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Springing Right

Congregational Meeting Notice
Please take time to review the vision and mission statements and be prepared to adopt them formally as a congregation on Sunday, March 15th. Questions are welcome and encouraged from the participants of the working group. Contact the office if you want the name of someone involved to have conversation. The meeting will be brief since this is the only item on the agenda.

Vision Statement:
Our conviction to our values calls us to bold actions of ministry and mission which embrace inclusiveness, love, service, social justice, compassion and affirmation of individual diversities. These values are based in scripture that we take seriously, not literally, and in historical context of how scripture speaks to us today. Through our words and deeds, we will be an example of God’s inclusive love so that all God’s children are supported physically and spiritually

Mission Statement:
      We are a warm, welcoming church, where people feel valued and affirmed, especially those who have felt alienated from church in the past. We do this by aligning our words and deeds and being consciously inclusive of diversity.
      We will support each other and our community spiritually, physically and emotionally by providing a structure for spiritual growth.  Preaching and teaching the Gospel, we encourage people to learn, ask questions and reflect on their own beliefs in light of the scripture, reason and human experience.
      Using our own resources and working with community partners, we provide hands-on mission in order to live the Gospel in today’s world.

Action has also began - be a part of it.

Adult Spiritual Education Committee
Sheryl is coordinating a meeting to get started with planning some enriching events. Contact her if you want to be a part of this group or just show up! They will either meet on Sunday, the 15th or 22nd.

Music Committee
Do you have talent to share? Hum, strum or interpretations welcome and at your convenience. Kara has a calendar at the back of the sanctuary for you to write in your availability. The plan is to make this simple, fun and as people are able individually or in small groups.

Communication/Technology Committee
Anyone currently manning a technology venue or who wants to participate in enhancing what we do or expanding into other avenues, see Lynn. This group should begin working shortly.


Lenten Lunch Hosts

Check-in with Barb if she hasn't already been in touch with you to help out with our turn at serving Lenten lunch. We are hosting on March 17th. Set-up, serving, clean-up and side dishes will be needed.
5th Sunday Hands-on Mission
It is time to gather our items for our Hope Totes for the Open Door Mission. Items we need donated are below and can be brought to the office. Cash donations are accepted if you do not want or have time to shop. You might want to check with the office to make sure the items you may be planning to purchase have not come in.

We are also looking for a volunteer to do any last minute shopping with church funds to fill in the gaps.

Please get travel sizes if possible.
                 ITEMS                                                               NEED
•   Facial tissues                                                                    50
•   Toilet paper                                                                      50
•   Shampoo                                                                          50
•   Conditioner                                                                       50
•   Deodorant                                                                         50
•   Underwear                                            M-20,  W-20, G-5,  B-5
•   Socks                                                   M-20,  W-20,  G-5, B-5
•   Combs                                                                              50
•   Brushes                                                                            50
•   Feminine Products                                                             20
•   Pain relievers (ibuprofen and acetaminophen)                      50
•   Non-alcoholic cough medicines                                            50
•   Hand Sanitizer                                                                   50
•   Lotion                                                                               50
•   Disposable razors                                                              40
•   Shaving cream                                                                  40

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This Month's Happenings

  • Sundays, 9:30 AM
    • Worship 9:30AM
    • Confirmation Class
Coming Up
  • March 15th Congregational Meeting
  • March 17th, Lenten Lunch
From the Annual Meeting
  • Governing Board Members now serving are: Lynn Adams, Barb Chambers, Carrie Shalters, Barry Miller, and Jedd and Kara Sherman
  • The Pastoral Relations Committee meets quarterly. Its members are: Lynn Adams, Sheryl Heidecker, Bob Schaeffer, Sarah Smith and Ed Rose. Please feel free to share any suggestions, questions or concerns you would like addressed if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with Pastor Don.
  • Special gifts to replenish our investment account have been gracious. Gifts can be directed to the account by notation on your check or by letting the treasurer know.
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