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16 June, 2016      
From the Principal

I am enjoying working with our Sustainability Leaders on developing the Oasis of Education vision – their name for our campus as we develop the gardens and buildings. The first step in this plan is to create the spaces in the designs you can see in this newsletter. These look wonderful and we are very grateful to Eva Sparks for designing these for us.

Tomorrow (Friday 17 June) we are holding a Mufti Day to raise funds for the plants. I hope everyone can appreciate the benefits of a beautiful campus and will support this Mufti Day generously.

We will be completely refurbishing M block over the Christmas holidays, turning the classrooms into modern flexible spaces. As part of that project we are planning on setting a Chinese garden into the central courtyard. As we work through other spaces then we will set out gardens to reflect the international family we are.

I would like our whole community to be aware that the teacher shortage crisis in New Zealand is extremely serious. There has been a shortage of Maths and Physics teachers for over a decade now so claims by the Ministry of Education they didn’t know are untrue. I personally have attended meetings with Ministers and Secretaries of Education where this topic has been discussed. Schools are scared to speak out in case their communities worry about the quality of teaching.

At Long Bay College we are very aware of the crisis but are experiencing somewhat of a back eddy, with outstanding teachers seeking to join us. It is from the fragile security of this position that I can speak out and advise you of what really is happening. As an example, here we are in a country in which the Prime Minister is pushing the development of technology and related industries. I think you would then be surprised to learn that apparently there is not one single Electronics teacher being trained in New Zealand. A similar story for Physics, IT (Coding), Technical, Accounting and Economics with very few new teachers being trained.

Like most schools in Auckland we too have lost fabulous teachers because of the Auckland housing issue. I am aware of several more who are planning on leaving. Teachers’ salaries are the same no matter where you live in New Zealand. Hence this issue will steadily worsen.

This is a major stress on our schools and the leaders in those schools and we would appreciate your support to change the situation at any opportunity that should arise.

Russell Brook

Board of Trustees Election
As the number of valid nominations was equal to the number of vacancies required to be filled at the close of nominations, the following people have been elected to the Long Bay College Board of Trustees:
Tim Barnaby, Martin Dowson,  Kevin De Jong,  Andy King, Justin O’Sullivan, Dave Smith, Robyn Van der Sande.
- Stephanie Lane, Returning Officer   
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International Festival Week

From Monday 27 June - Friday 1st July, Long Bay College will be holding its inaugural International Festival Week. Throughout the week there will be outdoor performances, cultural workshops, food from around the world to taste, a wishing wall, national costumes, a mini Olympics plus much, much more.

The International Festival Week will finish with The Multicultural Show at 7pm on Friday 1st July in the Long Bay College Auditorium. This show sold out last year so make sure you get your tickets early - just $5 from Reception.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out what is happening each day and join us to celebrate the many cultures and languages here at Long Bay College.
Long Bay Primary Visit
Long Bay Primary students had the opportunity to learn about sustainable living when they spent the day with senior students at Long Bay College on Teachers Only Day earlier this month.

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Long Bay Primary visited Long Bay College for the day which was organised and managed by the Sustainability Club, Ecolution. The aim of the day was to raise awareness of sustainable living by looking after yourself, looking after others and looking after your environment.

The Long Bay Primary students spent time at four stations - Sports, Arts, Academic and Sustainability. Sports covered the importance of exercise as a stress reliever, the effect stress has on the brain, how to be team player and the way your choices affect others. Arts staged a personality activity to assure students that it’s okay to be who they are and emphasised the importance of expressing yourself. Academic ran a 'Sustain Your Brain' workshop that involved problem solving and understanding what learning looks like inside the brain. Finally, Sustainability's detective game showed the importance of making environmentally conscious decisions by having students discuss the implications of irresponsible fishing, litter disposal and other environmentally unfriendly activities.

It was incredibly rewarding for the Long Bay College students to develop this great relationship with the Long Bay Primary school children by spending the day with them. The senior students were humbled to have the chance to teach the Year 5 and 6 pupils about something that means so much to them. They all seemed to have a great time and told us about how they were looking forward to attending Long Bay College one day. We promoted them to ‘Sustainability Detectives’ and they assured us they’d try their best to take care of themselves, others and their environment.

