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7 July, 2016      
From the Principal

Two worlds are colliding. The rapid emergence of the modern science around the human brain due to modern scanning and analysis techniques, and the digital world.  What will lag behind is the research as to how that impacts education. In fact, I fail to see how research in its traditional sense will be of help as it’s a slow process and change is rapid and accelerating.

Studies are emerging, like the one below. However even it is behind the times as there are big differences between traditional laptops and the modern thinking machines. It does appear that typing in information is of little benefit to learning, yet annotation and writing with a pen has significant benefits. What I am sure of now, is that all students should be using devices as a matter of routine. It is not a matter of “googling stuff”.  Courses, assignments, resources, collaboration are all online in OneNote. This promotes the skills that are necessary for the future – skills employers are looking for. Devices don’t make students less creative or less communicative. If anything, it appears the digital world is doing the opposite.

The scary part is being left out of it. Once you are behind, it will be very hard to catch up. Already we find that new teachers to our school need a significant amount of upskilling with the use of technology in order to catch up with the school.

It is time for all students to be using a device, something I would have greatly welcomed as schoolboy when I lugged around a huge bag full of weighty texts every day.

Russell Brooke

A first-of-its-kind meta-analysis of 15 years of research on the impact of one-to-one school laptop initiatives has found a statistically significant positive impact on student test scores in writing, maths and science when students were given one-to-one access to laptops. A further review found modest evidence of more student-centred and project-based instruction, improved student engagement, better teacher-student relationships and increased student use of technology for reading, writing, Internet research, note-taking, and completing assignments. Students expressed very positive attitudes about using laptops in school and studies consistently found higher student engagement, motivation, and persistence when laptops were used. (The researchers cautioned that their study applied only to laptops, not tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.) Laptop results are small but noteworthy. The real benefit of using laptops is going beyond instructive electronic-worksheet activities to constructive learning, from teaching students to remember something to teaching them how to figure something out.
“1-to-1 Laptop Initiatives Boost Student Scores, Study Finds” by Leo Doran and Benjamin Herold in Education Week, May 18, 2016

Year 8 Open Day

On Wednesday 3 August we will be hosting the Year 8 students from Northcross Intermediate School and Murrays Bay Intermediate School. 

Long Bay College will not be open for instruction on this day for current Year 9 and Year 10 students.  However, a select group of students will be requested to assist in running of the day’s activities; these students will receive an invitation from the Senior Leadership Team. 

Students in Years 11 – 13 are to be at school as usual on 3 August, as their normal timetables will be running.  Please note that school buses will run as normal on this day.

School will re-open for regular classes for all Year levels on Thursday 4 August.

2017 Enrolments
Prospective students and their families are invited to attend the Long Bay College Open Evening on Wednesday 27 July from 4.30pm-6.30pm.

The Open Evening will include student-hosted school tours, sport and music performances. There will be two information presentations in the Auditorium at 5.45pm and 6.30pm.

School tours will be held on Monday 8th August, Friday 12th August, Wednesday 17th August and Friday 19th August from 9am-10am. Please email Reception or phone (09) 477 9009 to book your place.
International Festival Week

Last week Long Bay College held its first International Festival Week to celebrate the many different cultures at the school. The whole week was packed with lots of exciting events. We started off with a Chinese wishing wall, a mini Olympics and different cultural workshops which included tai chi, boules, ramen tasting, origami, table tennis, k-pop & the Chinese tea ceremony.

A group of students and teachers organised a hangi, staying overnight at school to get it going. This also kicked off the International Food Festival, which was a huge success with the students. While eating food from all those different cultures, students were also able to enjoy outdoor performances from around the world.

The week finished with the mini Olympic finals, where the New Zealand team participated against a team of teachers in a tug of war, and then the awesome annual Multicultural Show.  

