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6 August, 2015      
From the Principal

We have reached the time of year when timetable planning starts in earnest for 2016. A key part of that process is the collecting of option choices from the students and we have commenced the process of "rolling through" the year levels. Option selection is online. We want students to be as accurate as possible in choosing their subjects as that allows us to optimise the allocation of staffing and rooms. However we recognise that things change and hence there is opportunity to adjust courses in January when we send out the draft timetables and invite students to come in for a meeting if modifications are necessary.

There are a couple of alterations to our curriculum. We have had to remove Early Childhood Education because the provider of the course changed the requirements, and that necessitated students doing long practicums. That wasn't workable with a school situation. We are also phasing out Spanish simply because there is minimal demand. The drop off in numbers taking this subject is very high, and this results in loading up other subject areas. There is a call for Mandarin and we are looking closely at that subject. Ideally it would be taught from Year 6 as it is a challenging language to get to grips with.

Another change to our curriculum is the introduction of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. We are in the trial phase of this and will make further announcements of how to access this course in upcoming newsletters.

We have increased the options available to Year 13 students in their traditional "study" line to better reflect what is actually happening. Students can now choose a sixth subject (perhaps an interest subject or "another string to the bow"), a double subject (ideal where there is a high portfolio load), service in a junior classroom such as Learning to Learn (this is highly appreciated and makes a real difference), or a study period which is termed ILP (Independent Learning Programme).

In terms of getting advice on subject choice, Faculty Deans are the people to see for subject pathways and pre requisites, and Directors of Learning for overall programmes. If careers advice is needed then Mrs Thomas is the person to see. She can also organise a MyChoice programme if that is wanted (a fully customised timetable which might meet learning needs, specific tertiary entry needs, help with elite sports people who are training hard, etc).

Russell Brooke, Principal

Course Selection 2016

Course selection – Level 2 (2016)
by 30 July 2015
Course selection – Level 3 (2016)
by 6 August 2015
Course selection – Level 1A (2016)
by 20 August 2015
Level 1B (2016) – Courses roll over from 2015.   
Students will be briefed at assemblies and given instructions on how to complete online. 

NZQA Fee Payment

The final date for payment of NZQA fees to Long Bay College is Friday 21 August 2015. These fees are for both Internal and External standards assessed.

Eligibility for finanacial assistance (Community Services Card) can be viewed here. You can also obtain an application form from Reception.

Payments can be made by cash, credit card or online banking (please call the Cashier on 09 477-9009 Ext.849 for the account number. Reference NZQA and student name.)


Last week Long Bay College welcomed nearly 500 students from Northcross Intermediate School to spend some time at our school to see the incredible facilities we have to offer.

We also had an open evening for prospective students and their parents to look around the classrooms and hear from the Principal and student leaders about why Long Bay College is considered such an exceptional and modern school.

If you would like to book a school tour, or find out more about Long Bay College, please email the school office or phone (09) 477 9009.

Student Elections

Nominations are invited for the election of one student representative for one year on the Board of Trustees. Collect a nomination form with more information from the Student Centre. 

Complete the form, sign it and hand it into the Student Centre along with an explanation of who you are and why you want to be a student trustee (up to 400 words) by Friday, 7 August.

Community Patrol

North Harbour Community Patrol acts as 'eyes and ears' for the North Shore Community and the North Shore Police. NHCP is always looking for new volunteers who are over the age of 18 years old and have a full New Zealand Drivers Licence.

If you are interested in helping to keep your community safe and want to help to reduce and prevent crime or would like some more information - please contact the Operations Manager on 478 1711 or email or visit the national CPNZ website for more information 


Hold, Fold or Run?

Long Bay College is proud to present this year's school production, 'The Vegas Crowd'.

Written and directed by Year 13 student Nathanael Tan, this visual extravaganza follows a con artist as he evades the law and learns a few life lessons along the way. As he sets up his next con he is plunged into the shady underworld of The Verde Casino, all the while learning what it takes to love and be loved in return.

The Vegas Crowd stars Skylar Van Daal, Katie Smith, Mihnea Enache, Amy Willemse and has a cast of over thirty students. It will be held in the Long Bay College auditorium at 7pm from 5-8 August. Tickets are $5 and are available from Reception or at the door.

