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14 April, 2016      
From the Principal

The first term of the school year is always busy but extremely important and I commend our students for settling into their routines so quickly. The Year 9 students are engaged in their learning activities and taking part in extra-curricular activities. All students will be experiencing various tests related to their subjects, including checkpoints and internal assessments. It is pleasing to see a large proportion of parents/caregivers involved in their child’s learning through attendance of Parent Interviews and communication with teachers.

As students progress through the school year, they are preparing for the future, which in this day and age is rapidly changing in a world where technology is limited only by imagination. While there are challenges ahead of us all, the power of our minds, imagination, people skills and our talents are personal traits that cannot be replaced by technology.

The end of term break is an ideal time for students to think about their strengths, what they can improve on, what they need to work harder at. They should also think about their interests and what it is about them that they enjoy. Every opportunity should be taken to learn something new, whether it is academic, artistic and creative, sporting or a social skill.

Take some time over the break to unwind, refresh and prepare for Term 2.

Rajeev Sharma
Acting Principal

Scholar's Assembly
In March Long Bay College held its Scholar Assembly and welcomed back some of our past students who gained scholarships last year, and acknowledged our current students who gained excellence endorsements in 2015.

Long Bay College is very pleased with the results of last year, not only because of our year on year progress but also because our students gained 40 scholarships including 1 at outstanding level. This is 5 more than in the previous year. Similarly, our excellence endorsements were at their highest level ever last year.

Congratulations to our scholarship students and our excellence students, we are incredibly proud of you all.
Board of Trustees Election


ELECTION : 03 June

Exercise your right and vote in the upcoming Board Elections. It is extremely important that our parent community selects the right mix of experience within the candidates to form the next Board.  Your vote can ensure Long Bay College continues to move forward ensuring all our children have the opportunity to succeed.

Are you interested in finding out more about the role of the Board of Trustees? 

Information available on or call into the office for a copy of 'A Parents Guide to the Role of the Board of Trustees'.

Parent Network Forum

Wednesday 25th May, 7-8pm

Around a third of us will experience anxiety symptoms at some point in our lives, and for many it can largely undermine quality of life.

This talk will examine the major features and causes of anxiety as well as outlining the strategies we can employ to overcome it or to help our children if they are struggling. The presentation will be 45 minutes followed by tea, coffee and muffins.

Speaker: John Meeske (MSc Psychology) – John has provided one on one therapy (cognitive/mindfulness-based) for people with anxiety for 10 years.

Please register your interest in attending by emailing him on Students are welcome to attend.

Wednesday 29th June, 7-8pm
More details regarding this forum will be in the next Newsletter.

The Teenage Brain
For Parents of Teenagers with Nathan Mikaere-Wallis
Venue: Birkdale Intermediate School
Tuesday 5 July
5.30 – 7.00PM

This workshop explores and explains the latest understandings of the adolescent brain and the changes that are taking place. An understanding of these changes allows us to be innovative in our approach to young people. It is an interactive programme that encourages discussion. Topics covered include:
  • Risk Taking
  • Decision Making
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Technology
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Peer Pressure
  • Plus much more
About Nathan: Nathan Wallis is a father of three and foster parent with a professional background in child counselling, teaching and social service management. Until recently he lectured in Human Development at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand and was also a board member and senior trainer with the highly respected Brainwave Trust. In 2010 he founded a private training consultancy, Nathan Wallis Ltd, with the goal of facilitating easy to understand professional development training reflecting the latest neuroscience discoveries and their practical implications for everyday practice. Since then he has been in hot demand, delivering in excess of 150 presentations every year throughout New Zealand and Australia. He has developed a reputation as a lively and engaging speaker who uses humour and plain language to make this complex topic come to life.
RSVP to by June 13. There is no cost to attend.
Flynn Stewart
Keep an eye out for Year 9 student Flynn Steward who is appearing on TVNZ's new family drama 'The Cul de Sac' on TV2 at 6pm on Sunday nights.

Flynn (pictured in the centre of the photo) plays the role of Tom in the sci-fi show. Flynn is also currently playing the role of Dill in the play To Kill a Mockingbird which is on at The Civic from 6-22 May.
Riley Druce
Congratulations to Riley Druce in Year 11 who has been cast as one of the lead roles in the National Youth Theatre Company production of High School Musical.

