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20 February, 2017      
From the Principal
I have found it difficult to know how to start this newsletter. Yes, the school start-up has been smooth – excellent in fact.  Most importantly, we are fully staffed with expert teachers. I can’t emphasise enough how important that is, and how rare this is becoming in New Zealand schools. 
I want to note the respect that students have shown for our school by turning up in good school uniform. It is appreciated. Students have worked patiently with us while timetables have been sorted out, and the Student Leaders have done an outstanding job with our new students.
But then, there has been another start to our year … Peyo Crus, a beautiful International student, was killed on 8 January in what I can best describe as a horrible “teenage car accident”.
A few weeks later and we have lost Rachael de Jong. Another beautiful person. Rachael attended Long Bay College from 1999 to 2013. Her younger brother is still attending Long Bay College, another brother finished here last year, and her father, Kevin, is on our Board of Trustees. Known throughout our community, the family have always been strong supporters of Long Bay College.
And just a few days ago we learnt of the death of Kim Gray. Kim retired in 2014 having taught Visual Arts at Long Bay College since 1976. She was dearly loved by students and staff alike, all of whom remember with fondness her amazing blackboard drawings. A special person who dedicated her life to inspiring young people.
Peyo and Rachael deserved a life; Kim deserved a retirement. Life is hard, challenging and difficult to make sense of. As parents and teachers we need to ensure that our children face these challenges, grieve for the people we love, and live their lives with increased determination to live well.
In memory of Peyo, Rachael and Kim.
Russell Brooke

Peyo Crus
Peyo Crus – a much-loved International student who came over from France in July 2016 and quickly fitted into our Long Bay community. Peyo will always be remembered for his amazing love of life, his special ability to make friends with everyone, his passion for rugby, his sense of fun, his positive attitude and his big smile. His time with us was short, but he touched the hearts of many and created amazing memories. Our hearts go out to his family and friends in France. #live like Peyo.
Rachael de Jong
Rachael de Jong attended Long Bay College from 1999 to 2013. Her energy for life was contagious and she had the ability to make anyone feel at ease, especially with her beautiful smile. She was a natural athlete and excelled academically at school. However Rachael will mostly be remembered for her incredibly kind heart and her energy for life and love, as well as her integrity, honesty, caring nature and curiosity. Rachael touched so many lives and will always be remembered as an intelligent and talented young woman who has been taken from us far too early.
Kim Gray
Kim Gray was a founding art teacher at Long Bay College. The school opened in 1975 and Kim started a year later and went on to teach here for 38 years. In her classroom there was a stage for her to teach to ensure the students at the back could see her. Her blackboard (which she fought to keep when whiteboards came along) was always filled with exquisite chalk drawings. 

She will be remembered in the staffroom for spinning wool and knitting. She was happy to let her colleagues and friends chatter around her. But if she disagreed with a comment made she would quietly say a thoughtful statement that put the person in their place.

Kim will be remembered fondly by those whose lives were blessed by having met her. Our thoughts are with her beautiful daughter Jo at this time. Kim Gray may have been small in stature but she was big in Mana.  Arohanui Kim.

Over 300 new students and almost 20 new teachers were welcomed in a special powhiri at Long Bay College on their first day at the school this year.


The Long Bay College Kapa Haka group greeted the students before Deputy Head Boy, Jono Hohaia, and Principal Russell Brooke welcomed the students to the Long Bay College community. A haka was then performed by the 2017 Prefect Leadership Team.


Most of the new students were Year 9, but there were also some from other years. The school has experienced strong enrolment numbers this year with the total school roll now sitting at almost 1700, including 170 International students.

