazine App and watch out for Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs in the next edition!

Connect with Alison:
Twitter: @globallivingmag

Story (and discovery!) of the Month

Anne K. Glick of One Globe Kids - Globe Smart Education and Play

When founder of One Globe Kids, Anne K Glick, flew in from the Netherlands to North Carolina for a core team meeting, Sanny Zuiderveld (One Globe Kids Marketing guru and expat entrepreneur) captured this wonderful photo of Anne with Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs and emailed it to Meghan and Heidi with a lovely note.

It's fantastic to connect with so many amazing entrepreneurs all over the world and to discover all the cool things expats get up to! Like the One Globe Kids Ipad App. Fabulous! Meghan's children say, "Looks like a great idea - educational, fun and you can learn about other parts of the world."

Get the App here or sign up online.

Connect with Anne and Sanny on One Globe Kids:
Twitter: @oneglobekids


Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs contributors Ashley and Jason are recognized by USA Today as a bucket list cooking class location - From America to La Tavola Marche in Italy. Truly well deserved. And don't forget, this is their last season so if you want to experience La Tavola Marche, get booking!

News From Us

Meghan and Heidi's news and announcements.

Meghan has been invited to guest lecture to American university students visiting London and studying sociology. She is very busy planning this upcoming lecture on raising cross cultural children in Britain, a country she herself did not grow up in. Of course it's a topic close to her heart but guest lecturing is another public speaking challenge for her!

Heidi's corporate job search is giving her ideas for another business -- addressing how to make the online recruitment process more candidate friendly. She is finding it fascinating to dig into the details and understand how the artificial intelligence, the computer algorithms used, has the potential to make it more challenging for women to return to careers. One example she has found is that the computer programs filter candidates based on the number of years that have passed since a certain job title was held. For any women who have taken a career break this translates into it becoming much harder for your application to get beyond the computers eyes and seen by human eyes who might recognize experience gained during a career break. Just one example she has come across. Anyone with recruitment system programming experience out there? There is a big gap. Luckily she has a strong network that she can draw on, since personal referrals remain the best way to get your foot in the proverbial door - take note and make sure to keep your LinkedIn networking active, you never know when you will need it.
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