The show is being performed at The Civic Theatre from 7-9 July, telling the full story of High School Musical, including all the songs you know and love, with High School Musical 2 following after the intermission.
Level 3 EAP Trip
The Level 3 EAP students recently enjoyed a day out at the Arataki Centre in the Waitakere Ranges and Muriwai Beach, working in groups with the Rangers as they prepare for their UE Literacy assessments. The main focus of the day was to research the issues facing the New Zealand environment and the initiatives which are being implemented to ensure New Zealand stays ‘clean and green’.

With the sunny, warm weather, a great day was had by all, and the students returned with a wealth of information.
I do, I do, I do
Many congratulations to both Victoria Yun and Rebecca Dini who will be getting married during the coming school holidays. Victoria and her future husband, Daehan, dressed in their traditional Korean wedding outfits to celebrate with many of Victoria’s EAP students.

Both Victoria and Rebecca teach in the EAP Department, and we wish you both all the best for your special days!
Painting Gallery Trip
 “What can painting offer that other art forms cannot?”

That was the question posed to Level 3 painters and a selection of Level 2 painters when visiting the Auckland Art Gallery’s exhibition “Necessary Distraction”, an exhibition including a diverse range of paintings by 20 established and emerging artists. Instead of paintings realistic in subject matter, prompting a viewer to say “wow that is good”, these artworks challenged what makes a painting successful.  Muted, bold, colour, balance, texture, lines, shapes, organic, geometric, drips, scrapes, transparency, layers, washes, masked are only some of the words that come to mind when viewing the abstract paintings on display.  The artists invite the viewers into conversation.

Not only did our students participate in discussions about the work, they then had the opportunity to collaborate in a workshop where they explored, experimented and created abstract paintings.
Tongaririo Trip

Forty Level 2 Geography students travelled to Tongariro National Park in March to carry out research on the Tongariro Volcanic Environment. 

For students this was an opportunity to put their research skills into practice while also experiencing the climate and environment of a New Zealand volcano. The fieldwork focussed on the relationship between altitude and type of vegetation at various points on Mt Ruapehu. 

The trip provided fantastic visual reinforcement of classroom learning. This enriches the students understanding of the environment, which has proven particularly valuable in the external assessment for this subject. 

Students also experienced the landscape through several different hikes, viewed the site of the Tangiwai disaster and explored the Rangipo desert.
Prefect Dinner

Last month, the Prefects attended an evening of team building and leadership development. The students learnt about personality types and their roles in leadership and teamwork in our school environment and the wider society. We started by discussing the difference between ‘extroverts’ and ‘introverts’ before having a short break to have dinner.

After a very fulfilling meal, we were back onto the second section of the personality discussion where perceiving and judging characteristics were discussed.  The judgers, the organised list builders, and the perceivers, who play it by ear, had very different opinions on how we do work and plan ahead. In the end we realised that all personality types are needed and there is no good or bad in who you are, you just have to learn to accept that, use your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

The bus ride home had everybody singing after a successful night of entertainment and learning. It was another great experience with the Prefect family!

- written by Deputy Head Boy Liam Quinn

Own a Drone?
Long Bay College is looking for an experienced owner of a Drone, or two, who is prepared to visit the school to demonstrate the capabilities and functionality of the machines to several Science classes in May. Please email with your contact details.
School Gates
Just a reminder that the Long Bay College school gates are locked every night at 10.15pm and reopen each morning at 7.30am.

Please keep this in mind for car parking if you are visiting the school grounds in the evening.
Where Are We From?

In each newsletter we will be introducing a member of staff at Long Bay College to show the diverse backgrounds we have at the school.

Mark Pinchen – Head of Mathematics
Born: London, England
Arrived in NZ: 21 years ago

This year is my 21st year teaching at Long Bay College. I have been the Head of Mathematics for many years, and enjoy teaching mathematics as much as ever.

Mathematics is an infinite subject, one which challenges us all, from primary school students to professors. There is always more to learn. No one knows all the answers, the joy is in the journey, one of beauty and enlightenment.

The main difference between England and New Zealand is that in New Zealand we have a summer of 4-5 months and in London we have a summer of 4-5 days (on a good year).
When we first arrived in New Zealand, we did bring a plate when invited to do so, it seemed polite. Maybe there was a plate shortage in Auckland?
We are now conversant with jandals, gumboots, togs, lollies and chips!


제목: 어디에서 오셨나요?