All in all, this week was very exciting for everybody taking part and really showed the amazing cultural diversity in our Long Bay College family.
- Alina Remlinger, Year 13

Multicultural Show
The Multicultural Show was a wonderful celebration of the different cultures in our school. The show was put together by the EAP Department and students from across the school.

Local primary school students visited and participated in the two matinees. After a sold-out Friday night show, a second one was quickly organised for Saturday night. Both were a big success with a good variety of performances from all around the world.
- Georg Jaeschke, Year 13
Medical Centre
Just a reminder that if a student is feeling unwell, they should go straight to the Medical Centre. The Medical Attendant will then get in touch with parents to arrange for the student to be picked up from school.
School Holidays

Friday 8 July  is the last day for Term two and the School Office will close at 4pm. It will reopen at 8.15am on Monday 25 July for Term three.

NZ Spelling Bee
Congratulations to the following students who are in the top 200 in the New Zealand Spelling Bee.
- Caley Roe, Year 10
- Caitlin Scott, Year 10
- Camille Bennett, Year 9
- Kayla Williams, Year 9
- Ranudi Lelwala, Year 9

We wish you the best of luck at the regional semi finals next month.
Team & Group Photos
On Wednesday 27 July PhotoLife will be visiting Long Bay College to take group and team photographs. All students involved in having a team or group photo will need to ensure they are in correct school or sports uniform. Students should come to school in their normal school uniform and get changed before their particular photograph(s).

Please click here for the schedule of photographs that will be taken.
India 2017

Are you a current Year 11 or 12 student and interested in visiting India??

From the Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean coastline – and history reaching back 5 millennia. In the north there are Mughal Empire landmarks including Delhi’s Red Fort complex, the massive Jama Masjid mosque and Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal mausoleum. Is this something you would like to experience? See Miss Foster or Mrs Ross for more information.

Level 2 Business Studies

Level 2 Business Studies students visited Snow Planet to collect primary data on the “application of motivational theory in the workplace”.  Students attended a workshop and interviewed two staff for an hour.  They then had time to have some fun in the snow.  The trip motivated the students to collect their data as well as have some fun in preparation for their internal assessment.

Level 3 Health Trip

Our two Level 3 Health classes had an opportunity to volunteer their services for a day at the Auckland City Mission’s distribution centre in Grafton. This was a chance for the students to learn about all of the work the City Mission does for those living on the margins of society, often struggling to break out of the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

The students helped sort through bedding, clothing, shoes and other donated items as well as organising food donations and making up crisis food-parcels. They came away passionate to make a difference in their society, a truly humbling and powerful experience for all involved.

Level 3 Geography Trip
Aside from the fact that we got absolutely drenched and came home extremely drained, hands down, this was the best Geography Trip yet! 
The purpose of our annual trip to Rotorua was to complete our L3 Geography Internal, which required us to look at Tourism Development in Rotorua. Rain and shine, we visited attractions such as: Skyline, Rotorua Museum, Te Puia, Rainbow Springs, Agrodome and Mitai Maori Village. Lectures from Sales and Marketing contacts enabled us to grasp an insight into the past, present and future development of their attraction. In addition to this, we also experienced what goods and services the attraction offered to both International and Domestic markets. 
After two extremely eventful and exhausting days, we finished our trip with a visit to Mitai Maori Village. Here, we were introduced to an authentic and traditional Maori experience- a cultural performance, Hangi meal, natural bush walk with glow worms and the paddling of an ancient Waka. 
On behalf of the Level 3 Geography students, I’d like to thank Mrs McIntosh, Mrs Fairgray and Mr Thompson for their support and tremendous efforts which made this annual trip possible. After five years of Geography at Long Bay College, I’ve found my passion and love for Geography; which I hope to continue in my tertiary education. I cannot encourage this academic course enough- it truly opens your eyes to another perspective on the globe.
- Tayla Baxter, Year 13
Year 9 ADP Trip

On the Monday the 13th June, our Year 9 Athlete Development Class went to visit AUT Millennium for a class trip. We were lucky enough to have Dr Craig Harrison who is the Director of the Youth Development Programme showing us around and doing some work with us. 

