Happy Winter fellow Humans!

And what a winter it's been!
If you're paying attention to American politics, weather patterns, environmental and health news, you're well aware that a lot is happening.   

And thank goodness, as always, spring will come.  With it's fresh, sweet demeanor, it will come revive us back into that deeper inspiration, motivation and optimism we may have lost in the dark of winter.  

For now, may we indulge in the cozy creature comforts that these long nights provide and keep dreaming our visions alive.  May we know ourselves well and thus find our role in creating the change we desire.  Soon enough, the soil above us will break open and we will rise up anew. 

       The turning of the seasons, passing beyond the dark of Solstice and into the tingling and stirring time of Imbolc always seems to get my imagination flowing on what offerings are exciting me for the coming year.  With the disturbing changes related to women's health care, I am feeling increasingly moved to offer women the skills to take their health and sexuality back into their own hands.  To that means, I am having a BLAST working with colleagues and fellow allies/wise women Kim Keller and Samantha Zipporah to create a super duper awesome weekend retreat that will take place in Ashland Oregon in September.  The exact curriculum is still unfolding, and registration isn't yet up and running, but save the date and stay in touch, it's going to be awesome.  Here's a sneak preview flyer:

Next up in March: My Clinical Applications lecture...  an awesome way for healthcare practitioners to get up to date on the current science and statistics of Fertility Awareness as well as the ways it can be used to further empower and serve clients.  
If are new to the wonders of body literacy and Fertility Awareness and want to take the full A-Z package, here's your next chance! If you've already taken this but know someone in your life who would appreciate it, please share!!
Next up... and also something I'm uber excited about... A day long symposium in Sebastopol, (just an hour north of San Francisco).  The 'Medicine of the Feminine' was a hit here in Southern Oregon and so we're taking it on the road!  Please contact me if you'd like to host us in your community! The course will be rich with both metaphor and practicality,  illuminating the connections between our sexual health and the ways of the wild(erness). You can contact the dhyana center directly to enroll! 
Do you desire to get pregnant soon and want to do all you can to optimize your health and your baby's health?  I have had the lovely honor to teach pre-conception classes with the wonderful Sunny Joy Healy at Mamayurveda.  I'm super impressed with her program and highly recommend it to anyone seeking support in preparing for a conscious and healthy pregnancy! 
Special Offering: A rare chance for locals to partake in some continuing education!  I am hosting my 12 teacher training students in May of this year and some of our classes will be open to the public, particularly those of you in the women's health field. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and I can send you the line-up.  The teachers are spectacular and on top of that, you'll get to meet my amazing students!

On that note, are you feeling the call to become a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and a Holistic Sexual Health Educator?  I will be opening up the application period for my next round of the program in a few months!  Send me a note to be put on my mailing list to receive updates!  In the meantime- if you want to work with an FAE and wonder if they are certified and thus up to the standards of our professional organization, look for this logo on their website! 
The AFAP logo indicates that an FAE has been certified through a program recognized by the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals.  

Want to hear more about AFAP?  Take a listen to one of the founding members, Ilene Richman, on the Fertility Friday podcast: 
Portland peeps!  Please consider joining me live this April at the Naturopathic University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). A weekend intensive on Fertility Awareness will be offered, an evening clinical applications lecture is in the works and I will also be available for private consults. 
Want more information on any of my offerings?  Please email me with your questions or head to my website to enroll!  Interested in hosting me in your community for one of the above events?  
Send me a proposal!   I love to travel.  
Once upon a time, in my very first newsletter ever...  I shared a recipe for my favorite and faithful morning drink.  Well it has evolved over the years and so I thought I'd share the latest evolution of it with you again.  It's a great adrenal boosting morning drink that I hear can feel strangely satisfying to former coffee drinkers. 
1. Warm a pan of milk.  Any kind you like, I prefer raw goat milk.
2. Add to your cup the following items:
*1 heaping spoon of 'Dandy Blend' (dandelion and chicory root)
*1 heaping spoon of raw cacao
*1 spoon of raw maca powder
*1 small spoon of mushroom powder of your choice.  
     (I use a mix with reishi/cordyceps/chaga)
*1 spoon ground adaptogenic herbs, (what suits your constitution?)
     (I use shatavari, one could also add ashwaganda)
*a sprinkle of cinnamon
*a sprinkle of salt
*a sprinkle of nutmeg
*sweetener of your choice (I use about 6 drops of stevia extract)

P.S. If you are coming off coffee: add a dropper-full of natural coffee flavoring to help ease the transition.

To replace an old morning routine of 'coffee, then off to work' ...this drink and a swift walk each morning  will go a long ways to support your adrenals back into optimal function!  

Educators and Allies, you may also be interested in attending this conference, sponsored by Justisse Healthworks for Women. I plan to be both attending and speaking at this professional gathering.
Would you like to be involved in a study to further women's holistic health care?  Here is a great opportunity to partake in a small study on PMS, created by a past client of mine. 
Have you heard of THINX?  Well it's the latest in moontime care, period fashion.  Yes, basically, panties with built in pads.  Pretty cool.  If you'd like to get a pair at a discount, use this link!  If you buy some, you get $10 off and I get $10 off!  Check it out!
Want to stay connected on Facebook?  I post articles regularly and sometimes even share sweet rants on SEX POSITIVITY like this one
In closing, please enjoy this fantastic art collection,
in honor of and reverence to the amazing,
resilient and diverse... PUSSY. aka- yoni. vagina. cunt.   
Find more right here
Thanks for reading til the end!!!  Cheers and happy winter~
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