소개: 우리학교가 가지고 있는 다양한 배경을 보여주기 위해 우리는 각 뉴스레터에 롱베이컬리지의 스태프를 소개할 것입니다.

Mark Pinchen – 수학 학과장
출생: 영국 런던 
뉴질랜드 이주: 21년전 
올해로 제가 롱베이컬리지에서 가르친지 21년째 됩니다.
저는 여러해동안 수학 학과장으로 있었고 수학 가르치는 것이 매우 즐겁습니다.
수학은 끝이 없는 과목이기 때문에 어떤 부분은 우리 모두를 -초등학생에서부터 교수에 이르기까지- 도전하게 합니다. 항상 배울 더 많은 것이 있습니다. 어떤 사람도 모든 답을 다 알지는 못하며, 무언가를 깨닫는 과정에서 즐거움이 있습니다. 
영국과 뉴질랜드 사이의 주요한 차이점은 뉴질랜드에는 여름이 4-5개월 있지만 런던에는 4-5일(좋은 해의 경우에) 있다는 것입니다. 
우리가 뉴질랜드에 처음 도착했을 때, 우리가 초대를 받게되면 접시를 가져갔고, 그것이 예의바른 것으로 보였습니다. 오클랜드에는 접시가 부족했었던 것일까요?
지금 우리는 뉴질랜드 샌들, 고무장화, 토그(수영복을 가리키는 뉴질랜드 속어), 롤리사탕, 그리고 칩에 친숙합니다!
Voetspoore oor die Wêreld?
In elke nuusbrief wil ons graag ‘n personeellid van Long Bay College aan u voorstel om die diversiteit van ons oorspronge te wys.

Mark Pinchen – Hoof van Wiskunde
Gebore: Londen, Engeland
Gearriveer in NZ: 21 jaar gelede
Dit is my 21ste jaar van onderrig by Long Bay College. Ek is die Hoof an Wiskunde en beklee hierdie posisie al vir baie jare, maar geniet wiskunde nog net so baie. Wiskunde is ‘n oneindigende onderwerp, ‘n onderwerp wat vir ons almal ‘n uitdaging is, van laerskool kinders tot professore. Daar is altyd meer om te leer. Niemand weet al die antwoorde nie en die vreugde is in die ontdekkingsreis – een van skoonheid en insig. Die groot verskil tussen Engeland en Nieu Seeland, is dat in Nieu Seeland het ons ‘n somer van 4-5 maande en in Londen is die somer net 4-5 dae lank (as ons gelukkig is). Toe ons oorspronklik in Nieu Seeland aangekom het, het ons ‘n bord kos na ons eerste kuier geneem. Dit was net ordentlik. Dalk was daar ‘n tekort aan borde in Auckland? Nou is ons vertroud met jandals, gumboots, togs, lollies en chips.


Mark Pinchen – 수학 학과장
출생: 영국 런던 
뉴질랜드 이주: 21년전 
올해로 제가 롱베이컬리지에서 가르친지 21년째 됩니다.
저는 여러해동안 수학 학과장으로 있었고 수학 가르치는 것이 매우 즐겁습니다.
수학은 끝이 없는 과목이기 때문에 어떤 부분은 우리 모두를 -초등학생에서부터 교수에 이르기까지- 도전하게 합니다. 항상 배울 더 많은 것이 있습니다. 어떤 사람도 모든 답을 다 알지는 못하며, 무언가를 깨닫는 과정에서 즐거움이 있습니다. 
영국과 뉴질랜드 사이의 주요한 차이점은 뉴질랜드에는 여름이 4-5개월 있지만 런던에는 4-5일(좋은 해의 경우에) 있다는 것입니다. 
우리가 뉴질랜드에 처음 도착했을 때, 우리가 초대를 받게되면 접시를 가져갔고, 그것이 예의바른 것으로 보였습니다. 오클랜드에는 접시가 부족했었던 것일까요?
지금 우리는 뉴질랜드 샌들, 고무장화, 토그(수영복을 가리키는 뉴질랜드 속어), 롤리사탕, 그리고 칩에 친숙합니다!