First we went in a classroom on the second floor where he did some work with us around our sporting goals. Secondly we had a tour of the science labs. The first one was based around strength and power. There were various machines to analyse athletes and measure where they are at with their performances and how they can improve.

The second science lab was based around endurance, one of the most interesting machines in here was the environmental chamber. This instrument simulates a high altitude environment which athletes can use to help them prepare for overseas competitions.

We then had a look at the indoor gym at ground level, this is where the top athletes in New Zealand train and there were a couple of sessions happening with both the New Zealand Women’s Hockey Team and the New Zealand Pole Vault Group. 

We found this trip really valuable as we did more thinking around our goal-setting and also got to see the scientific resources available to help athletes improve.
-Liam Pardington, Year 9

Level 3 History Trip

At the start of June the Level 3 History students visited Auckland Museum and Alberton House. The aim of the trip is for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of 19th Century New Zealand which is one of the two themes taught as part of the NCEA Level Three History syllabus. We spent the morning at Auckland Museum visiting the Scars on the Heart and Maori Court permanent exhibitions.

We then travelled to Alberton House for afternoon tea and a guided tour. Alberton House offers insight into the daily life and leisure activities of a large wealthy colonial family. Afternoon tea took place in the ballroom, with beautifully decorated tables. All the students were fantastic and displayed fabulous 19th century etiquette!  

L2 EAP Trip

On Friday the 24th of June, Level 2 EAP students had the opportunity to learn more about New Zealand’s culture and history on a trip to the Auckland Zoo and the Stardome.  

Our first visit was the Auckland Zoo where we started our day learning more about New Zealand's native animals throughout a lesson presented by one of the zoo staff. Afterwards we got to explore the zoo and see all the different animals. 

Later that day we went to the Auckland Stardome. There we attended a lesson about the 7-star constellation, Matariki, an important sign to the Maori people. The most exciting part of the trip was the Planetarium show. We travelled through space and watched a short movie about the legend behind Matariki and the Maori New Year.  

The trip was an interesting experience and a great way to learn new things differently. Everyone had a great time together and gained a lot of knowledge to help them with the upcoming speaking and writing assessments. I can’t wait to go on another EAP trip.
-Andra Mihailescu, L2 EAP student

World Champion Linguists
Our students of French and Spanish have had outstanding results in the 2016 Language Perfect World Championships, an international online vocabulary competition that runs for ten days. Long Bay College students answered a total of 325,853 questions between them, and we came 162nd globally, out of 1111 participating schools, and 8th in New Zealand for schools of 1001-2500 students.

Three of our students gained Elite Awards, which meant they earned 10,000 points or more, placing them in the top 0.2% of competitors worldwide! Congratulations to Tara Ravi, (our winner overall and recipient of a $30 i-tunes voucher), Marissa Ford, and Jayde Simpson. To gain one point, a student must get a word correct twice, or three times if he/she puts the wrong answer in the first time.  So 10,000 points – that’s a huge amount of vocabulary learning!

