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The Week Ahead at Westburne…
Take a few minutes to check out our church website and see what is happening this week at Westburne and in the days ahead.
Join us for our free BBQ lunch following our morning service.  Donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
(Please make note that the Family Bible Hour is now in recess until September.)
Sunday, August 21st
Come prepared to worship and celebrate our Risen Lord. Don Jessome will speaking on "Hindrances to Drawing Near to God".  He will be speaking from Hebrews 10:19-24.
This is also our 'NOISY OFFERING' Sunday!


OUR HOPE 2016! 
'HOPE'...Don't Let Go!"

Let us grow in Christ and go with Christ in 2016.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

Vision Prayer

O God, with all our hearts we long to be:

a movement of churches
transformed by Christ,
transforming Canada and the world.

By your grace and for your glory:

  • Renew and empower us through a fresh encounter with yourself
  • Release us to be strategic in service, kingdom-connected in practice, passionate in pursuit of your mission and mercy

Use us to fulfill your purpose for Canada and the world.

The Noisy Offering

Sunday, July 10  TOTAL:  $317.00
     Please pray for the ministries that these funds will help support.  Pray for Denise Dube and the lives of the girls and women that her ministry is touching.
Next Noisy Offering:  THIS Sunday, August 21.

Please be praying for the ministry that takes place through our community garden.
Take a look at the recent harvest that was taken to the Salvation Army food bank .


THE PARVEZ FAMILY UPDATE:  We are so thankful for the way the family has gotten settled into our community and the children have just completed their first year of schooling in Canada.  

Let us continue to 
pray that the Lord will bless Williams with full time employment.

Please continue to pray and consider how you might give financially.  The Westburne Alliance Church is official sponsor of this family.  You can give through your offering envelopes by writing 'Refugee Sponsorship' on the line marked 'SPECIAL'. 

On Sunday evening, September 4th we are planning a "Back to School Party" which will include the Fireworks that we purchased for Canada Day.  It is my understanding that the fire ban for our area has now been lifted.  The evening will be a lot simpler than the July 1st event but it will be fun for everyone!

Church Membership!
The manual of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada states this related to church membership:The qualifications for membership include a credible testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ before members of the Board; believer's baptism; a commitment to the principles of the Preamble; a commitment to the Purpose (Article II), and Statement of Faith (Article III) of this church; submission to the discipline procedures of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.
(The C&MA manual can be found at

It is our plan to receive new members into our fellowship as part of our September kick-off.  Please see Pastor Moe or one of the elders, if you have any questions about church membership.

Closing Words:  Here is a reading from a couple of years ago that I would encourage your to read once again.

Here’s a good read from Chuck Swindoll.
The Small Stuff      Colossians 3:17
"Don't sweat the small stuff."
Somebody said that to me the other day. It helped . . . momentarily. I needed reality's nudge. Being casual on the outside but a fairly thorough and disciplined soul within, I sometimes need to be reminded that few people will even notice the thing I'm camping on. Or care, for that matter. So? So sweating the small stuff can occasionally be a drag.

But there's another side to that coin. Greatness and the attention to detail, in my opinion, are welded together. A great piece of music is like that—carefully arranged orchestration carrying out a majestic melody with the whole sound of harmony. Haunting chords, rhythm, and lyrics. The choral group that performs is also committed to the fine line. Not much room for "don't sweat the small stuff" philosophy.

A great piece of writing is equally a masterpiece of detail. Phrases are turned. Words are chosen, shaped, sometimes chiseled so as to dovetail into the precise meaning or description the author requires. And behind such exactness, such literary beauty? Sweat. Trust me, a lot of sweat. Because great writing, like great music, comprises not only sweeping, broad-brush scenes but also small stuff, which takes time . . . so very much time.

Great artwork is the same. Look at the masters. Observe the choice of colors, the texture, the shading. Study the lines on that ton of white marble to which Michelangelo once put his hands. Those fluid lines in David's form don't just happen to flow. It's no accident that you're surprised to find the stonework cold to the touch. Somethingthat real is supposed to have warm blood in it. Why? Because the Italian genius labored long hours over the small stuff. Something inside his head could settle for nothing less.

A solid biblical basis for such an emphasis on quality is not hard to find. Consider the superb manner in which the tabernacle was designed and constructed. Next, the temple built during Solomon's rule . . . with its "windows with artistic frames," elaborate beams, winding stairways, gold-covered cherubim, and "stone prepared at the quarry" so that "neither hammer nor axe nor iron tool [would be] heard in the house while it was being built" (1 Kings 6:4–8,28). The name of God was exalted as people witnessed such detailed beauty. It still is.

What is true of grand music, great writing, priceless art, and quality construction is also true of the way some still practice medicine or law, do their architectural drawings, teach their students, type their letters, preach their sermons, play their instruments, cook meals, fix cars, coach teams, sell insurance, run a business, a home, a school, a restaurant, or a ministry. It makes them stand out in bold relief . . . clearly a cut above the average. It's not for the money or for the glory or for the fame it may bring. It's simply a matter of deep-seated personal pride and commitment. Nothing less satisfies. It all boils down to fine, rare, quality craftsmanship.

Decide now to do something special in the next twenty-four hours—something no one may ever notice except you and your Creator—in which you can demonstrate high-quality workmanship. While you're deciding what to do, read with reverence the first chapter of Genesis—and think about workmanship.
Sometimes the small stuff is a big deal.

Have a great week!
Pastor Moe


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