Careers Centre
The Careers Centre is a place where first steps are taken on the career pathway for students.  The Centre is available to assist students with subject selection and preparation for tertiary study and the world of work.
There’s a wide range of resources available in the Careers Centre:
  • Prospectus and course booklets for universities, polytechnics, private training providers, industry training programmes and apprenticeships.
  • Careers advisors and staff to answer questions and offer guidance.
  • Guest speakers from tertiary institutions and companies.
  • A computer suite for student use.
  • Future Pathways programme information.
  • Student job vacancies.
To keep you up to date with everything that’s happening in the world of Careers, we’ve created a Careers Site on Office 365. Here you will find important links and information on University courses, Apprenticeships, Job opportunities, Gateway, Scholarships, interesting career articles, STAR courses and more. Our Careers Calendar gives details of career events such as visiting speakers, open days, and information evenings etc. The Notice Board changes daily to advertise what’s current and happening now!

To access the Careers Site, please log onto your Student’s Office 365 account, under Sites, click on “LBC Link”, and then the Careers button to have all the current Careers information at your fingertips.
Pop Up Globe Theatre

On Wednesday the 16th of March, 200 Long Bay College students travelled into Bards Lane in Auckland to view a wonderful performance of Twelfth Night at the Pop up Globe Theatre. Built to the exact scale as the original Globe in London, this was an experience not to be missed, both for the unique ‘in the round’ staging, and some truly memorable action.

Leadership Conference
Myself and nine Year 12 students had the opportunity to attend the Grip Student Leadership Conference; a practical and interactive learning experience.

The Conference was a great opportunity to meet and share with students from all over the upper North Island who, like us, were interested in developing leadership skills. 

We participated in a series of activities and attended various talks. The Conference covered a wide range of topics, from learning how to write and deliver a dynamic speech, to being an effective team contributor, to motivating others, to running effective meetings. 

I know we all got a lot from attending the Conference. Putting our newly gained knowledge and skills into practice will help cement all we learnt and allow us to give back to the Long Bay College community. 

- Written by Tessa James, Year 12
Dragon Boating

Where do I begin? I went into dragon boating not knowing anything about it. But WOW, what an experience.

A lot of us didn't know each other at all but friendships grew amongst us quite quickly as we only had a few trainings before race day. Even friendships that were lost years ago between some of us reconnected and we enjoyed being in each other's company again.

Although we had to be down at Lake Pupuke very early, it was still a day to remember. The atmosphere was great and the weather couldn't have been any more pleasant. We were not exactly the best team there, but we were not the worst. I feel that we worked well together and accomplished our goal; to try our best and have a good day out, proudly representing Long Bay College to the best of our ability.

It was a great life experience, and for 2017, I encourage all years to get involved in dragon boating and give it a shot. It will definitely be one of my highlights from my final year at Long Bay College. 

- Written by Calvin Richmond, Year 13

Years 12 & 13
Our senior students have made a fantastic start to 2016. They have settled into their courses and many are well on track to reach their academic targets.

In a recent assembly we acknowledged the students who had received an excellence endorsement in their 2015 studies. It was great to see the large number of students being recognised, 98 of our Year 12 students and 70 of our Year 13 students. For the parents new to NCEA, to gain an excellence endorsement, the student is required to achieve 50 or more credits at an excellence level. So these students did exceptionally well.

The results showed some interesting trends. The top 3 students from each year group were all females. I have put the challenge out to our male students to try and break this pattern. Another trend showed something we already recognise. All of our top scholars had very good attendance rates, the lowest being 96% attendance. The highest recognition went to Catriona Miller who gained 135 excellence credits and had 100% attendance. These figures reinforcing the importance of having a good attendance record.

For our seniors, we are now one third of the way through the school year. Term 2 will see a large number of internal assessments taking place. Often the students display higher stress levels as they feel the pressure is being increased. This pressure and stress can be alleviated. Over the holidays they need to take stock of where they are in their various courses. They should be collating their notes and other resources for units that have been completed and checking the course calendars to see what assessments and checkpoints are coming up in term 2. Good time management and forward planning will put them in good stead for the new term.

As shown, good preparation, good attendance and putting in the required amount of effort in their study will result in a successful year academically. Finally I would like to reiterate my congratulations to  all of our students who gained an excellence or merit endorsement in 2015, well done.

Dawn Ross, Director of Learning, Years 12 & 13
Beauty & The Beast
Long Bay College is excited to announce the 2016 school production is The Beauty and the Beast: The Steampunk Edition. Here is the cast after their first read through. Excited, talented and ready to be steampunked!