Welcome to our New Staff
BACK ROW: (From left to right) James Reynolds (Physics/Science), Maximillian Graimes (Mathematics/Science), Gareth Munroe (Science/Biology/Physics), Peter Hill (Business Studies)

MIDDLE ROW: (From left to right) Debra Catherwood (PE/Health), Rochelle Irving (PA to Senior Management Team), Kaitlyn Savage (Director of Sport)

FRONT ROW: (From left to right) Nicole Marr (Visual Arts), Alicia Chan (Science/Chemistry), Yao Lu (EAP), Xiaoman Shao (Chinese/EAP)

INSERT: (From left to right) Timothy Atkinson (Director of Performance Music), Isobel Catt (English)

ABSENT: Amber Rinkin (Food Technology/Cuisine Studies/Hospitality)
Year 9 Information Night

The Year 9 Parent Information Evening is on Wednesday 1 March

Year 9 parents are invited to an Information Evening on Wednesday 1 March.

Classrooms will be open to pop in and meet the teachers between 4pm and 6pm. Parents are also welcome to visit the Function Room during this time should they have any questions around devices. Presentations will be held in the Auditorium, at 5:00pm and 6:00pm. 

To make a booking for either of the presentation times please email, stating the time slot you will be attending and the number of people in your party as there is limited space in the Auditorium. 


If a student is absent:
The parent/caregiver needs to phone the Student Centre on the day of absence on 09 477 9009 ext 878 or email A signed note from the parent/caregiver then needs to be taken to the Student Centre by 8.30am on the day the student returns to school.

If a student is late to school:
The student needs to report to the Student Centre with a signed note in their diay BEFORE they go to class to obtain a late class.

Signing out during the day:
If a student needs to leave school before the end of the school day, they must SIGN OUT at the Student Centre. They will need a note from the parent/caregiver in their diary stating the reason why they are leaving early.

New Contact Details?

Change of address?
New phone?
New email address?

Please notify the Long Bay College Reception of any changes of address or contact details by email or phone 09 477 9009.

Generally most students are wearing their school uniform correctly and appropriately. In order to maintain a high standard of dress, please ensure students leave home correctly dressed each morning.

For more information on the correct Long Bay College uniform, please click HERE to visit the Uniform information on our website.
Medical Room

Welcome to the Year 9’s and welcome back to all other students. A few things you will need to know this year:
  1. Our school does not have any medication to give out.  Please bring pain medication, throat lozenges, anything you may need at school and put it in the Medical Room. It will be kept in a container with your name on it. 
  2. If you are ill or injured, DO NOT text or phone your parents – go to the Medical Room and the Medical Attendant will look after you and, if needed, contact your parents. 
  3. If you are injured, do not wait, go to the Medical Room straight away. If you cannot walk, please ask another student or teacher to get the Medical Attendant and she will come to you. 
  4. The Medical Room is open all day. Do not wait until after morning tea or after lunch to go to the Medical Room.   
  5. If a student has had a bad fall, please do not try and help them to get to the Medical Room as this can injure them more – somebody go to the Medical Room and the Medical Attendant will go to the injured student.
If your child is ill please do not send them to school only to be sent home again. Your child cannot be at school if they have vomited, have diarrhoea, or have had a fever in the last 24 hours. If your child has a bad cold or flu, please keep them at home until well again.
Any queries, please contact Lynnette Martin, Medical Attendant, Long Bay College on 477 9009 extn 888 or email
Teacher Only Day
Please note the Teacher Only Day for staff development that was scheduled for Term One on 31 March, will now be occurring on Friday 7 April.

School will not be open for instruction on this day.
Music Tuition
Applications for a place in the Long Bay College Music Tuition programme for all instruments are now open to all students. Please go to click HERE to sign up or email Dean of Performance and Visual Arts Hadley Ronayne
Keep up to date with Long Bay College news, announcements, sports reports and photos on the Long Bay College Facebook page.

