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MAY 2015, ISSUE 3 

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Full speed ahead!

Dear readers,

With many cities committed to sustainability and improved air quality, bus operators and politicians are looking for the necessary tools to better understand and choose from the different options available for emission-free public transport. 
Through the flagship ZeEUS project, UITP and all Partners are joining forces to prove that e-buses can properly run in dense urban areas in normal service with passengers. And it works! High capacity e-buses are already running in Barcelona, Münster and Stockholm. The next city in line is Pilsen where the Launch Event will take place on 28th May.
Data collection and analysis methodology have also been set up, with the aim to deliver unambiguous and scientifically sound information on the performance of series and pre-series electric buses and associated charging system.

We also wish to warmly welcome the 3 new cities which will soon take part in the ZeEUS project as Core Demonstrations: Paris, Randstad and Warsaw!

I invite you to consult this #3 Issue of the ZeEUS e-Newsletter to discover more about the latest developments and the future project activities!


Stockholm: Fully Electric Hybrid Buses
in service since mid-March

On 16 March 2015, the operation of the first fully electric hybrid buses was launched on the line 73, passing through the central areas of Stockholm.

Within the frame of the ZeEUS project, Stockholm is putting in service 8 plug-in hybrid buses of 12 meters and testing the efficiency of the electric solution in the challenging Swedish weather conditions. Stockholm ZeEUS Demo Partners: Volvo Buses, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, Viktoria Swedish ICT and Vattenfall have joined forces with key stakeholders - Keolis and Siemens - to work hand-in-hand towards this goal.


First electric buses from the ZeEUS project marked a new chapter for Münster’s public transport
With the ZeEUS Demo Launch event on 23rd of April, the city of Münster initiated an era of cleaner, quieter and low emission public transport. During the event, more than 150 participants could hear about the project from high-level speakers, such as the CEO of Stadwerke Münster, Dr. Dirk Wernicke and the Mayor of Münster Markus Lewe.

Münster will test and evaluate 4 fully electric buses Citea Electric provided by VDL. Quick charging at the terminal is ensured by an articulated arm which automatically connects to the charging system and prepares the bus for the next trip in less than 5 minutes.

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The electric bus of TMB at the Salon Automobil
The solutions in sustainable mobility applied to public transport in smart cities, such as Barcelona, ​​played an important role in this year’s Motor Show held from 9 to 17 May in the Catalan capital.

In a dedicated zone called Urban Mobility, Live Barcelona - a public-private platform created to promote sustainable mobility, the City Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and TMB displayed some of the projects being carried out in Barcelona. TMB’s fleet already has two standard electric buses circulating in the city as part of the ZeEUS project, one of which was displayed during the event. Additionally, the Barcelona Demonstration foresees to introduce two articulated fully electric buses in autumn. 


Paris, Randstad and Warsaw to join the ZeEUS project

Following a call for a new core demonstration launched through UITP by the European Commission, discussions are ongoing with 3 new cities which will soon take part in the ZeEUS project. Paris, where slow charging at the depot aims to ensure a full-day service for a minimum of 4 BOLLORE Bluebuses of 12m each, Randstad (Netherlands), with around 7 full-electric buses and Warsaw (Poland) where 10 SOLARIS buses of 12m will run using both slow and fast charging.

All the buses are planned to operate within the end of this year, ensuring that data collection will deliver unambiguous and scientifically sound information, both on the performance of state-of-the-art electric buses and on their associated charging technologies.

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Drive with ZeEUS to...

Launch Event - Plzen Demonstration

28 May, Plzen, Czech Republic
Plzen in Czech Republic is the next city to put electric buses in service within the ZeEUS project. The city will host the ZeEUS Demo Launch Event on 28 May 2015 at bus terminal No. 33 at Krašovská street in Plzen.

In the Plzen Demo, 2 fully electric standard 12m buses will be put in operation. They will use fast charging infrastructure installed in the bus terminals of the route and slow overnight charging infrastructure at the bus depot.

Follow this link for more details.

UITP World Congress and Exhibition

Smile in the city
8-10 June, Milan, Italy
The biennial UITP World Congress and Exhibition is taking place in Milan (Italy) between the 8th and the 10th of June. It is the biggest event in public transport sector, attracting professionals from all over the world. 

During the whole event, we invite you to visit the EU projects area on the UITP stand (booth no. 3D110) to meet the projects’ partners who can tell you more about ZeEUS, its progress and intermediate results. ZeEUS will be also featured in several presentations.

Click here to find out more about the ZeEUS project in Milan

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Coordinated by UITPZeEUS is a project cofunded by the European Commission, under the 7th Research & Innovation Framework Programme, Mobility & Transport Directorate-General, grant agreement n° 605485. 

The ZeEUS project has been launched by the European Commission in the frame of the European Green Vehicle and Smart Cities & Communities.