Producer: Brendan Perkins
Director: Adrienne Bishop
Music Director: Hadley Ronayne
Music Perfomances
Best of Term 1 Music Performances will take place tonight, Thursday 14 April at 6.30pm in the Long Bay College Auditorium. Come and see our top musicians perform their winning pieces. Entry by donation.
Max Crawford

Microsoft NZ held two workshops here at Long Bay College where students were given hands on experience in Construct2, a powerful HTML5 game creator. It allows anyone to build games — no coding required! The students had approximately 3 weeks to create their own game and enter it into the inaugural Imagine Cup Junior Competition.

Congratulations to Year 11 student Max Crawford who won the competition and was awarded a Surface 3 Bundle for his game The Adventures of Lumo - well done!
Connor Bell

Congratulations to Connor Bell for competing in the North Island Secondary School Championships recently. The Year 12 student secured 5th place throwing the Hammer. He also competed in the Intermediate Boys Discus and finished second in the competition with 52.04 meter throw making him the North Island School Boys Champion - first place went to an Australian student who had travelled to the event.

Connor then went on to compete in the Boys Intermediate Shotput and finished 5th again. We look forward to hearing how he gets on at the NZ Secondary School Championships in December.

Summer Tournament
Congratulations to everyone who represented Long Bay College at Summer Tournament last week, and throughout the summer term. We have achieved some fantastic results already this year and are now looking forward to the winter season.

NZ National Schools 3x3 Slam Tournament:
Well done to the Basketballers who played in the 3 day Slam Tournament last week:
- Boys Seniors-17th
- Boys Juniors-10th

North Island Secondary Schools Rugby Sevens:
- U15 Boys-6th
- U15 Girls-4th
- U19 Girls-5th overall and Plate Winners

NZ Secondary Schools Volleyball Championships in Palmerston North:
- Senior 1 Girls came 12th in Honours Grade Division B or 28th overall from 97 teams. An improvement of 38 places from 2015.
- Senior 1 Boys won the Premier division coming 33rd out of 75 teams winning all nine games at the tournament.

Canoe Polo Nationals:
Well done to the Canoe Polo team who competed in the NZ Secondary School Nationals in Palmerston North. The team finished 3rd in Division 2.

Tangi Ward

Last month Year 12 student Tangi Ward competed in the National Jet Ski Championships on Lake Taupo.

Tangi rode in the National Novice Runabout Stock which is a class for new riders with 2 years or less racing experience, no matter the age.

Riding an old boat with a top speed of 70km’s per hour, Tangi came in fourth, beating the General Manager for Yamaha New Zealand - the sponsor of the event.

His incredible success has led to Tangi being sponsored and he will receive a new jet ski. Congratulations Tangi, we wish you all the very best!

Emma Pugh
Congratulations to Year 9 student Emma Pugh who won 1st place at the BMX National Championships over Easter for her age group.

Emma now has her sights set on next year's title and hopefully a trip to South Carolina for the World Championships.
Basketball Training
Early morning basketball skill sessions have started at Long Bay College. North Harbour basketball coaches are working with all female players. Register your daughter by emailing

The sessions run in Term 2 & 3 on Thursday mornings from 7-8am and cost $30.

Boys U17 & U19 sessions start next Wednesday 13th April and Boys U15 sessions start Tuesday 3rd May. All sessions are from 6.30-8am during Term 2 & 3 and cost $40.
Lawrence Lianda

Athletic Development Programme Year 9 basketball students have been spending some time with Breakers Development Coach Lawrence Lianda.

Lawrence is currently on his AUT Co-operative Education placement with the Long Bay College Sports Department this year. He moved to New Zealand from Kenya in 2005 and has since been involved heavily in basketball here. Lawrence has done a lot of work with Harbour teams, The Breakers Academy and the Junior Tall Blacks. He is currently in his final year of his Sport and Recreation Bachelor’s degree.

Congratulations to Jordan Laumatia-Drabble and Brittany Allison-Carnie for making the selection for the New Zealand Age Group Volleyball Squads to attend the Age Group Performance Camp in Wellington in the school holidays.

Following the Camp the New Zealand teams will be named. Jordan and Brittany are in contention for the NZ Youth Men’s and NZ Youth Women’s teams that will attend the USA High Performance Championships in Florida.