We are very grateful to the Long Bay Primary and College teachers for giving us the opportunity to interact with them, and we cannot wait for our next adventure.

- Kayla Bergh, Sustainability Leader
Mufti Day
On Friday 17 June (tomorrow) there will be a Mufti Day to help raise funds for our Oasis of Education gardens which include an outdoor stage, a hangi pit, native planting, new pathways and seating.

The theme for the Mufti Day is 'Winter Woollies' so dress to keep warm and don't forget $2 for the collection.
NCEA Revision Courses

This year, academic support providers Campus Link and The Learning Collaborative are joining forces to bring comprehensive 1 and 2-day revision courses to help students prepare for mock and final exams.

Those who are sitting NCEA exams this year may benefit from attending these revision courses, which are run by top university-age tutors, for all levels and subjects.

The courses are run throughout the July school holidays and will take place at various locations around Auckland.

For more information and enrolments, please visit

Get Your Rotors Running
The long-awaited visit from North Shore Helicopter Training School eventually happened this week after being postponed several times due to foul weather. Roy, Scott and two student pilots from the Helicopter Training School dropped in for a visit in two of their training helicopters. The visit was arranged by the Careers Department at Long Bay College to provide an opportunity for any aspiring helicopter pilots to ask questions on what it really is like to be a pilot. 
As the Year 9 Science students are studying FLIGHT in Science this term, the well timed visit provided the perfect opportunity for students to witness a “live” landing, get up close to the aircraft, and then to adjourn to the Auditorium for a Q&A session with the pilots.
Three students were selected from Long Bay College to attend the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) at Auckland Girls Grammar School in May. We got first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a part of the United Nations General Assembly, which included lobbying other countries and debating about pressing topics the world currently faces. These topic include the refugee crisis, climate change, Britain leaving the European Union, the Zika virus and much more.

Many schools around Auckland attended MUNA and they all represented a country to speak on behalf of. Long Bay College represented Belgium and expressed their views on two remits; the refugee crisis and Brexit.

Speaking to an auditorium of other delegates, judges and the Secretary General (who was an ex MP) is an experience not to be missed. It was incredibly inspiring to witness similarly aged students debate with great confidence and conviction about issues that are usually only discussed by adults. We also had a nice chat with the guest speaker, David Shearer,  about his experience as a diplomat.

MUNA is great place to meet future leaders, improve your public speaking abilities and learn more about the world we live in. Regardless of whether or not you know a lot about what’s happening in the world, solely having an opinion is enough and we highly recommend you sign up and experience it for yourself! Thank you to the amazing Ms O’Leary for supporting us all the way!! 

- Josiah Mathew, Kayla Bergh and Genie Stewart-Sinclair
Level 2 Physics Trip
On the 18th and 19th May, Level 2 Physics students went on a trip to Formula E Indoor Raceway and JK's Golf World. We went to drive go-karts and practise our golf skills (that we don't really have). It was a lot of fun and a great way to see how we can actually use physics in our life.

We had terrible weather with stormy winds and rain that effected the trajectory of our golf ball, although we did get to see a lightning strike hit only 200m in front of us.

I learnt so much on this trip. The main thing I learnt was that I shouldn't become a golfer or a race car driver, I am sure April can back me up on that! The karts can go up to 80kmh but we were only allowed to go 35kmh for safety reasons and so we can collect some data for our current internal: Physics in Context. 

- Sarah Hannah & April Driscoll-Ngaamo, Year 12
Parent Support Network

Wednesday 29th June, 7-8pm.
Presenter: John Meeske, MSc Psychology

Strikingly, around one third of the population appear to be immune to depression. What do they do differently? And can we use those insights to help treat this common struggle?

This 45-minute presentation with 15-minute Q&A will explore the true nature and causes of depression, how we can manage it, and how we can differentiate it from the typical teenage struggles that include lethargy, apathy and social withdrawal. There will be muffins, tea and coffee provided.