Nine of our students achieved the Gold Award (top 2% internationally).  They were:
Alex Monckton, Daniel Monckton (winner of Education Perfect draw for a $20 i-tunes voucher), Eva Parani-Collins, Samantha Mills, Olivia Simpson, Melissa Philpot (Year 10 i-tunes spot prize), Kirsten Meyer, Kaoru Shimura, Dasha Tkachenko.
Other awards went to:
Silver (Top 5%): Camille Bennett (Year 9 top score, i-tunes voucher winner), Kharys Sangha, Tyler O’Malley, Kayla Williams (Year 9 second place, i-tunes voucher winner),  Fiona Morrish.
Bronze (Top 10%) :  Mary Shin, Janus Ratsdorf, Ettiene De Jager, Abbie Henneker (Yr 11 spot i-tunes prize), Alice Bergami, Nicola Lee, Emelie Fitness, Sky Rens, Georg Jaeschke, Frankie Meyers (Year 12 spot i-tunes prize) , Amber Taffs, Emma Hooton, Phillipa Henderson, Caley Roe, Jael Kalberer.
Credit (Top 20%): Boerge Herkenhoff, Angela Knoester, Sanna Kalberer, Madeline Brown, Joselyn Beekman, Lucia Smith, Sean Casey, Maria Lovell, Emma-Kate Walton, Grace Coffman, Lily Ridehalgh, Cameron Beechey, Jihun Kim, Maria Gil Laydner, Harry Bennett, Yana Minkova.
Congratulations to all prize winners and participants.  Your international language skills will set you in good stead for your future.
- Madame Jenkins
Microsoft Certifications

We would like to congratulate those students who successfully achieved their internationally recognised Microsoft Office Certifications and entered this year’s competition. The following students also receive Certificates of Commendation. Certificates are issued for students who ranked in the top twenty nationally!

MS Word
Euan Pike
Ben Matthews
Sam Mackay
Andrew Ham 

MS Excel
Elijah Shadbolt 

MS PowerPoint
Kane Evans
Austen Thomas

If you would also like to become a Microsoft Specialist see Mrs Gallagher in the Robotics room.   

Year 12 & 13 Productions
Recently two Drama productions were performed in the Auditorium.
Year 13 – ‘The Love of the Nightingale’ – a story of love and betrayal.
A word from the Author about the play ..
I followed the theme of being silenced…
It is based on the Greek myth of Philomele…
The play has been interpreted as being about women…
I was thinking about the violence that erupts in societies
when they have been silenced too long…
I grew up in the Basque country, where the language was
systematically silenced, and that haunts me…
Without language, brutality will triumph.
And then a double bill from Year 12
‘Us and Them’
Under the eyes of an all- seeing Recorder, two groups meet. They divide the land, first with a line, then with a wall. From there on the trouble begins.
‘The Chrysalids’
White Haven is a savage society. It is an enclosed world that is surrounded by a fearfully vast wilderness. In this post – apocalyptic society only those who are without mutation are allowed to live in the community. Any person or animal with genetic mutations is banished to the Fringes where an alternative society has loosely formed.
All plays were memorable – strong performances that did these two Year groups proud!
Aimes Awards
The applications for the 2016 Aimes Awards are now open. These awards recognise and reward outstanding young achievers in the North Harbour region in the fields of the Arts, IT & Innovation, Music, Education, Sport and Service to the Community (hence, AIMES).

Previous winners include two-time Grammy Award winner Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde), the youngest ever golfer to reach number one on the professional circuit Lydia Ko, and multiple award winning and internationally renowned opera singer Moses Mackay, now of Sol3 Mio.

The AIMES Awards (also including an Emerging Talent Award category) are open to those aged 14 to 25. The Junior Excellence Awards are exclusively for those aged between 10 and 13 years.

AIMES Awards applications close Friday August 5 and will be presented at awards functions in November 2016.

For more information go to or email .

Media Studies
Watch our fabulous Media Studies students in this story on TVNZ's Seven Sharp as they look at how teenage girls are marketed to.

Click here to view the video.
Smokefree Rockquest
Congratulations to Year 11 student Callum Yule, whose band “Altered Blonds” came third place and also won the People’s Choice Award at the Smokefree Rockquest North Shore finals.
Music Academy

The Long Bay College Music Academy offers private, one-to-one lessons in piano, guitar, drums, flute, violin, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, recorder and the ukulele. Students of any musical capability, aged from 4-18 are welcome. The aim of this Academy is to provide younger students in the area with well-rounded musical training of the highest standard, as well as a variety of opportunities to enhance their musical growth.