Dance Show

The Dance Show is also coming up and will be held in the Auditorium at 7pm Thursday 13 August. Tickets are $5 and available from reception.

ICAS Science Success
Long Bay College Sience students achieved well above national averages across all levels in the New Zealand and Pacific International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Test.

The school had 63 students from Year 9-Year 13 enter the ICAS science competition, which is a one hour multiple choice examination requiring students to use their science knowledge, reasoning and interpreting skills to determine the answers to 45 resource-based questions.

Eight students ranked in the top 10% with Year 9 student Caley Roe being awarded High Distinction for being placed in the top 1% of New Zealand entrants.

Level 3 Geography Trip

Level 3 Geography students had the opportunity to travel to Rotorua where they visited numerous places in order to gain an understanding of tourism development in Rotorua. Some of the attractions visited included The Rotorua Museum, Te Puia, Rainbow Springs Wildlife Reserve, Skyline Skyrides and The Agrodome. At all of these places a seminar was given, where the company explained how tourism has developed in Rotorua over time and how tourism has affected their business.

During the trip a research project was investigated to help the students understand the geographical ideas of spatial patterns, accessibility and location. All the students came away from the trip with a better knowledge of tourism development and geographic concepts. For many students this field trip helped Geography come alive and was a highlight of their geographical journey at Long Bay College.

Recycle Boutique

The Recycle Boutique will be held in the Dance Studio from 12pm-3pm on Saturday August 8th.

Pre loved good quality clothing will be on sale from $2 each. But for a little bit extra, you can grab some of these great deals. Hannah on the left is modelling some of the $10 clothes, while Zahra (on the right) is wearing clothes that can be purchased for just $8.

Come along to support the Girls 1st X1 Hockey Team get to Tournament Week. If you have any clothes you would like to donate to the Recycle Boutique, bring them along to A4 and get a free entry ticket to the event.

AIMES Awards

Applications for the 2015 Aimes Awards are nearly closed. Since its inception in 1995 the North Harbour Club & Charitable Trust has awarded over $1.65 million worth of grants to youth achieving excellence in the North Harbour region.

If you can demonstrate the achievement of excellence in your chosen field and are a North Harbour resident aged between 10 and 25 years old visit for an application.
Long Bay College has had many successful applicants in previous years including singer Tayla Alexander (Year 10) and former students Ben Saunders and Dannie Cullen.

Applications close on Friday 7 August 2015 at 5:00pm.

Culinary Fare

Long Bay College students delivered a recipe for success at the 2015 National Secondary Schools Salon last weekend receiving some of the highest scores ever given in the history of the event.

Year 13 student Katie Fairgray was named National Champion for Table d Hote, while Year 11 student Tessa James also won the gold medal in the Creative Table setting category after she demonstrated innovation, practicality and style in a rural royalty themed table setting for four, complete with grass growing on the table.

Samara Madsen and Amber Taffs (both Year 11) won a gold medal in the 'What's your Flavour?' burger competition. While Year 11 student Tianah Cockerton won a bronze medal in Cake Decoration and Ella Hale (Year 11) also won a bronze medal after placing 4th.

Over sixty schools take part in the Culinary Fare which provides a unique opportunity for local secondary school students to display their hospitality skills, innovation and creativity. Congratulations everyone!

Year 10 and 11

Helping your child through the next six busy months

Term 3 is a traditionally a very busy stretch of the school year. For Year 10 and Year 11 students, this can be an overwhelming time for them. There is talk of NZQA, Internal and External credits, practice examinations and external examinations starting in November. Teachers are speaking to them about targets and endorsements, and what subjects to take next year! We understand that it can be a very busy and frantic time, and that this is a new time in their schooling life.

There are some small habits that can be created at home and may help your child through the next six months. First of all, it is helpful if parents understand how NCEA operates, and what exactly is being asked of your child. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Your child’s teachers, deans or the careers counsellor is more than happy to help with any concerns that you may have. This website may also be of some help:

Helping manage your child’s time is another essential skill. We often presume  they know the fine art of time management, but many actually struggle with this concept. Sitting with your child and asking them what is due, and when deadlines and credits are coming up, would be worthwhile. At school, we encourage students to use their homework diaries, calendars, or even apps on their phones to get a sense of what is being asked of them.

