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Feast of Pentecost

Sunday, May 15

Pentecost in 2 Minutes


Pentecost Should Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Pentecost makes me feel uncomfortable. As you probably know, this Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. The reason it makes me feel uncomfortable is because I feel like I can't measure up to how awesome the Apostles were, and I can't be as receptive to the Holy Spirit as I want to be.

There are all these crazy and dramatic details in the story of Pentecost: 'strong driving wind' (Acts 2:2), tongues of bright fire (Acts 2:3) but my life is so mundane in contrast. I want the Holy Spirit to work in powerful ways in my life too. So what's stopping Him? Me. I'm stopping Him. I'm scared and I'll admit it.

He’s Already Here

The story of Pentecost makes me realize that what the Apostles were given that day … we've had since the day we were baptized. The Holy Spirit is already dwelling within us. The presence of God is among us in the Eucharist. God's voice can be heard through our priests and scripture. The fire of the Holy Spirit can burn in your heart if you let Him. (Just go outside if you want the whole wind experience.) But fear paralyzes me when I need to call on the Holy Spirit, or when the Holy Spirit calls on me. Not because I'm scared of Him, but I'm scared of what He'll ask me to do

He's the one that nudges me to say, 'I'm Catholic,' 'I believe abortion is wrong,' 'I'm not going to have sex before marriage' when I'm in a conversation and I need to be a witness. He's also the one that gives me the grace and urges me to go talk to someone I don't want to, or confront someone who needs to be called out. He moves me to desire to go to Mass and interrupt my daily schedule to stop for a minute to pray. Saying yes to those conversations, interactions, and prayers can be scary. And the truth is that I don't say 'yes' all the time.

A Daily Pentecost

What was different about the Apostles is that they didn't hesitate like I do. The power that was unleashed at Pentecost isn’t only an event that was big and dramatic a long time ago. The Holy Spirit can give you 'Pentecost' moments every day . . . even multiple times a day! We just have to constantly say, 'Yes, I want you in my life. I want you to move and inspire me.' Remember how I said Pentecost makes me feel uncomfortable? I think it's supposed to . . . but not for the reason that I'm inadequate. If we get comfortable with where we are in our relationship with God, then we're not allowing Him to challenge us enough. We aren't letting the Holy Spirit empower us if we're not having those tough conversations or reaching out to love the unlovable. Being a Christian was never about being comfortable … just look at the cross.
written by Christina Mead

Sacrament of Confirmation

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my the ends of the Earth." (Acts 1:8)

Last week we welcomed Bishop Joseph Sartoris and Cardinal Roger Mahony for the Confirmation of 131 teens and 26 adults. Remember them in your prayers as they unleash the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

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Pre-Sale Ride tickets and Food & Game tickets are now on sale in the Parish Center. Pre-Sale tickets are $2 each sold in strips of 10 for $20 and are a great value as every ride only requires ONE pre-sale ticket. Tickets may be purchased using cash, check, or card. Stop by the Parish Center this week and take advantage of these pre-sale ticket discounts.

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The Grand Prize for the raffle is $6,000! If you don't win that, not to worry, because there's over $10,000 that will be given away through the raffle. Donations for Raffle Tickets are $2.00 each and are available in the Parish Center.

Are You Ready to Bid?

We have items, tickets, experiences and so much more available! Here's just a glimpse at some of the items available this year:
  • Farewell Dinner for 6 with Fr. Don in the Rectory
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  • Tickets: Dodgers, Angels, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo/Safari Park + more
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Can You Help?

We still have a need for volunteers before, during, and/or after the Carnival (that Monday cleanup is A LOT of hard work!)? Remember, many hands will lighten the load! Please contact Matt Monahan via email here or at 562-640-1161.

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