In addition to the private lessons, students will have the opportunity to get involved in groups, events and competitions (both in-house and external). Students will be encouraged to sit the ABRSM and Trinity graded international examinations, but these are not compulsory.

Prices vary form $22-$36 per half-hour lesson, $37,50-$66 per hour lesson. All lessons occur after school hours including some in weekends. To enrol or express an interest, please visit

iSport Leadership Day

This month 10 students from Long Bay College attended the iSport Leadership day at the Vodafone Event Centre. The iSport Foundation work alongside Aktive who organised a Student Leadership Day with guest speakers Sir John Walker, Richie McCaw, Dr. Ralph Pim, Jeremy Scott and Temepara Bailey.

The key messages delivered on the day were around:
1. Talent - Talent opens the door. But, talent alone is never enough. It’s only a starting point....
2. Leadership - Leadership is a driving force that takes you to the top.
3. Character - It takes character to keep you on top. People cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character.

There were lots of interactive activities throughout the day that involved the Long Bay College students working with other students from across Auckland. The Sports Department are looking forward to attending some more events in the future and giving other students the opportunities to attend.

Water Polo

Congratulations to the following Long Bay College students who have been named in club representative teams for Water Polo:

U14 HBWP Kayla Allison-Carnie
U14 HBCW Lauren Davey

Tessa de Jong-Gordon is also in the NHWP TAPS team which is a Development Squad for talented players.


Congratulations to two students who recently swam at the Auckland Distance, reverse Distance and Relay Champs at Westwave in Henderson with some fantastic results and medals.   

Thomas Morriss
Bronze for the 4 x 50m medley relay (next age group up)
Bronze for the 4 x 50 free relay
Silver for 4 x 50m medley relay 

Owen Zheng
Bronze for the 4 x 50m medley relay


Last month our Long Bay College Tramp Team won Best Auckland Team Overall in the Auckland Secondary Tramp Champs. An excellent result for these students!

Individual Results:
Brendan Bekker – Elite Mens 3rd Place
Madeleine Houston – Elite Womens 3rd Place
Lucia Smith – Elite Womens 8th Place
Casamae Sinclair – Junior Womens 5th Place
Lauren Billett – Junior Womens 9th Place

Later this month they will compete at the New Zealand Secondary School Championships and we wish them all the best.

Hannah Prendergast
Congratulations to Hannah Prendergast for being selected for the U15A Harbour Representative hockey team this year.

The Year 10 student has already represented Harbour at 13B and 15B level in previous years and has worked hard to make the 15As this year. Fantastic work Hannah!
What's Coming Up?

Friday 8 July - End of Term 2
Sunday 10 July Sunday 17 July – Netball trip to Brisbane
Monday 25 July – Term three begins
Wednesday 27 July – Group photos
Wednesday 27 July – Open Evening
Monday 1 AugustWednesday 3 August – Dance Show
Tuesday 2 August – Level 1A/B EAP Museum Trip
Wednesday 3 August – Open Day for North Cross Intermediate and Murrays Bay Intermediate
Friday 5 August – Level 2/3 Visual Arts trip to Auckland Art Gallery
Friday 5 August – Quiz night Hockey Fundraiser
Monday 8 August – School Tours from 9am-10am
Monday 8 August – Level 3 Biology Trip to Auckland Museum
Monday 8 August – KBB Performance to Parents
Wednesday 10 August - School Tours from 9am-10am
Friday 12 August - School Tours from 9am-10am
Monday 15 August – Friday 15 August – KBB Festival
Wednesday 17 August - School Tours from 9am-10am
Wednesday 17 August – Year 9 and Level 1A Parent Interviews
Friday 19 August - School Tours from 9am-10am
Monday 22 August – School Tours from 9am-10am
Tuesday 23 August – Wednesday 24 August – Level 3 Accounting and Economics Trip to Wellington
Friday 26 August – Mufti Day
Friday 26 August Saturday 3 September – Beauty and the Beast, the Steampunk Edition
Monday 26 August – Friday 2 September – Winter Tournament Week
Friday 23 September – End of Term three