There are many ways that students can study. For our visual learners, mind maps and graphs are great. Flashcards or ‘making’ something for our kinesthetic learners work well, or simply writing down notes for study works in some students' favour. Encourage your child to work out what is right for them, and remember – they may need to go through a few ‘techniques’ to find the right one.

At times verbalising their ideas to people are forgotten. Sitting around the dinner table or in the car on the way to a sport practice, and asking your child what they learnt in class that day is hugely beneficial. Ask further questions so that they know you are interested – and also to get them thinking further.

After all of this, we expect our students to work hard and study hard. We do understand though, that we want our students to be well rounded in their approach, as opposed to being stressed by the upcoming events in the school year! Again, please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. We are always here to help.

Ms Melissa Ibbett, Director of Learning, Year 10 and 11

Careers Expo

The Careers Expo will be from 6pm-7.30pm on Monday 31st August in the Careers Room, Function Room and Foyer. Come along to speak with exhibitors including ASB, New Zealand Armed Forces and Tertiary Providers.

Reading for Leisure

A free movie ticket is up for grabs to all students who read and review seven library books via the online catalogue, between now and the end of the school year.

With nearly 10,000 titles to choose from, see the Long Bay College Library catalogue http://library:2000/ais/AccessItLibrary and use ‘Fast Find’.

New Students

This term we welcomed 42 new International Students to Long Bay College who will attend the school from anywhere between one term to five years. The students come from all around the world including China, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Austria and Italy and add cultural diversity and a global perspective to Long Bay College.

On their first day, the students were welcomed to the school with a powhiri before learning the Ka Mate haka.

Spelling Bee

This year Long Bay College took part in the New Zealand Spelling Bee, which is open to all Year 9 and 10 students. Nine Year 9 students took part and had to spell 50 words from a list they had been given, and 50 random words.  From this test, the papers are marked in Wellington and then ranked with the top 200 students continuing to the regional semi-finals. 

We are very pleased to announce that Caley Roe will be going to the Auckland Spelling Bee semi-final on 16 August.  From the semi-finals, which take place all around New Zealand, the top 18 students are then chosen and will travel to Wellington in October to compete for the title of Spelling Bee Champion and the prize money of $5000.  We wish Caley lots of luck at the semi-finals!

Student Illnesses

Cold & Flu season is upon us.  If your child is not well, please keep them at home.  If it is the flu (any of these symptoms: fever, shivering, muscular pain, headache, cough, possible vomiting, illness lasting a long time) your child should not be returning to school until 100% well again.
If your child has been vomiting or has had a high temperature, they cannot return to school until they are 24 hours clear of any of these symptoms.
Please remember to drop any medication into the medical room at school and it will be stored in the medical cupboard for your child.  Long Bay College does not have any pain medication but we can keep some from home for your child, in the medical cupboard.  This can be anything:  pain medication, hayfever or allergy medication, throat lozenges, etc.
If you have any queries, please call Lynnette Martin, Medical Attendant on 09 477 9009 x888 or email at

Stage Challenge 2015

Long Bay College has had another successful year at Stage Challenge 2015, winning a number of awards for our incredible performance.

This year, 92 students, representing fourteen different ethnicities, looked at what defines someone as a New Zealander. This idea was communicated by following Wally, a kiwi kid, who wanted to know what made him/her different from children from other countries. In the end Wally learns that being a New Zealander truly means being a child of the world.  

This year's stage challenge director was Sandy Taylor with Neala Cullen, Nicole Dealey, Chelsea Horne, Danielle Karl and Rachel Le Roux in charge of choreography, music selection, costume and prop making. Thank you girls for all the hours of hard work you put into making this year a success.

Awards received include:
  • Award of Excellence for School Community Essay
  • Award for Excellence for Concept
  • Award for Excellence for Drama
  • Award for Excellences for Performance Skill
  • Voted by other competing schools: SPIRIT OF STAGE CHALLENGE


The Long Bay College Orienteering team has had another successful year at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Championship in Motueka. The boys team of Cameron De L’Isle, Liam Watkins Starrs, Daniel and Alex Monckton won the New Zealand Secondary Schools Premier Boys schools trophy for the second year in the row.

