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If you are not a CDS member then why not get involved!

CDS is always keen to welcome new members, whether in stage or off.

We try to avoid seeing the same faces in every show and seek to actively develop or introduce new talent and support.
Why not get in touch or come along and meet us?

You could find hidden talents, a new hobby, and new friends besides!
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In The Bear - a brutish man tries to collect a debt from a wailing widow, but more than gunplay ensues…
And in Fumed Oak - a horrible little clerk turns on his equally unpleasant family and we discover what they are all made of!
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This double bill share comedic themes of the eternal battle between the sexes against the background of their different social classes and show us that feelings and humour in their contemporary period settings were really not so very different from today!
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And help distribute flyers and posters wherever you can!
(You can collect flyers from the Queen's Hall or email us for more!)
  • Can you walk to the pub on the afternoon of Saturday 19th?
  • Can you lift and shift a few heavy items on the morning of Saturday 26th?
  • Or help in the evening on one or two nights during the show?
  • Or help packup up after the show on Friday Nov 1st?
If you can't help wth the above please be sure to support us in another way, perhaps distributing flyers to local shops outside of Cuckfield, pinning notices to local community notice boards, sharing information with your friends via email or on Facebook, and of course coming to see this fine pair of comedies that the actors and directors have been working so hard on!

A Request for Helpers!

Never mind Br**it - do you support the Independent State of Cuckfield?

This proud local institution was founded in 1966 and will elect its 53rd mayor on Friday 18th.

As usual CDS will be part of the parade through Cuckfield in the New Mayor's Procession on the afternooon of Saturday 19th October.

Can you join us in both celebrating this unique local tradition and helping promote Comedies of Class at the same time?

While there are floats, a marching band and decorated vehicles it is esssentially a gentle walk to the pub! Overall should take no more than about two hours of your time (from 2pm to 4pm).

We need some volunteers to parade from Warden Park School to the top of the village, take a short break and then back down London Road to The Talbot for the Ceremony of the Keys and then toasting the health of the new Mayor and the Independent State of Cuckfield.

You need to assemble about 2pm, and (unless you want to continue drinking) the procession finishes at about 4pm.   Refreshments are even available en route during the pause at the top of the village.

Placards, leaflets and mid-point refreshments will be provided!

Not available on the 19th?  Please read on - we need a few more casual volunteers the following week on Saturday 26th to help us setup the Queen's Hall and we have a gap for one or two more adhoc helpers on each show night.
The Mayor's procession passes the Rose & Crown

Off stage help!

Can you spare us a few hours at even one of the following times?

No experience required!

Get In and Set Up - Saturday 26th Oct (from 9am)

There is a little lifting and carrying for those with more muscles, bringing in the CDS raked seating,  assembling the stage extension and on this occasion moving a piano (but only a few feet!)

Plus, black curtains need to be hung, chairs set out and labeled and the dressing room and lobby prepared for cast and audience.

The Burgess Hill Shed have helped us greatly by building some new portable scenery flats for this show, but although Pip from the Hurst Players has helped us with the "window" views we still have a little decoration (basic painting and wall papering) to finish off!

  • Many hands do make light work - and the important few hours in the morning of Saturday 19th will be rewarded with a hot meal (a chilli has been suggested) and very possibly alcohol as well!

  • Reply now and let us know how much (or how little!) you can do!
    All support is valuable!

Strike and Get Out - After show Friday 1st Nov and Sat 2nd Nov

After the final show on Friday 1st November we have to reverse the process, but the van loading is left until Saturday so that all the cast and crew can enjoy a drink (or three) at the afterparty and celebrate another great CDS event.


Nightly During the Show - from Tuesday 29th Oct to Friday 1st Nov


The Front of House team run the box office for last minute sales, distribute programmes and assist the audience if required as well as staffing the bar and selling ice creams during the interval.

And for some of these jobs you are not even needed all evening.

  • All the cast, crew and helpers are welcomed to the afterparty late on the Friday when we can all finally relax!

Other Shows Nearby

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