There will also be a follow-up meeting early in Term 3 for those that want to sit down and discuss the topic in a smaller group setting.

Please register your interest for catering purposes by emailing John on

Level 2 ESS Stardome Trip

On Wednesday the 11th of May, both Level 2 Earth and Space science classes went on a field trip to Stardome Planetarium, Mt. Eden and the Auckland Museum.Mt. Eden

At Stardome we were lucky enough to receive a talk where head astrologer David Brittenanswered all the weird and wonderful questions we had about the universe around us.

At Mt. Eden, we were able to see the pure size and scale of an Auckland Volcano. At the summit we were able to see the crater and talk about how this was formed. This gave everyone the visual insight up close on the features of a volcano. We then furthered our knowledge on volcanoes and earth features which make up New Zealand at the Auckland Museum.

Being able to get out of the classroom and have a hands on, up close look at the locations gave students like me (who are visual learners) the opportunity to get their heads around the sheer size and scale of what is around us, both in space and here on land.  This trip was full of knowledge and everyone had the opportunity to learn things in different ways while having fun.

- Hailey Regan, Level 2 ESS Student 

Where are we from?

In each newsletter we will be introducing a member of staff at Long Bay College to show the diverse backgrounds we have at the school.

This week, meet Mrs Taylor who teaches English.

What country are you from? 

What languages do you speak?
I speak English and French.

How long have you been in New Zealand? 
I’ve been here 10 years.  

What was your first impression of New Zealand?
I thought New Zealand was really beautiful, but I struggled to adjust to such a small country and small cities. I felt quite isolated for the first year or two.  

What are the main opportunities have you been given in New Zealand? 
I have been given the opportunity to work at several great schools and meet some amazing students and colleagues from all over the world. Being able to travel and raise a family in such a beautiful place is also something I feel lucky about.  

What are the main differences between New Zealand and the country you have come from? 
The cities and streets in Canada aren’t as safe as they were when I was young, either. I definitely feel that New Zealand is, in general, a much safer country. The people are similar in many ways, but are much more relaxed and casual in their attitude towards most things in New Zealand.  

Do you have any experiences about getting used to being in New Zealand?
I will never get used to seeing people go barefoot everywhere.  

Mrs Taylor – 영어 교사
출생지: 캐나다

언어 구사: 영어, 프랑스어
뉴질랜드 거주 기간: 10년

뉴질랜드 첫인상: 뉴질랜드는 매우 아름다웠다. 하지만 작은 나라, 작은 도시에 적응하기가 힘들었고, 첫 1~2년 동안은 상당히 고립되어졌다고 느꼈다.

뉴질랜드에서 얻은 기회: 나는 몇몇의 멋진 학교들에서 일함으로써 세계 도처에서 온 멋진 학생과 동료들을 만날 수 있었다. 또한 너무 아름다운 곳에서 가족을 꾸리고 여행을 할 수 있었던 것도 행운이라고 느낀 점이다.

캐나다와 뉴질랜드 사이의 가장 큰 차이점: 캐나다 내 도시와 도로는 안전하지는 않다. 반면 뉴질랜드는 전반적으로 훨씬 안전한 나라이다. 사람들은 여러 방식에서 유사하지만 뉴질랜드 사람들은 훨씬 더 여유가 있고 지나치게 격식을 차리기보다는 편안하다.

뉴질랜드에 있으면서 익숙해진 경험: 사람들이 맨발로 여기저기를 다니는 것을 보는것에 익숙해지기는 어려울 것 같다.

Mev. Taylor:
Engelse Onderwyseres

Waar is u oorspronklik vandaan?

Watter tale praat u?
Ek praat Engels en Frans.

Hoe lank bly u al in Nieu Seeland?
Ek bly al hier vir 10 jaar.

Wat was u eerste indruk van Nieu Seeland?
Ek het gedink NZ is pragtig, maar ek het gesukkel om aan te pas tot so ‘n klein land met sy piepklein stede. Ek het verskriklik geÏsoleerd gevoel vir die eerste jaar of wat.