Cameron De L'Isle is now the New Zealand Secondary Schools Senior Boys Champion in both the Sprint and the Long course after very good wins in both events. This is the first time the same person has won both trophies in the same year which is an incredible effort for the Year 13 student considering only three months ago he was still in a cast after breaking his leg at the beginning of the year.

The girls team of Anna Thompson, Tayla Baxter, Femke Jager and Brittany Allison-Carnie came third in the Small Schools Entries.

Year 10 student Brittany Allison-Carnie finished second in the Intermediate Girls Standard Long course and Daniel Monckton, Year 11, came third in the Intermediate Boys Sprint.

Individual sprints:
Senior Boys, Cameron De L’Isle 1st place
Intermediate Boys, Daniel Monckton 3rd place
Long Course: 
Senior Boys Championships, Cameron De L’Isle 1st place
Intermediate Girls Standard, Brittany Allison-Carnie 2nd place

Cameron Baker


Cameron recently competed in the East Coast Open and Auckland International Open and had fantastic success winning gold in the following events:

  • East Coast Open Cadet U81kgs
  • East Coast Open Cadet Open Weight
  • Auckland International Open Cadet U81kgs
  • Auckland International Open Junior Mens U81kgs
Cameron also won bronze in the East Coast Open Junior Mens U81kg

At the New Zealand Secondary Schools Judo Tournament in July, Cameron won gold in the U81kg Division. Well done Cameron!

Premier Netball

Congratulations to our Premier Netball team which is currently sitting at the top of the table in the Premier North Harbour Competition.

This is an exceptional team which has been beating traditionally stronger netball teams such as Rangitoto College and Carmel College.  

In two weeks' time  they will be competing against Westlake Girls. This will be a must watch game, please go along and show your support on Wednesday 12 August at 4.45pm.


Kayla Bergh

Year 12 student Kayla Bergh was recently selected for the North Harbour Representative Softball team as Team Captain. They competed at the Nationals tournament in Christchurch and placed 4th.  Well done Kayla.


Congratulations to both Hannah Prendergast (Year 9) and Jessica Jones (Year 10) for being selected for the U15B North Harbour Hockey Team.  Great work girls.


Lachie Smith
Congratulations to Lachie Smith (Year 13) who has been selected to represent New Zealand at the 24th Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competition. This event will take place in Denmark at the end of the year.

This is an incredible achievement and we wish you all the best Lachie.

Brendan Bekker
Year 10 student Brendan Bekker recently competed in the North Island and South Island Trampoline Championships.  He placed 1st  in the Junior International Men’s Trampoline at both the North and South Island Championships.

At the North Island Tramp Championships he also placed 1st in the Junior International Synchro and 1st in the 15-16yrs Double Mini Tramps.  Well done Brendan!

New Zealand Secondary School Trampoline Championships
Brendan Bekker (Year 10), Madeleine Houston (Year 10) and Lucia Smith (Year 10) competed at the New Zealand Secondary School Trampoline Championships in Auckland at the beginning of August with great success, winning the "Best School" award.

In the Junior Elite division, Lucia placed 2nd and Madeleine place 3rd. In the Elite Division, Brendan placed 4th. Congratulations to you all.


Players from the Long Bay College Senior Water polo team recently competed for New Zealand Water Polo Teams in Australia with great success.

Britney Picard (Year 11) from the Born 2000 Girls A Team won gold and the Born 2000 B Team with Azaria Court (Year 11) placed 4th. Brandon Matthews (Year 11) from the Born 2000 Boys B team also placed 4th.

Ella de Jong-Gordan (Year 11) from the Born 99 Girls A Team came 3rd and Frankie Myers (Year 11) and Krista Barnaby (Year 11) from the Born 1999 B Squad placed 5th.

This is an outstanding achievement for these players and their teams!  Well done to you all!


Hayden Druce (Year 10) and Tobeas Livock (Year 9) represented Coast Basketball recently at the U15 National Basketball Tournament in Wellington after qualifying first in the regional tournament. 

The boys and the Coast team went on to win the U15 National Competition. What a fantastic achievement, congratulations!