Good luck to both students for the upcoming Camp and possible selection after that.
Water Polo

The Long Bay College Senior Boys’ Water Polo team competed recently in the North Island Secondary School Championships. For the second year in a row they took on the challenge of competing in the Premier Div 1 Competition.  

A series of great results saw the boys finish 12th out of 19 teams. They ended up finishing ahead of a number of high profile water polo schools.

The spirit and determination shown by the boys when playing New Zealand’s top teams earnt them respect and plenty of positive comments from players and coaches at the tournament. Well done.

What's Coming Up?
Thursday, 14 April                                            Senior Music Concert
Friday, 15 April                                                 End of Term 1
Saturday, 16 April                                             Long Bay College School Ball
Sunday 17 April-Friday 29 April                        Business Trip to USA
Monday 18 April – Friday 22 April                    Young Enterprise Scheme Boot Camp
Tuesday 19 April- Wednesday 20 April            Stage Challenge Workshops
Wednesday 27-Saturday 30 April                     Senior Water Polo Tournament
Wednesday 27- Saturday 30 April                    North Island Orienteering Championships
Monday, 2 May                                                 Term 2 starts
Monday 2-Friday 13 May                                  Dental Bus for Senior Students
Wednesday 4 May                                            L1B History Museum/North Head Trip
Friday 6 May-Sunday 8 May                             Voxette/Big Band Camp
Monday 9 May-Thursday 19 May                     Year 11 Drama Production
Tuesday 10 May                                               Drama Trip to Auckland
Wednesday 11 May                                          Year 9 Parent Interview and Information Workshops
Wednesday 11 May                                          L2 ESS Stardome Trip
Friday 13 May                                                   Blood Donor Day
Friday 13 May                                                   Smokefree Rockquest
Monday 16 May                                                Junior Maori Trip
Thursday 19 May                                              Year 9 APOPS Discovery Concert
Friday 20 May-Sunday 22 May                         Concert Band Camp
Tuesday 24 May                                               Level 3 History Alberton House/Auckland Museum Trip
Thursday 26 May                                              Visual Arts Trip to Exhibition
Friday 27-Saturday 29 May                              MUNA Trip
Wednesday 1 June-Thursday 2 June               Senior Maori Rotorua Trip
Friday 3 June                                                    Teacher Only Day
Monday 6 June                                                 Queen’s Birthday weekend holiday

