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Christmas Eve 2016

Merry Christmas, loved ones!

Looks like this is the second weekend in a row of no worship gathering in Michigan City due to extreme weather.  The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning.  I do think we could probably squeeze a meeting in before the forecasted arrival of the storm and we have been planning & preparing to see you on Christmas.  However, we’ve received clear guidance from above to stay home. 

We trust that God is doing what is best for everyone and will not be hosting a service tomorrow – please stay home and safe.  We plan to bring our love-preparations to you at the O’Neill holiday party on Wednesday, December 28th (begins at noon).  Please coordinate with Susan via email ( regarding party dishes and/or amenities. 

Two Christmas testimonies, shared to glorify God and enrich you:

1.  God put it on our hearts to send a certain family money in the mail.  We did. Days went by and we did not hear from the family.  I sent a text.  But look how this unfolded.  The family reports that they were gathered around the dinner table with their bills laid out before them, wondering what on earth they were going to do because they did not have the resources needed to get by.  An unexpected expense had presented itself, leaving them incapable of caring for themselves.  As they discussed the problem, resolving that there was no way out of the dilemma, my text chimed in, “Check the mail lately?  Kisses to you – Merry Christmas.”  They sent their 5-year old out to check the mail and he brought back the card we sent which included the money they needed.  They said that everyone sat dumbfounded, in awesome wonder at God, and that they continue to give Him praise for the love He showed them.  Imagine, the help was on the way to them before the unexpected expense presented itself, before they even knew they had a God-sized need.

Isaiah 65:24, “Before they call I will answer;
while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

2.  Susan just had a dream that the Lord appeared to her and gave us a new baby boy, saying, “I am giving you this gift to raise, to protect, to care-for and to love.  He will take you places, fun places, that you do not know how to get to on your own.”  She gladly received the child and then we marveled together at his super-accelerated growth.  This, by the way, correlates with the recent “be the mantle” message.  By three days old, this gift was running through the house, exclaiming, “I have to go potty!”  Astonished as we were that the youngling was up, running around and speaking, Susan leapt from her chair, “Oh, let me get a diaper for you!”  But she was too slow.  By the time she got to the child, holding a diaper, he was finished using the bathroom all by himself and telling her all about it.  There were many other marvels of super-accelerated growth depicted in the dream.  By five days old, the child was taking us to fun places that we didn’t know how to get to on our own.  Susan came out of our bedroom to share this vision with me as I was reading the following passage:

Zec. 9:9-12, "Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud,
O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King is coming to you …
today I declare that I will restore to you double."

Is this superman child the assembly in Michigan City?  The book I wrote this year (which is still in the process of becoming a movie)?  Endeavors in Southern Missouri?  New, open pastures through the Free Lutheran Church in this region?  All of the above?  Or some other unperceived, clearly-a-gift-from-heaven, God-glorifying "son"?  Susan shares that the gift was certainly God...through our DNA. We don’t know the particulars, but you better believe that in response to these events we prayed, “Let it be unto us, Lord, according to Your Word.”

No matter how dark and smelly of a place you think yourself to be in, before you even know to ask, our God has arranged to provide the wondrous Light of His Presence and Activity that you need to give Him thanks, praise, honor and glory.  Don’t wait to celebrate.  Merry Christmas!

"Happy birthday, Jesus!"  Please consider presenting your offerings to Jesus here, through Bethesda.  We are glad to receive your end of year giving as well.  Every penny of all that we receive is presented to God, laid at the feet of Christ the Messiah.

Robert S. Totman

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* The book Corridors in the Sky and its proceeds are separate from Bethesda Ministries (with its 501c3 endeavors) and is a source of income to Robert S. Totman, his missionary family and those into whom they sow. 
Robert was on-duty as an air traffic controller in New York on the terrible morning of 9/11.  Just like the Twin Towers, his life came crashing down.  From his own heap of ruins, the same zeal which delivered him to the planet-wide pinnacle of ATC has now taken him to an apex of spirituality that strips the spot-light from the greatest of terrors, giving attention to unshakable security.

Partly because of (and after) 9/11, he began seeing future events, secrets about others and courses of action to help people have well-being instead of disaster.

Formerly an air traffic controller, author Robert S. Totman and his wife Susan share God’s word in God’s love through intimately knowing and utterly relying upon Jesus Christ.  Having passed through “the eye of a needle” in 2005, they are a missionary family with four children, gifted speakers who consider invitations to anywhere, pioneers who have planted a community church in North Dakota and founders of Bethesda Global Ministries.  They delight to see praise to God erupt as the words they deliver produce tangible results to the benefit of their listeners.
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