Football Course

Last month, fourteen girls from the Long Bay College 1st and 2nd XI all participated in the Introduction to Junior Football Coaching Award.

Mel Giles, Women's Football Development Officer from Northern Football, delivered the course which involved both theory and practical elements. The course aims to support and develop individuals who are currently coaches or wanting to get involved in coaching in football in New Zealand

BMX Championships

Kaylagh (Year 13), Aiden (Year 12) and James Tucker (Year 10) travelled to Belgium during the school holidays to compete and represent New Zealand in the 2015 World BMX Championships.

There were a record number of entries with 3100 riders from 47 countries competing and it was one of the hardest race meets yet due to the quality of the riders.

Kaylagh, James and Aiden rode incredibly well and while only the results for the top eight riders in each division were released, all three finished well up in the fields.

Congratulations to all three for a great effort in representing New Zealand.

Sport Leadership Day

In July Long Bay College ran a Sport Leadership day at the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education & Recreation Centre. Over fifty sports captains and students who have volunteered their time to coach a sports team were invited. 

The programme was a mixture of theory and practical activities. The students were divided into teams and learnt about the five principals of greatness and how there are many styles of leadership. They also discussed how to bring the different styles into their teams and build a common goal for all team players to be working to achieve.

Gateway Placements 2016

Gateway is a work experience programme for our senior students. It involves up to 10 days work experience in an area of interest to the student. The placement is a mix of practical and theory work, in order that the student gets an overall picture of their chosen industry.  Below are some case studies of placements this year which have included fashion, building, health, hospitality, veterinary, product design, pilot, excavating, fitness instructors, aeronautical engineering and early childhood teaching. Applications for Gateway 2016 will open on the 10th of August this year. 

For my Gateway programme this year, I did two separate nursing placements. My first was at Fairview Care Village where I spent a few days with the Healthcare Assistants, and a few days with the Registered Nurses. The staff were so lovely and helpful, and the insight I got into the life of a nurse was really beneficial.

I saw the benefits in nursing in how so many lives are touched and helped, not just the patients but their families and friends. Unfortunately I also saw the downside of nursing in the patients that you cannot always save.

My second placement was a day at Southern Cross Hospital with two other students. We were shown so many interesting things, and they had lots of activities for us to do that gave us an insight into the life of a theatre nurse in a private hospital.

Choosing what to do at university, or whether you even want to go to university is a big decision, and it can be really hard to know for sure what you want to do, however the Gateway Programme really helped me decide that nursing is what I want to do with my life.
I completed my ten week gateway placement at Northcross Intermediate, which was a challenging and rewarding experience. The teachers at Northcross made me feel very welcome and tried to teach me as much as they could in the short time I was there. I was placed with a class that needed extra learning support and the first couple of weeks were very difficult in that I found it hard to relate with most of the students. However after a lot of hard work and determination I was determined to do the best that I could and make my time there useful.

By the last week of my placement I felt a really good connection with all of the students and they tried hard to make me feel like one of their own. I was given the opportunity to take a few periods of the day to teach them drama games or help them with their reading and writing where I learnt how to explain situations to them and answer any questions in an understandable way.

The skills I was able to gain will stick with me for a long time, and it has had a big impact on what path I now choose to look down. All in all it was a very important experience that I will never forget and I will greatly encourage anybody who has an interest for teaching to try it out.

I did my gateway placement in the dairy farming industry.  Every Monday I milked cows at 6am and again at 4.30pm, I also helped with fencing, calving and looking after the cows. Next year I am looking at finding work on a dairy farm. 

I also was able to go to an event run by the Primary ITO and Young Farmers where I got to see all the different careers available in the farming industry.  We did lots of hands on activities and got to meet with experts in their field.

Gateway was a great experience allowing me to get an understanding of the career path  I was interested in.  While I was on placement, I got to have hands on experiences as I followed some of the vets carrying out their daily routines. 

I went to Dairy Flat Vets, which has a variety of clinical work, surgery and farm out calls. I saw things that ranged from checkups of injuries, to a dog having its leg amputated.  This gave me a really good feel of the career path I wanted to follow.

What's Coming Up?

