Update from Hong Kong - China Trip to Unreached Villages 2015

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 Hello Pastors and Partners,

China Trip to the Unreached Villages!

Just two months ago, we, along with our team, ventured into the unreached area of southwest China. The week was packed full of ministrywitnessing in rural villages, praying for the sick, bringing rice to elderly widows, doing a school outreach,  hosting a youth camp for orphans, encouraging underground, three-self church leaders, and delivering much needed Bibles and Christian materials!
Our team at the China border, loaded with Bibles and materials, pumped up for the 7 day missions trip

     Traveling out of Hong Kong, we arrived at our destination six trains later, only to travel even further by van bringing rice and the gospel to the unreached villages.
     On one of our team's journeys into the villages, we visited a couple that had recently accepted Jesus into their hearts. The 97 year old husband alongside his 98 year old wife, joyfully welcomed the team into their brand new home. (photo below)
     In previous years when our team visited, this couple lived in a wooden house. (photo below)  When walking in their old home, one had to cautiously step on the unstable floorboards. The pigs and chickens from the floor below often looked up through the gaping holes.  Even though dangerous, this 95+ year old couple lived in the house. Their children living in the city did not visit them or help them improve their living standards.

     These people were born in tough times. Growing up in extremely poor circumstances, they were used to owning only one set of clothing and never going into town because of the high expense ($1 USD for one trip to town many years ago; now it's $6.4 USD.)

     But God never forgot any man, woman, or child living in these lonely, unreached places with no running water, no written language, and no Bible . Through prayer, God has maneuvered His hand in the Communist Chinese government to aid these decrepit villages-- paving new roads into the villages and requiring that every mud and wooden home be rebuilt. It all plays into His plan of bringing in the Gospel to these that have never heard.
Newly paved cement road

     Now, that some of these elderly people have received Jesus, their lives are getting better every year instead of getting worse with age! Their health, their family, and their homes are improving! That's how it is with God's children.

Psalms 91:16
With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation
Left photo: USA team member praying with elderly man to receive healing. Right photo: HK team member witnessing to elderly man who received Jesus.

An elderly lady praising God for her healing after the team had prayed with her.

     Ministering in the villages was a highlight, but just as thrilling was the youth camp for orphans, who are from these unreached villages.

     Before the trip, we were informed that there would only be six youth attending the camp. Those six were the orphans currently living at the orphanage.  The thought of bringing a sixteen-member team from the other side of the world and Hong Kong, to minister to six youth felt a bit strange. But even one person is important in God's eyes, so just in case, we prepared the camp
for thirty people! The day before the team left HK, our contact, who founded the orphanage, called saying that there would be twelve youth and children attending! Overjoyed, the team thanked God for the increased number of people and left for China. But when the team finally began the camp, there were not twelve peoplethere were forty!
      Our contact did no advertising, but the youth invited friends, the friends invited friends, and the three-self church leaders heard of the camp so they, eagerly came, hungry for teaching of the Word. The amount of attendees continued to climb every day and in response, we rearranged the schedule extending the camp an additional day.
The most crowded night of the camp; 60 people, all crammed into the largest room of the orphanage with NO air conditioning! On this night, every person raised their hand during the alter call to give their life to God!
Left photo: Sharmin sharing the theme of the camp: Live with Purpose. By the end of the camp, every person understood and desired to fulfill God's special purpose and plan for their life. Right photo: Youth and three-self church leaders worshiping God.
Matthew 9:35
Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.

     Praise God! Jesus didn't stop teaching, preaching, and healing when He ascended to heaven. He is still doing that today through us, His children! God is moving in China and you are playing a huge role in His plan.

To see more pictures of this trip, follow the link to the Faith to the Nations Facebook:

Thank you for helping us reached the unreached people in China!
We love you and are praying for you!

Steve and Sharmin and the Fischer Family


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