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Jane Lepinan Samato


Rachelle and Joe



Holiness Week 2015

Holiness Week May 2015 is now history.  The week was filled with intensive prayer, victory and anointed preaching.  God worked in amazing ways!
At Africa Nazarene University each trimester begins with a spiritual emphasis week to ensure that the trimester begins with a good solid foundation.  The emphasis is an attempt to bring students and staff into the presence of Christ.
This trimester, I had the privilege of preaching Holiness Week.  (Many of you prayed for me for which I am very grateful!)  My messages were drawn from Philippians chapter 2 with the theme “Following Jesus,” emphasizing that “God became like us that we might become like Him.” The sermon titles further reveal the focus of the week:
The Libation of the Incarnation
The Shock of Death
The Self-emptying of the Cross
The Laugh of Resurrection
However, the focus of the week was much more than preaching; there were intense times of prayer. Assistant Chaplain Rachael Ngugi led the campus in morning, noon, and evening prayers. One student testified that during one of the noon prayer times, “…I knelt down for forty five minutes or so praying, and I felt so rejuvenated to pray and seek the face of God all the more. It was an amazing experience!”             

On Friday, a group of over 20 students marched into nearest town, Ongata Rongai, claiming it for Jesus. The prayer warriors pulled down the strongholds of alcoholism, drug abuse and prostitution. One student said, “God told Jeremiah: ‘See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant’ (Jeremiah 1:10). And this is what we were doing!”
After the message entitled “The Laugh of Resurrection” in which I emphasized that our participation in Christ raises us with Him, one conscientious Christian student who had expressed to me several times his concerns for his non-Christian fellow students asked for special prayer:  “God spoke to me and wants to raise me up to make a difference on this campus for Christ. He wants me to become a leader and to be a witness for him.”
One student who had struggled with bitterness for several months over some relationships reported, “On Thursday morning, you (Dr. Frazier) stated, ‘God wants to transform you from inside out. What God wants from each of us is internal transformation, you see, we can do a pretty good job of white washing our face or dressing up when we come in chapel or go to church. But let me tell you, God wants to transform us from the inside because you can try to live a life in external obedience to God but if you don't have a heart after God, if you don't have a heart transformed by the power of God, you will not be transformed and you will NOT make a difference into the world, God wants you to be successful, God wants to bless you BUT He will not do that when you hide sin in your heart.’ Now this one got me flat footed, and from that moment you made this remarks, I cried uncontrollably like a little child because you had spoken directly to my heart. I went to Jernigan chapel and prayed for forgiveness and a forgiving heart, I'm glad to report that my relationships have improved tremendously. I no longer take anti depressants… I want to take this opportunity to thank you for that TIMELY word, you saved me.  You saved my family. You saved my career. To God be the glory!”

Student Spotlight: Jane

Jane Lepinan Samato was born in Kagiado County and is the first born and only girl of eight children.  Her family is from the Massai tribe in which they value highly their culture and their cattle. Her dad is a cattleman and sells cattle to pay for her education.  However, tragedy struck their family recently when all of the cattle died due to disease.
Jane, a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Commerce majoring in banking and finance, was devastated.  Her father had no way to continue to pay for her education.  She came to one of the staff members in tears.  She feared that she would have to quit school in the final year of her studies – without a degree!  But God (Aren’t you glad for that conjunction?!) provided.
God provided, through Carla, an opportunity for Jane to work on campus, doing work study.  Jane is now working in the finance office.  Carla said, “Before Jane was rather shy and lacked self-confidence, but she now has more confidence in herself and her abilities.  Working in the finance office has helped her significantly.  Before Jane depended upon her earthly father to provide for her needs, but now she has an increasing dependence upon her Heavenly Father.”
While Jane still struggles to make ends meet, she recognizes God’s help and provision in her life. Jane said to Carla, “I appreciate how much you have helped me, and it is all because of God that I am still able to study.” But God!

Korean Wedding

Our daughter, Rachelle, and her husband, Joe, are presently in South Korea for Joe’s brother’s wedding.  While there, they had a small wedding and wedding reception in Korea.  They were married in the United States on October 25, 2014, but wanted to have a wedding in Korea for friends and family in Korea.  They are traveling throughout southeast Asia for a few weeks before returning to the U.S.  Joe just graduated with his degree in international development.  Rachelle will graduate next year with a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. 

Prayer Requests

  • · Pray for the peace in the country of Kenya and for healing of the nation.
    · Pray for us as we have been extremely busy in our roles, Russ in teaching and other responsibilities and Carla in the finance office.
    · Pray for our son, Seth, and family in the States.
    · Pray for Rachelle and Joe, our daughter and son-in-law who are traveling.
    · Pray that God will continue to supply all of our needs for our ministry here.
    · Pray for the students attending ANU for whom English is not their first language.  We feel this need deeply for some of our students from French speaking Africa.

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