Wat is die hoof geleenthede wat Nieu Seeland vir u gebied het?
Ek het die geleentheid gehad om by verskeie wonderlike skole te werk en om besonderse mense te ontmoet van reg oor die wêreld. Om te kan reis, en ‘n gesin in so ‘n asemrowende plek groot te maak is dinge wat my baie geseënd laat voel.

Wat is die grootste verskille tussen Nieu Seeland en Kanada?
Die stede en strate in Kanada is nie so veilig soos toe ek jonk was nie. Ek voel dat Nieu Seeland, oor die algemeen, baie veiliger is. Die mense is soortgelyk, maar Kiwis is meer ontspanne en gemaklik in hul houdings tot meeste dinge in NZ.

Was daar enige iets waaraan u moes gewoond raak in Nieu Seeland?
Ek sal nooit gewoond raak aan almal wat orals kaalvoet gaan nie.






在我很小的时候,加拿大很多城市以及街道时非常不安全的 。我感受到新西兰是一个非常安全的国家。虽然新西兰人和加拿大人在很多方面都很相似,但是我觉得在新西兰更让我感到轻松。


Years 10 & 11

Term 2 is well under way! We have had a successful start to the term and students are hard at work, despite some cold and rainy days.

The school recently held an Academic Tracking Day, where Year 11-13 students were able to track their own credits using an NZQA app and data from our own computer records. The feedback I received from many Year 11 students was positive. Students were asked to take responsibility for taking note of where they were with their Level 1 credits and what they needed to do to find success in their journey. This was the first time the school has done this and it is definitely something we will be looking at doing again in the future.

In two recent assemblies, we have had interesting and entertaining talks from Youthline and Attitude. Both organisations work with families and adolescents to help gain confidence and to support them in making positive choices. Youthline is an outside agency that has a wide range of free services, including individual and family counselling and career coaching. We work very closely with Youthline and appreciate their support. I recommend you look at their website and get in contact with them if you think it may be beneficial.

An Attitude speaker also came and spoke to our students about making wise choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol and talked about finding purpose with friends, building self-esteem and gaining fulfillment in other ways. Attitude – the youth education division of The Parenting Place – is dedicated to equipping teenagers with the information and skills they need to negotiate the adolescent years. You can find out more at We are lucky to have such compassionate and well-resourced agencies around us that students can tap into.

This term has a lot of credits coming in and students are busy. As always, if your child needs help with NCEA or any questions that may need answering, they are welcome to email me to make an appointment.

Melissa Ibbett, Director of Learning, Years 10 & 11

Voxette & Big Band Camp
After the success of the Concert Band Camp two weeks earlier, the auditioned choir Voxette and the Long Bay College Big Band returned to Shakespear Lodge in Whangaparaoa on 20-22 May for a full weekend of rehearsals and workshops.

The groups practiced incredibly hard with Voxette singing for over 13 hours and the Big Band playing for over 10 hours! The Big Band were fortunate enough to have 5 extra tutors to help individuals and sections on the Saturday afternoon, while Voxette had support from members of Stellar Singers - the other choir taken by their director Brian Lee.

The weekend closed with a successful concert for parents and both groups benefited hugely from this intensive rehearsal and performance time together.
Kody Rowe
Congratulations to former Long Bay College student Kody Rowe, who has received a Certificate of Appreciation from the New Zealand Police for his brave rescue at Great Barrier Island.

Kody was at Medlands Beach when he saw a man in trouble in the sea. He swam out to the man and pulled him to safety.

Auckland City District Commander Superintendent Richard Chambers, who gave out the awards at last week's ceremony, said Kody was the youngest person he could remember presenting with a certificate of appreciation.