다가올 행사는?
4월 14일 목요일                                               상급생 음악 콘서트
4월 15일 금요일                                               1학기 종료
4월 16일 토요일                                               롱베이 컬리지 학교 볼파티 (무도회)
4월 17일 일요일-4월 29일 금요일                    미국 출장 
4월 18일 월요일-4월 22일 금요일                    신생 기업 사업계획 트레이닝 캠프
4월 19일 화요일-4월 20일 수요일                    단계 도전 워크숍
4월 27일 수요일-4월 30일 토요일                    상급생 워터폴로(수구) 토너먼트 
4월 27일 수요일-4월30일 토요일                     노스아일랜드 오리엔티어링1) 선수권대회
5월 2일 월요일                                                  2학기 시작
5월 2일 월요일-5월 13일 금요일                      상급생 치과 진료 버스
5월 4일 수요일                                                  L1B 역사 박물관/North Head 견학
5월 6일 금요일-5월8일 일요일                          Voxette/ Big Band 캠프
5월 9일 월요일-5월19일 목요일                        11학년 드라마 제작
5월 10일 화요일                                                오클랜드 드라마 견학
5월 11일 수요일                                                11학년 부모 면담 및 정보 워크샵 
5월 11일 수요일                                                L2 ESS 스타덤 견학
5월 13일 금요일                                               헌혈의 날
5월 13일 금요일                                               Smokefree 음악행사 (뉴질랜드 오리지널 노래대회)
5월 16일 월요일                                                주니어 마오리 견학          
5월 19일 목요일                                                Year 9(9학년) APOPS Discovery Concert (오케스트라
5월 20일 금요일-5월 22일 일요일                     콘서트 밴드 캠프
5월 24일 화요일                                                Level 3 역사 앨버턴 하우스/ 오클랜드 박물관 견학
5월 26일 목요일                                                 시각 미술 전시회 견학
5월 27일 금요일-5월29일 토요일                      MUNA 견학
6월 1일 수요일-6월 2일 목요일                         상급생 로토루아 견학
6월 3일 금요일                                                  Teacher Only Day (교사만 학교 오는날)
6월 6일 월요일                                                  여왕탄생일 공휴일
Donderdag, 14 April                                          Senior Musiek Konsert
Vrydag, 15 April                                                Einde van Kwartaal 1
Saterdag, 16 April                                             Long Bay College Skoolbal
Sondag, 17 – Vrydag, 29 April                          Besigheid Studies se Toer na Amerika
Maandag, 18 – Vrydag, 22 April                       Young Enterprise Scheme Oefenkamp
Dinsdag, 19 – Woensdag, 20 April                   Stage Challenge Werkswinkel
Woensdag, 27 – Saterdag, 30 April                 Senior Waterpolo Toernooi
Woensdag, 27 – Saterdag, 30 April                  Noord Eiland Oriëntering Kampioenskappe
Maandag, 2 Mei                                                Kwartaal 2 begin
Maandag, 2 – Vrydag, 13 Mei                          Tandarts Bus vir Senior Studente
Woensdag, 4 Mei                                              L1B Geskiedenis Museum/ North Head Uitstappie
Vrydag, 6 – Sondag, 8 Mei                               Voxette/Big Band Kamp
Maandag, 9 – Donderdag, 19 Mei                    Jaar 11 Drama Produksie
Dinsdag, 10 Mei                                               Drama Uitstappie na Auckland
Woensdag, 11 Mei                                           Jaar 9 Ouerbesoeke en Inligtingwerkswinkels
Woensdag, 11 Mei                                           L2 ESS Stardome Uitstappie
Vrydag, 13 Mei                                                 Bloedskenkingsdag
Vrydag, 13 Mei                                                 Smokefree Rockquest
Maandag, 16 Mei                                             Junior Maori Uitstappie
Donderdag, 19 Mei                                          Jaar 9 APOPS Discovery Uitstappie
Vrydag, 20 – Sondag, 22 Mei                          Concert Band Kamp
Dinsdag, 24 Mei                                               L3 Geskiedenis Alberton House/Auckland Museum
Donderdag, 26 Mei                                          Visuele Kuns Uitstappie na Uitstalling
Vrydag, 27 – Saterdag, 29 Mei                        MUNA Uitstappie
Woensdag, 1 – Donderdag, 2 Junie                Senior Maori Rotoroa Uitstappie
Vrydag, 3 Junie                                                Dag slegs vir onderwysers
Maandag, 6 Junie                                             Koninging se Verjaarsdag Naweek Vakansie

4月14日,星期四                                           11-13年级学生音乐会
4月15日,星期五                                           第一学期结束
4月16日,星期六                                          长湾中学学校舞会
4月17日,星期日---4月29日,星期五           实践活动:美国商科之旅
4月18日,星期一---4月22日,星期五           青年企业规划训练营
4月19日,星期二---4月20日,星期三           戏剧表演工作室
4月27日,星期三---4月30日,星期六           11-13年级水球锦标赛
4月27日,星期三---4月30日,星期六           北岛定向越野锦标赛
5月2日,星期一                                            第二学期开始
5月2日,星期一---5月13日,星期五             学生牙病防治周(本土学生)
5月4日,星期三                                            实践活动:L1B历史,至博物馆/North Head
5月6日,星期五---5月8日,星期日               合唱队/乐队野营
5月9日,星期一---5月19,星期四                11年级戏剧表演
5月10日,星期二                                          实践活动:戏剧,至奥克兰市中心
5月11日,星期三                                          九年级生家长会
5月11日,星期三                                          实践活动:L2地球与宇宙科学,至星穹天文台
5月13日,星期五                                          献血日
5月13日,星期五                                          Smokefree Rockquest全国乐队比赛
5月16日,星期一                                          实践活动:9、10年级,探索毛利文化
5月19日,星期四                                          九年级奥克兰爱乐乐团音乐会
5月20日,星期五---5月22日,星期日           音乐会乐队野营
5月24日,星期二                                          实践活动:L3历史,至Alberton House/奥克兰博物馆
5月26日,星期四                                          实践活动:视觉艺术展
5月27日,星期五---5月29日,星期六           实践活动:MUNA(模拟联合国大会)
6月1日,星期三---6月2日,星期四               实践活动:11-13年级,罗托鲁瓦毛利文化之旅
6月3日,星期五                                            教师上班日
6月6日,星期一                                            女王生日,放假
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