Wednesday, 5 August  -  Enrolment School Tour and Enrolment Interviews (evening)
Wednesday-Saturday, 5-8 August  -  Student Production The Vegas Crowd, Auditorium – tickets can be purchased from the College Office
Thursday, 6 August  -  Year 9 Subject Selection
Thursday, 6 August  -  Geography Quiz, St Cuthberts College, Epsom
Thursday-Sunday, 6-9 August  -  NZ Secondary Schools Squash Tournament, Palmerston North
Friday, 7 August  -  Enrolment School Tour
Friday, 7 August  -  JobFest 15, North Harbour Stadium, Albany
Monday, 10 August  -  Enrolment Interviews (evening)
Wednesday, 12 August  -  Parent Interview Evening – Juniors
Wednesday, 12 August  -  Year 9 Social Science Auckland Maritime Museum Trip
Thursday, 13 August  -  Senior Dance Show, Auditorium
Thursday, 13 August  -  Learning Support Trip to Tenpin Bowling, Henderson
Thursday, 13 August  -  Scholarship English Lecture, venue and details to be confirmed
Thursday, 13 August  -  Level 3 Music trip to Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, Auckland Town Hall
Sunday-Tuesday, 16-18 August  -  National Culinary Competition
Monday-Friday, 17-21 August  -  KBB Music Festival
Tuesday-Friday, 18-21 August  -  Year 12 Drama Production, Auditorium
Wednesday, 19 August  -  Barista Training
Wednesday-Thursday 19-20 August  -  Level 3 Economics and Accounting Trip to Wellington
Wednesday, 19 August  -  Homestay Parents’ Evening, Staffroom
Tuesday-Thursday, 25-27 August  -  Year 12 Drama Production, Auditorium
Thursday, 27 August  -  Level 3 Economics ANZ Massey University
Saturday-Tuesday, 29 August-1 September – Junior Boys Basketball Tournament, Rotorua
Sunday-Friday, 30 August-4 September  -  Girls 1st XI Hockey Tournament, Ngatea
Sunday, 30 August  -  UNISS Netball Tournament, Hamilton
Sunday-Friday, 30 August-4 September  -  NZ Secondary Schools Rex Dawkins Football Tournament, Mt Maunganui
Sunday-Friday, 30 August-4 September  -  NZ Secondary Schools Boys 1st XI Hockey Tournament, Wanganui
Sunday-Friday, 30 August-4 September  -  NZ Secondary Schools Grant Jervis Football Tournament, New Plymouth
Monday, 31 August  –  Careers Expo
Tuesday, 1 September  -  Board of Trustees Meeting, 7pm, all welcome
Tuesday, 1 September  -  Final date for withdrawals from externally assessed standards including NZ Scholarship
Tuesday, 1 September  -  NZQA due date for “on time” Financial Assistance applications for accurate school fee payment
Wednesday, 2 September  -  Out of Zone applications for enrolment close
Wednesday-Friday, 2-4 September  -  Level 1-3 Maori Field Trip to Rotorua
Wednesday, 2 September  -  Geography Scholarship Trip, Auckland University
Wednesday-Saturday, 2-5 September  -  Senior Basketball Tournament, North Shore Event Centre
Wednesday, 9 September  -  Out of zone enrolment ballot
Thursday, 10 September  -  Learning Support Trip to Basketball, North Shore Events Centre
Friday, 11 September  -  Late Start Staff Professional Development Day
Friday-Friday, 11-18 September  -  Level 1B, Level 2 and Level 3 Exams
Friday, 11 September  -  Last day for NZQA Fee Payment
Tuesday, 15 September  -  Opera Club Trip to Tosca
Friday, 18 September  -  Level 1A Geography Trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island
Monday-Wednesday, 21-23 September  -  Year 12 Physical Education Camps, Shakespear Park
Tuesday, 22 September  -  Crest Challenge Day
Wednesday-Friday, 23-25 September  -  Year 12 Physical Education Camps, Shakespear Park
Friday-Sunday, 25 September-11 October  -  Level 12 and 13 Classics Trip to Greece and Italy
Saturday-Thursday, 26 September-8 October  -  Year 10-13 Dance Trip to Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, 30 September  -  Young Fashion Designer Competition, Newmarket
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