Water Polo

Congratulations to the following Long Bay College students who have been named in club representative teams for Water Polo:

Tayne Morgan U18B Boys NHWP
Brandon Matthews – U16 A NHWP & U16 Hawaii Boys NZ Team
Branden Terry – U16 Boys HBCWP
Blair McIntosh – U16 Boys HBCWP
Jarrod Matthews – U14 Boys HBCWP
Daniel Benzie – U14 Yellow Boys NHWP

Tayla Baxter U18 Girls HBCWP
Ella de Jong-Gordan U18B Girls NHWP
Krista Barnaby – U18B Girls NHWP
Frankie Myers – U18B Girls NHWP
Britney Picard – U16 A Girls NHWP
Azaria Court – U16B Girls NHWP
Tessa de Jong-Gordan U14 A Girls NHWP
Aleysha Ingram U14 Girls HBCWP


Congratulations to the Long Bay College Mixed Curling Team. The team has played two games with fantastic results as none of these players have played before.

1st game vs Lynfield Grey - LBC Won 9-2
2nd game vs Lynfield Gold - LBC Won 8-3

The team are hoping to compete at the North Island Secondary School Curling Championships in August and we wish them well.

Brendan Bekker

Congratulations to Brendan Bekker who has just come back from representing the New Zealand Trampoline team at the Australian Gymnastic Nationals.

Brendan finished 3rd place for U17 boys Individual Trampoline and 2nd place for U17 boys Synchro.

This is a fantastic result, and we wish him all the best going forward.

Congratulations to the following students for their selection into the Auckland Regional Secondary Schools Orienteering Teams.

Daniel Monckton, Alex Monckton and Euan Pike were in the Auckland Blue team which came 1st equal with a South Island Team. All 3 students contributed points with some great individual top ten results including:Orienteering
Senior Boys - Daniel Monckton 7th
Junior Boys - Alex Monckton 7th and 8th
                      Euan Pike 5th and 9th

Liam Watkins Starrs competed in the Auckland White team which finished in 3rd place. Liam came in 10th place giving the team valuable points.
Netball Representatives
Congratulations to the following students who have has been selected for the Netball North Harbour U17 representative teams to compete in the Nationals in Christchurch in July:

Anisha Venter, Tayla Baxter, Charne Du Plessis, Holly Skinner and Brittany Allison-Carnie. Well done to you all!
Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott recently competed in the Rarotongan International Triathalon.

In the 800m Ocean Swim which was held 2 days prior to the Triathalon he had the fastest swim out of all the competitors, coming in 1st place. Well done!

What's Coming Up?
Friday 17 June  Mufti Day
Monday 20 June - Tuesday 21st June  Level 3 Health Trip to City Mission
Monday 20 June - Friday 24 June  Junior Dance Showcase
Monday 20 June - Friday 24 June  Year 12 Drama Production
Wednesday 22 June - Friday 24 June  Level 3 Geography Trip to Rotorua
Friday 24 June  Level 2 EAP Zoo/Stardome Trip
Monday 27 June - Friday 1 July  International Festival Week
Monday 27 July  Level 2 Business Studies trip to Snowplanet
Monday 27 July  Year 9 Option Change
Tuesday 28 June  Level 3 Accounting Business Challenge Day
Thursday 30 June  Level 3 PE Trip to Woodhill Forest
Thursday 30 June  Stage Challenge
Friday 1 July  Multicultural Show
Friday 1 July – Sunday 3 July  Enterprise in Action
Monday 4 July – Friday 8 July  Year 12 Drama Production
Wednesday 6 July  Level 3 Business Studies Leader for a Day
Thursday 7 July  BCITO Trip
Friday 8 July  End of Term 2
Sunday 10 July – Sunday 17 July  Netball trip to Brisbane
Monday 25 July  Term 3 begins
Wednesday 27 July  Group photos