Ko te Rāmere te tuawhitu o Hōngongoi - Te Mutunga o te Wāhanga Rua
Ko te Rātapu te tekau o Hōngongoi ki te - Rātapu te tekau mā whitu o Hōngongoi - Te Tiripi Netipōro ki a Piripane
Ko te Rāhina te rua tekau mā rima o Hōngongoi - Te Timata o te Wāhanga Toru
Ko te Rāapa te rua tekau mā whitu o Hōngongoi - Ngā Pikitia o Ngā Rōpū
Ko te Rāapa te rua tekau mā whitu o Hōngongoi - Te Pō o Kura
Ko te Rāhina te tuatahi o Hereturikōkā ki te - Rāapa te tuatoru o Hereturikōkā - Te Konohete o Kanikani
Ko te Rātū te tuarua o Hereturikōkā - Te Tiripi Whare Taonga o EAP
Ko te Rāapa te tuatoru o Hereturikōkā - Te Rā o North Cross me Murrays Bay
Ko te Rāmere te tuarima o Hereturikōkā - Te Tiripi Toi o Tāmaki
Ko te Rāmere te tuarima o Hereturikōkā - Te Kēmu Patapatai o Hōkī
Ko te Rāhina te tuawaru o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rāhina te tuawaru o Hereturikōkā - Te Tiripi Whare Taonga o Mātai Koiora
Ko te Rāhina te tuawaru o Hereturikōkā - Te Konohete KBB ki ngā mātua
Ko te Rāapa te tekau o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rāmere te tekau mā rua o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rāhina te tekau mā rima o Hereturikōkā ki te - Rāmere te tekau mā rima o Hereturikōkā - Te Huitaurima o KBB
Ko te Rāapa te tekau mā whitu o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rāapa te tekau mā whitu o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Patapatai Mātua mō te Tau Iwa me Tekau
Ko te Rāmere te tekau mā iwa o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rāhina te rua tekau mā rua o Hereturikōkā - Ngā Tawhio o te Kura
Ko te Rātū te rua tekau mā toru o Hereturikōkā ki te - Rāapa te rua tekau mā whā o Hereturikōkā - Te Tiripi Kaute ki Pōneke
Ko te Rāmere te rua tekau mā ono o Hereturikōkā - Kāore ngā ākonga e mau i ngā kākahu kura
Ko te Rāmere te rua tekau mā ono o Hereturikōkā ki te - Rāhoroi te tuatoru o Mahuru - Ko te Ātaahua me te Kararehe
Ko te Rāhina te rua tekau mā ono o Hereturikōkā ki te - Rāmere te tuarua o Mahuru - Wiki o Whakataetae Hōtoke
Ko te Rāmere te rua tekau mā toru o Mahuru - Te Mutunga o te Wāhanga Toru

7月8日,星期五 - 第二学期结束
7月10日,星期日-7月17日,星期日 - 篮网球队旅行,至布里斯班
7月25日,星期一 - 第三学期开始
7月27日,星期三 - 团队运动拍照
7月27日,星期三 - 晚上学校开放
8月1日,星期一-8月3日,星期三 - 舞蹈表演
8月2日,星期二 - 外出学习:L1A/B EAP,至博物馆
8月3日,星期三 - 学校向North Cross和Murrays Bay初中开放
8月5日,星期五 - 外出学习:L2/3美术,至奥克兰美术馆
8月5日,星期五 - 为曲棍球筹款的小测试比赛
8月8日,星期一 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月8日,星期一 - 外出学习:L3生物,奥克兰博物馆
8月8日,星期一 - 面向家长的KBB表演
8月10日,星期三 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月12日,星期五 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月15日,星期一-8月15日,星期五 - KBB节
8月17日,星期三 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月17日,星期三 - 九年级及L1A家长会面
8月19日,星期五 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月22日,星期一 - 上午九点到十点,校内游览
8月23日,星期二-8月24日,星期三 - 外出学习:L3会计,经济,至惠灵顿
8月26日,星期五 - 无校服日
8月26日,星期五-9月3日,星期六 - 美女与野兽,蒸汽朋克版
8月26日,星期一-9月2日,星期五 - 冬季锦标赛周
9月23日,星期五 - 第三学期结束