If you have any photos or success to share on the Facebook page, please send them to
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At Hop Bus Cards

School students can save over $100 a term on travel with an AT HOP card.*

AT HOP is a reusable prepay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses around Auckland. Students can save $100 a term by loading a Child fare concession on their AT HOP card. To apply, parents need to buy and register an AT HOP card for their child. Children under 5 years of age travel free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger. For more information visit the Auckland Transport website or email

Year 9
We are very excited to welcome a fantastic group of Year 9 students to Long Bay College this year. Supporting them to develop as learners and become active members of our family, all Year 9 students participate in the Learning to Learn program for the duration of their first year at the College. The program will support them to:
  • Become familiar with the Science of how we learn.
  • Develop their understanding of how everyday behaviours impact our ability to learn.  
  • Become competent users of Office 365, in particular OneNote.
  • Show measurable improvement in their everyday writing. 
  • As the L2L course will, in its entirety, be delivered through OneNote it is highly recommended that all students have their own device. Devices will also be used for a variety of topics and tasks in other subjects, allowing students to access information, collaborate on content and manage assessments.
If your student is unable to bring a device to school, please contact their Learning to Learn teacher:
Ms Byers
Mr Spratt
Ms Mare
Ms Millanta
Mr Meeske
Ms Lane

Micky Smith, Director of Learning, Year 9
Year 13 Study Period
We have decided to change the study period structure so that there is no longer a requirement for supervised study periods. This means that if their study period falls in Periods 2 to 5, Year 13 students must be on the school site, however they are free to choose where they want to be and what they want to work on.
We have made the change because of the high level of maturity we are seeing in the Year 13 cohort, and the desire by most students to take responsibility for their time and use it productively.
This is a privilege. Should we find that Year 13 students are not meeting course or school requirements, they will be required to attend a supervised study class.
If the study period is in Period 1, Year 13 students must ensure they are at school and prepared for the start of Period 2.
If the study period is in Period 6, Year 13 students are not required on site. They must sign out at the Student Centre before leaving school.
At all other times students must be on the Long Bay College campus.
We will review the success of this at the conclusion of Term 1.
Prefect Camp

Motatapu Outdoor Education Camp is located on the northern shore of Motatapu Island in it's own private bay. With beautiful sunshine and scenery we were in for a treat! Past the discovery of new bruises days after camp, clothes that were stained with lovely pigmented mud and achy tired bodies, I can safely say this camp will be a highlight of the year for all of us; it definitely was for me!  

It's a hard task to try and sum up such an action packed weekend as we did some incredible yet testing activities that really helped us cement our portfolios into dynamic and well-rounded teams. We were pushed in challenging environments, doing things from team building puzzles and obstacle courses, to stand up paddle boarding and rowing in a waka ama.  

To top it off, all of the prefects learnt the traditional Maori haka which we were able to perform at the Birkenhead Wharf in front of our parents. It was in that moment I realized the strength our Leadership team has when we work together. I have great faith in what we can achieve over the year to come.  

To all the teachers and staff that came, we would just like to say a huge thank you for being there and supporting us with incredible amounts of energy and enthusiasm. As well as sending us to dive into mudholes at any given moment out on the Survivor Course.  

It was great to see our Leadership team tackling every challenge that approached them with a huge smile from ear to ear. Prefect Camp was the best possible way to kick start the school year and I would do it all again if I could!  

Savannah Schreuder
Head Girl 2017

Ningbo Visit
Recently Long Bay College welcomed ten students from Ningbo (our twin city). They shared a variety of experiences with our regular students, ranging from learning about Maori traditions to making Chinese lanterns and dumplings with our Year 9 students who are learning Chinese. They also joined our students in class to observe the difference in approach here.

It was amazing to see all the students break down the language and cultural barriers, engage with one another, and learn how to communicate through warmth and humour.
Our New Gardens
In December last year, Long Bay College planted a brand new Maori Garden to complete the new entrance to the school. This garden features a variety of native trees and plants that decorate the pathway to our Maori classroom.

On behalf of the Long Bay College students, we would like to formally thank all of those who participated in the designing, funding, and planting of our new beautiful garden. Firstly, to Mrs. Sparks, for designing these gardens, and to Mr Sparks for helping with the actual layout and planting. The Sparks family were an essential part of the process, enabling us to finish the garden to an extremely high standard.

Secondly, to Kayla Berg and Josiah Matthews, our Sustainability Leaders for 2016. These two Long Bay College students coordinated, oversaw and were heavily involved during the construction of the garden and made it a huge success for the College, as well as leaving many plans for the next leaders to follow.