다가올 행사

6월 17일 금요일 사복입는날
6월 20일 월요일 - 6월 21일 화요일 Level 3 헬스학 씨티 미션 현장학습
6월 20일 월요일 - 6월 24일 금요일 주니어 댄스 쇼케이스
6월 20일 월요일 - 6월 24일 금요일 Year 12(12학년) 드라마 제작
6월 22일 수요일 - 6월 24일 금요일 Level 3 지리학 로토루아 현장학습
6월 24일 금요일 Level 2 EAP 동물원/스타돔 현장학습
6월 27일 월요일 - 7월 1일 금요일 인터내셔널 축제 주간
6월 27일 월요일 Level 2 비즈니스학 실내스키장 체험
6월 27일 월요일 Year 9(9학년) 선택과목 변경
6월 28일 월요일 Level 3 회계비즈니스학 도전의 날
6월 30일 목요일 Level 3 체육 Woodhill Forest 현장학습
6월 30일 목요일 ‘Stage Challenge’(춤, 드라마 등 학생들의 무대 경험 행사)
7월 1일 금요일 다문화 쇼(인터내셔널 학생들이 자국의 전통/문화를 퍼포먼스하는 행사)
7월 1일 금요일 - 7월 3일 일요일 ‘Enterprise in Action’(사업을 위한 긍정과 열정 체험 프로그램)
7월 4일 월요일 - 7월 8일 금요일 Year 12(12학년) 드라마 제작
7월 6일 수요일 Level 3 비즈니스학 1일 리더
7월 7일 목요일 BCITO(건설산업훈련조직) 현장학습
7월 8일 금요일 2학기 종료
7월 10일 일요일 - 7월 17일 일요일 호주 브리즈번 네트볼 경기
7월 25일 월요일 3학기 시작
7월 27일 수요일 팀스포츠 사진촬영


Vrydag, 17 Junie  Civvie dag
Maandag - Dinsdag, 20 - 21 Junie  L3 Health uitstappie na City Mission
Maandag - Vrydag, 20-24 Junie  Junior Dans vertoning
Maandag - Vrydag, 20-24 Junie  Jaar 12 Drama produksie
Woensdag - Vrydag, 22-24 Junie  L3 Aardrykskunde uitstappie na Rotoroa
Vrydag, 24 Junie  L2 EAP Dieretuin/Stardome uitstappie
Maandag - Vrydag, 27 Junie - 1 Julie  Internationale Fees Week
Maandag, 27 Junie  L2 Besigheids Studies uitstappie na Snowplanet
Maandag, 27 Junie  Jaar 9 vakveranderings
Dinsdag, 28 Junie  L3 Rekeningkunde: Besigheids Uitdaging Dag
Donderdag, 30 Junie  Stage Challenge
Donderdag, 30 Junie  L3 PE uitstappie na Woodhill Woud
Vrydag, 1 Julie  Multikulturele vertoning
Vrydag - Sondag, 1 - 3 Julie  Ondernemings in Aksie
Maandag - Vrydag, 4 - 8 Julie  Jaar 12 Drama produksie
Woensdag, 6 Julie  L3 Besigheids Studies: Leier vir ‘n Dag
Donderdag, 7 Julie  BCITO uitstappie
Vrydag, 8 Julie  Einde van Kwartaal 2!
Sondag - Sondag, 10 - 17 Julie  Netbal uitstappie na Brisbane
Maandag, 25 Julie  Kwartaal 3 Begin!
Woensdag, 27 Julie  Spansport Fotos

6月17日,星期五 无校服日
6月20日,星期一/6月21日,星期二 外出学习:L3 健康科学,至Auckland Mission
6月20日,星期一-6月24日,星期五 低年级生舞蹈展示
6月20日,星期一-6月24日,星期五 十二年级戏剧演出
6月22日,星期三-6月24日,星期五 外出学习:L3地理,至罗托鲁阿
6月24日,星期五 外出学习:L2EAP,至动物园/星象馆
6月27日,星期一-7月1日,星期五 国际周
6月27日,星期一 外出学习:L2商业,至Snowplanet
6月27日,星期一 九年级选项变更
6月28日,星期二 L3会计挑战日
6月30日,星期四 外出学习:L3体育,至伍德山森林公园
6月30日,星期四 舞台挑战
7月1日,星期五 多元文化表演(Multicultural Show)
7月1日,星期五-7月3日,星期日 企业行动
7月4日,星期一-7月8日,星期五 十二年级戏剧演出
7月6日,星期三 L3商科一日领袖
7月7日,星期四 建设业外出学习
7月8日,星期五 第二学期结束
7月10日,星期日-7月17日,星期日 篮网球队旅行,至布里斯班
7月25日,星期一 第三学期开始
7月27日,星期三 团队运动拍照

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