Vrydag, 8 Julie – Einde van Kwartaal 2
Sondag, 10 Julie – Sondag, 17 Julie – Netbal uitstappie na Brisbane
Maandag, 25 Julie – Kwartaal 3 begin
Woensdag, 27 Julie – Groep Fotos
Woensdag, 27 Julie – Ope Aand
Maandag, 1 Augustus – Woensdag, 3 Augustus – Dans Opvoering
Dinsdag, 2 Augustus – L1 A/B EAP Museum uitstappie
Woensdag, 3 Augustus – Ope Dag vir North Cross Intermediate en Murrays Bay Intermediate
Vrydag, 5 Augustus – L2 en L3 Visuele Kuns uitstappie na Auckland Kuns Gallery
Vrydag, 5 Augustus – Vasvra Aand: Hokkie Fondsinsameling
Maandag, 8 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Maandag, 8 Augustus – L3 Biologie uitstappie na Auckland Museum
Maandag, 8 Augustus – KBB Opvoering vir Ouers
Woensdag, 10 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Vrydag, 12 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Maandag, 15 Augustus – Vrydag, 19 Augustus – KBB Fees
Woensdag, 17 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Woensdag, 17 Augustus – Jaar 9 en L1 A Ouer Onderhoude
Vrydag, 19 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Maandag, 22 Augustus – Skool Toere van 9am-10am
Dinsdag, 23 Augustus – Woensdag, 24 Augustus – L3 Rekeningkunde en Ekonomie uitstappie na Wellington
Vrydag, 26 Augustus – Civvie Dag
Vrydag, 26 Augustus – Saterdag, 3 September – Skoonlief en die Ondier, die Steampunk Weergawe
Maandag, 26 Augustus – Vrydag, 2 September – Winter Toernooi Week
Vrydag, 23 September – Einde van Kwartaal

37월8일(금) -  2학기 종료
7월 10일(일)~7월17일(일) -  호주 브리즈번 네트볼 경기
7월25일(월) -  3학기 시작
7월27일(수)- 팀 스포츠 사진 촬영
7월27일(수) - 오픈 이브닝
8월 1일(월)~8월3일(수) –  댄스 쇼
8월2일(화) –  EAP (아카데믹 영어학과) 레벨 1A/B 박물관 현장학습
8월3일(수) –  North Cross지역 및 Murrays Bay 지역 중학교 Open Day
8월5일(금) –  시각미술 Level  2/3 오클랜드 아트 갤러리 현장학습
8월5일(금) –  하키 모금 행사 퀴즈 의 밤
8월8일(월) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월8일 (월)–  생물학과 레벨3 오클랜드 박물관 현장학습
8월8일 (월)–  KBB 공연
8월10일(수) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월12일(금) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월15일 (월)–  8월19일 (금)–    KBB  페스티벌
8월17일(수) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월17일(수) –  9학년 & 레벨 1A  부모님 인터뷰
8월19일(금) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월22일(월) –  학교 투어 (오전 9시~오전10시)
8월23일(화) – 8월24일(수) – 회계&경제학  레벨 3  웰링톤 현장학습
8월26일(금) – 사복입는날
8월26일(금)~9월3일(토) –  미녀와 야수, 스팀펑크 에디션
8월26일(금)~9월2일(금)- 겨울 토너먼트 주간
9월23일(금)- 3학기 종료

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