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"Don't be Duped by and App"

  The recently published CNN article on FAM shines light on a new trend in contraception...where suddenly Fertility Awareness is not simply a practice of body awareness but it is a 'high-tech' method of contraception.  This, along with a ridiculous number of new apps and on-line programs for ‘charting your cycles’ ‘predicting your ovulation’ and 'tracking your period’ is disconcerting to some of us (completely successful) luddite paper charters.  
        As someone who has been following my cycles intimately for over 20 years, in a way this seems like a wonderful success.  It’s a breakthrough to what I call the ‘post-pill true feminist era’ many of us have been waiting for…where women will step across the cultural threshold of misconceptions and take back their basic right to own their fertility… Right?
       Upon closer examination, it seems that the curse of these forward thinking, fast paced yet impatient times might be fooling us.  Don’t get me wrong… there are some kick-ass apps out there, I’ll get to that a little later…but there are a whole hell of a lot of apps that are actually carrying us back to the sad days of the rhythm method and creating yet another wave of misleading information and false confidence about natural contraception.
        As long as there have been women on this earth, there have been cycles of fertility pulsing through them.  Indeed, the same cycles that glide the moon across our skies and pull the rising tide up higher on the beach are now, as always, moving through the women of our planet, showing us when the land is fertile for a new seedling to sprout in the warm depths of our wombs and when the dry soil of infertility is upon us and the times are ripe for unprotected, confident, safe love making for all of us who are not in the mood for another babe in the oven.  
        Knowing your cycles and how to work with them is a basic health care practice that is due to re-emerge in this era where women’s empowerment is leaping worlds beyond pills and abortion, to actually give women the skills to be in synch with their fertility, to align with, rather than suppress, these wild hormones that make us whores one day, brilliant creators another and bitches the next.  This is the life force of the woman, just as the it rains one day and the sun shines another.  Call yours back ladies!  
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Healthy Habits
(This column will be used for diet and lifestyle tips that support the endocrine system...and the soul)
TODAY~ A RECIPE!  "My Morning Drink"
It's creamy. It's dreamy.  It's rich and it's yummy.  I look forward to this drink each day.  It warms my belly and stimulates my mind.  For those of you who have a thing for coffee, it may just serve to quench that craving.  Here is the general 'recipe' but please adjust according to your needs and tastes:

1 TBSP 'Dandy Blend' or other roasted root blend
(most mixes contain dandelion and chicory, both liver tonics)
1 TBSP raw cacao
(ahhh... the magnesium, an yippee! some gentle caffeine)
1/2 TBSP maca
(adaptogenic, hormone balancing and good for libido!)
1 tsp medicinal mushrooms
I use reishi: (aromatase inhibitor, cancer prevention)... and cordyceps (biosynthesis of hormones)
a pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of sea salt

sweetener of your choice
(I use coconut sugar and/or stevia extract)
fresh organic cream or raw milk
(calcium, vitamins and enzymes) 

Put the powders in your mug, stir the water in slowly then add milky yum.  

Note: the drink needs to be stirred occasionally to prevent the powders settling to the bottom and making your last sip not as divine.
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The Natural Fertility Network is a group of five seasoned health practitioners who are putting their minds and hearts together to offer comprehensive, holistic care for women and couples facing fertility challenges.  Their practice is located in Ashland, Oregon but several of them are available via Skype as well. Please spread the word so that more women can get collaborative, holistic care on their journey.
What's true for you? 
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For your heart
"Reintegrating a woman-honoring perspective on menstruation means turning a whole system of thought upside down.  It means saying that a cyclical change in feelings and body sensations is valuable and interesting; it means saying that the emotions women experience premenstrually carry useful information and should be paid attention to; it means acknowledging that a menstruating woman has access to sacred energy, and that if she wishes, she should have space and time to explore this dimension of experience." excerpt from Her Blood Is Gold by Lara Owen 
Sarah Naomi Bly is a reproductive and sexual health educator.  For over a decade she has been guiding women of all ages through the many transitions of their reproductive years.  Using charting practices, body literacy, and holistic hormonal support, she helps women find balance, connection, and health from within.  She specializes in topics such as: Contraception Options, Natural Birth Control, Preconception, Hormonal Health, Infertility, & Body Literacy.  She offers classes, lectures, and consultations from her office in southern Oregon and worldwide online. She is the founder and facilitator of a two-year teacher training and certification program and an active and founding member of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals.  
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