Thirdly, to Jennifer Wheadon, Kate Kruyen, Janelle Deuchrass, Tessa James, Eve Gutteridge for their ongoing input as well as to the team who put in the hard work to plant the garden, another big thank you.

Finally, a huge thank you to Hibiscus and Bays Local Board for its generous funding grant, and Palmers for supplying our school with a variety of plants and trees at a much reduced cost, and for the accommodating service that they provided.
New Director of Sport

My name is Kaitlyn Savage and I am the new Director of Sport. I am very excited to be stepping into a school with such an incredible amount of potential and talent.

Sport has given me so many incredible opportunities and is the reason I am where I am today. I was able to attend university on a full football scholarship to gain my degree in Recreation and Sport Management. From there I was fortunate enough to play professional football in the USA, Australia and Iceland.

My focus at Long Bay College is to facilitate everyone’s interests. Whether that be competing in the Premier Netball team, playing social table tennis or somewhere in-between. There is always a sport and a place for everyone!

If you have any questions surrounding Sport at Long Bay College, please don’t hesitate to stop by the Sports Office. Carla, Andrew and myself will be more than willing to help!

Kaitlyn Savage, Director of Sport

Sign Up for Sport
Sporting activities at Long Bay College are a great way for students to learn more about themselves, discover new interests, build strong friendships and leadership skills for the future. Long Bay College offers many opportunities for participation in a variety of codes throughout the year.

Please go to click HERE to go the Sports Sign Up Form on our website. Or if a student has a sporting achievement they would like to share with us or be considered for Sports Awards, please fill out the Sports Awards Achievements Form HERE - remember to upload up some photos as well!

For further information, please contact email Director of Sport, Kaitlyn Savage or Sports Assistant, Carla Francis
Beach Volleyball
Congratulations to Kayla Allison-Carnie on winning the New Zealand Under 15 Beach Volleyball Championship gold medal recently at the National Age Group Competition. The Year 10 Long Bay College student and her partner went unbeaten in their 7 matches.  

Well done also to Brittany Allison-Carnie who came 5th in the U19s, Yana Sorenson coming 17th in the Girls U17s and in the Under 19s Boys competition, James Watson and Isaac Shea came 15th and Jordan Laumatia-Drabble and Vaughn Highman 16th.
Brianna Orams
Year 12 student Brianna Orams has also had great success in the Taranaki SUP Classic 2017 at the world class Waitara bar break. Brianna placed 1st Woman in the Distance Race, 2nd Woman Technical Race and 3rd Woman Surfing Competition.

This photo is from the Distance Race, well done Brianna!
What's Coming Up?
Thursday 23 February – Year 12 L2 Biology trip to Wenderholm Beach
Friday 24 February – Athletics Day
Wednesday 1 March – Year 9 Parent Information Evening
Thursday 2 March – L2 & L3 Art History trip to Auckland Art Gallery
Friday 10 March – Science trip to Waipu Caves
Tuesday 14 March – ‘Peer Gynt’ Year 13 Drama trip
Wednesday 15 March – Friday 17 March – L2 Geography trip to National Park
Wednesday 15 March – L1B Art Photography trip
Sunday 19 March - Auckland Regional Secondary School Dragon Boat Championships
Friday 24 March – L1A Art trip to Gibbs Farm
Friday 24 March – Prefect Dinner
Sunday 26 March – Sunday 2 April – Summer Tournament Week
Wednesday 5 April – Top Performers Jazz Concert
Thursday 6 April – L1A & L1B Parent Information Workshops
Friday 7 April – Teacher Only Day
Friday 7 April – Saturday 8 April – Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition at Albany Junior High
Tuesday 11 April – L2 & L3 Parent Information Workshops
Thursday 13 April – Friday 14 April – National Youth Jazz Competition
Thursday 13 April – Last day of Term 1
Friday 14 April (Good Friday) – Sunday 30 April – School Holidays
Friday 27 April – Long Bay College School Ball
Monday 1 May – Start of Term 2
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