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7 March, 2016      
From the Principal

It's been 2 weeks since Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji, leaving children homeless and in desperate need of water, shelter and emergency supplies. Whole villages have been wiped out, crops have been ripped from the ground and infrastructure lies in ruins.

This is the largest natural disaster Fiji has ever experienced. They need our help now. 

This Friday we will be having our first Mufti Day for 2016. The theme will be Pacifica and all money raised will be supporting the Pacific Kids charity.

The Making The Difference Charity for Pacific Kids has been helping orphans of the Pacific island for the past three years in Loloma, near Nadi. Since Cyclone Winston they have focused on bringing relief to Fiji and getting emergency supplies to those in need. Every cent raised goes towards helping those in the Pacific.

To help support Pacific Kids, students can donate a gold coin for Mufti Day on Friday. They can also bring in any school supplies such as stationery and reading books, as well as a food donation. Fiji is in urgent need of the following items:

• Tinned fish/corned meat
• Tinned fruits
• Tinned jam
• Dry split peas
• Tea
• Breakfast crackers
• Yeast
• Rice
• Flour
• Oil
• Sugar

All food will be stored in the Function Room, there will also be a bake sale outside the Function Room on Friday.

For more information or to donate to the cause, visit: or

I encourage you all to do our bit to help the Fiji cyclone victims.

Russell Brooke

Cyclone Winston
Tropical Cyclone Winston was the strongest cyclone ever to hit Fiji. It reached its peak intensity with ten-minute sustained winds of 230 km/h and momentary wind gusts to 325km/h.

In advance of the storm's arrival in Fiji, numerous shelters were opened, and a nationwide curfew was instituted. Striking Fiji as a Category 5 on 20 February, Winston inflicted extensive damage on many islands and killed 43 people. Communications were temporarily lost with at least six islands, with some remaining isolated more than two days after the storm's passage.

Throughout Fiji, an estimated 24,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving approximately 120,000 people in need of immediate shelter assistance. An estimated 350,000 people (40 percent of the nation's population) were moderately or severely affected by the storm, including 120,000 children. Approximately 250,000 people required water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) assistance due to power outages and damaged infrastructure.

Total damage is estimated at NZD $670 million.
Making the Difference
While on holiday in Fiji a friend of ours offered to take our daughter Estella and some of her friends to visit an Orphanage.  She does a lot voluntary work when she visits Fiji and Estella wanted to go and visit the orphanage with her.

The girls were very moved by this experience and loved playing with the happy children. They came home with many stories and a realisation that the lives of these children were very different from their own. That night when Estella went to bed I noticed that she was very flat. When I asked her what was wrong she started to cry. I have never seen her cry like this before and she explained that she really wants to help these kids.

The following day Estella and her friends walked around the pool at the Hilton Fiji and asked adults to donate money to the Orphanage ($264 to be exact) so that on their next visit they could help purchase some of the items for the children on the Orphanage 'wish list'. The next day both Estella and my wife Leysa visited the Orphanage. Upon their return we sat down with Estella and we made a plan to help the Fijian children and 'give back'.

We started with my work and asked the employees if they would be happy to donate a small sum from their pay each week to go into a Trust fund. ALL of my staff said yes and they each contribute $2 to $5 per week. I explained to Estella that if everyone donates a little it can become a large amount of money and can make a big difference to the lives of these children.

Although I am the driver behind the Foundation I am only one of many people coming together to make this all possible. The aim of our foundation is to help families and the children who are less fortunate and my motivation is to simply 'give back'.

We were originally raising money to build a new orphanage and our first goal was initially to raise 100k and we have done that which is our first big milestone. We  have now raised 175k from various fundraisers, initiatives and donors from all over the world and we are very blessed to be a part of something truly special. Furthermore not a single cent has or will be ever used for any fees or administration costs. I personally guaranteed this from day one.

I’m here for the long haul and together we can really “Make the difference” in the Pacific. In August 2013 we decided on a shift in focus and to work more on project based organisations.  I now work full time within the Foundation as this is where my true heart and passion is.  Being able to assist a community with no expectations of receiving anything in return is so so rewarding.  Although this is my fulltime job it can hardly be viewed as a job.

Giving Back  - Loloma home
The first project was Loloma home in Fiji which is a shelter set up by 2 ladies in 2009 for women who have escaped terrible situations with their children and to give them a safe place. Since opening we have had 105 mums and a further 215 children spend time at the shelter and we currently house 9 mums and 17 children. The home has just received its acceptance to be a Grade Four Residential Property meaning it will house orphans from February 2015.

Our Foundation has successfully secured 11.4 acres of land with a property and this is exciting because it’s something they can call their own and make it a true home for the mums and their children.

What are our achievements in the past year?
  1. We have established a very successful volunteer program where people from all over the world go and spend time working with the home and supporting the local women working at the home.
  2. To date we have placed nearly 100 volunteers to work within the home which is a truly life changing experience.
  3. We have established a cadetship program where the Mums attend a hotel, tourism and management course which is a 3 month course to give them some life skills. 
  4. Asilika, one of the Mums, was so successful in the course she has been given a full time position at Rosie Holidays which is the largest operator in Fiji.
  5. Employ 3 fulltime staff to assist the Mums and their children.
  6. Employ a full time caretaker to look after the maintenance of the home.
  7. Arrange a food delivery to be delivered every Friday to the home.
  8. Take over all phone and internet costs paid monthly.
  9. The purchase of 11.4 acres for the home itself.
  10. Raise 75k in the past 12 months for the foundation itself.
  11. Create huge awareness of the home where the volunteers and visitors would have never generally known about.
  12. In September 2015 I hosted my 4th school trip from an Auckland school. This year we took 15 Year 6 students from Kohia Terrace school to visit the home for a week and we built a large vegetable garden, sand pit for the kids to play in, and erected a trampoline the Foundation donated, plus some painting of the home. The previous two trips were with Diocesan School for Girls.
  13. Successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro late November 2014 to raise money for Loloma home and create awareness of the home.
  14. Held our 2nd annual Christmas party for Loloma home on the weekend of the 28th November with all the Mums and children.
To reiterate……Not a single cent has ever been used for any fees or administration costs I will personally guarantee you all this as the founder. Every last cent is used in the Pacific for Pacific people. All money raised goes into our trust fund where it requires 3 signatories to clear a cent or any amount of dollars.

We are here for the long haul and together we can really “Make the difference”.
Board of Trustees
Paul Ross Founder            Mobile 0274760767
Bruce Webster (Accountant)
Mike Vallant (Solicitor)    

Please follow our progress, join our group on Facebook and if you are ever in Fiji or Samoa please contact me and I can arrange a visit at any stage.

Paul Ross
Pacific Kids

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