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From Tuesday 29th October until Friday Nov 1st CDS presents

You may not have helped with a CDS show before, but don't think that you need to be an expert in theatre or that you need to commit to long hours or tasks outside your capabilities...
  • NB: No Saturday show this year. This is due to a busy Cuckfield calendar with the both the Cuckfield Fireworks and London to Brighton Veteran Car run that weekend.
But it does mean there's more time for the afterparty! So come and join the team for Comedies of Class, meet new friends, hear all the backstage gossip and enjoy the pleasure of being part of the show without needing to be a performer!  But if not then you can buy seats when

Online Ticket booking opens in late September

How You Can Help

The actors are rehearsing... posters are being designed...
  • But some vital off stage roles need YOUR assistance!
  • Please take a few minutes to read on and see if you could be the person we need!
Whether you have some time to help us prepare purely in advance, could organise a small team to help during the show, or even if you just have a couple of hours on one night many hands make light work and it's good fun too!.
  • In most cases evening helpers are able to see the show for free but as a new incentive for this show key roles will get a complimentary seat (or more dependent on effort)! as an extra Thank You!

The Key Roles

Most tasks are NOT needed during performances, so you need not be there all evening  or you could watch the show.
  • Pre-show tasks need be done before the curtain goes up, in many cases over the weekend before the show, or earlier,
  • Many are flexible in timing, that they can (or need to be) carried out well in advance in any few free hours.
  • Any for several it's just organisation of a small team for one area which is most of the effort. That could be just checking tickets or finding or making a few props or part of a costume.
There's a brief outline of each role below.  But volunteers at all levels and availability are very welcome! So even if you are interested in being a ordinary native American instead of a chief just send the producer Paul an email to find out more!

Casting for Fumed Oak

          Directed by Izi & Robin Gaff
  • Doris Gow --- Louise Paton - most recently seen in Stepping Out
  • Elsie Gow --- Isabelle King - her debut appearance with CDS
  • Mrs Rocket --- Lorraine Jordan - most recently seen in Dirty Business
  • Henry Gow --- Vincent Whittaker - most recently seen in Christmas Cabaret 2017

Casting for The Bear

          Directed by Hazelle Woodhurst
  • Popova --- Georgia Rusthon-Read - her debut appearance with CDS
  • Looka --- Jason Buck - most recently seen in Christmas Cabaret 2018
  • Smirnov --- Simon Perkins - most recently seen in The Browning Version

Crew for Backstage and Front of House

Are being recruited now!
Why not come and be a small (or large) part of the show support team?
Find out more and be a part of bringing these two comedies to Cuckfield!

About The Plays

The Bear

by Anton Chekhov
  • While this play concerns a young widow and a man chasing a debt there's no sign of tragedy and long dramatic pauses in this story.
  • The brutish Smirnov trying to get his money from a widow who does not have it.  But Popova is still coming to terms with her husband's passing and some secrets from his past... Refusing interventions from her long standing servant Looka, she has to face down "the Bear" who is more than knocking at her door.
  • This fast moving comedy is about the oldest story in the world with plenty of humour in the interplay between the characters.

Fumed Oak

by Noel Coward
  • Best known for his sparkling comedies of high society (such as Blithe Spirit) Noel Coward was a staple writer and actor in English theatres and film from stage in 1920s until the 1960s (when he played crime boss Mr Bridger in "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine)
  • Fumed Oak is one of a number of short plays he wrote to revive that form but this is set nearer to his own origins in lower middle-class suburban London where clerk Henry lives with his wife Doris, whiny teenage daughter Elsie and Doris's mother. What will happen when the worm turns?

Overview of Off-Stage Roles

Set Constructor(s) - (pre-show, flexible)
  • Assemble pieces of the set in giant wood work - tools, wood, and workspace are all available and this time some of this work will be flexible in timing. (Provisionally filled,but more help is always useful!)
  • If you've ever made a cardboard fort this could be the perfect role for you!

Set Painter (pre-show, flexible)

  • Can you handle a paint brush?   As well as painting some panels in a neutral colour or fake aged wood we also need some simple perspective "windows" (painted complete with frame). This means that they can be painted on a board to be hung on a wall when needed!
  • Royal Academy qualifications are not needed!  Views are representative rather than photo-realistic!

Properties Manager (pre-show, very flexible)

  • Source "props" including small furniture to meet the directors' requests as close as is practicable. Buy or build if you must but we find borrow and beg is often enough!
  • Most of the more difficult items have been located or budgeted for, so this is mainly search and checking item off a list. - and perhaps the odd trip to charity shops or boot fairs ...

Costume Manager (pre-show, flexible)

  • Since CDS is an equal opportunities non-employer we no longer say Wardrobe Mistress - but this role is to help source costumes for each play, both 1930s London and 1900s Russia.
  • We have some regular places to hire from, and adjustments are not usually necessary - but most CDS actors can usually dress themselves!

Make Up (pre-show)

  • A smaller role (but it can be easily combined with another) this role mainly needs to make sure that actors don't look washed out under bright stage lights. Sometimes we need people to look older or younger, or occasionally even add a scar, or burns and so on!.  Unlike everyday make up - the audience are always at least 10-15 feet away!
  • In fact most female actors tend to do their own makeup, but the men seem to need a little more help!

Bar Manager (mainly pre-show, fairly flexible!)

  • Is this the most vital job of all?  Someone needs to organise the bar!  We have usual sources for wine and beer as well as soft drink and nibbles, but we want offer audiences a decent drink at a good price!  Experience and advice on cost pricing is and bar stocks is available (sale or return helps greatly!) but can you make sure we have a decent white, red and fizz as well as ale, lager and cider?
  • You do not need to serve at the bar each night.. but you need to manage the nightly bar staff, and to manage float and takings.

Publicity Manager(s) - (pre-show, very flexible!)

  • A vital role that can easily be split between two people. Physical, (managing flyer and poster distribution) and Online, such as sending out press releases, and generating website or social media posts. So whether you are a Bill Poster or a Social Influencer we have ways you can help get the word out to the public in Cuckfield and beyond!

Sound and Lighting (both some pre-show and during performances)

  • This involves preparing and operating sound and lighting effects. For our two short plays these are both fairly simple, so one person will be able to run both during the show.  However there is some preparation and rigging is needed - and so the lead manager will need some key assistants.
  • But you get a great view and can tell the actors that without them "you have marketable skills, whereas without you they'd be emoting in the dark!"

Box Office and Front of House (some pre-show and before each performance).

  • While we sell online with TicketSource and in person with the assistance of Marcus Grimes there is always the odd phone or email query to follow up.  Also we need to sell to walk-in customers immediately before the show. This role also makes sure we have a couple of ushers to check tickets and to sell ice creams is also important - and generally overseeing the audience.
  • Bring your own cattle prod and loud hailer!

Poster and Programme Designer (pre-show)

  • Sorry this role was filled early this time!  But there's always the same need for the next show. And
  • It needs some basic idea of graphic design (self-taught is fine) and a willingness to understand the implications (and costs) of commercial printing and the how to make the most of previous CDS experience and brand assets.

Photographer (pre-show and during at least one performance).

  • We need someone to take publicity photos before the show, headshots for the programme and lobby area, and to make sure we have some quality records of the triumphant performances and crew.
  • So if you are a budding David Bailey and have some suitable equipment why not take up the challenge of portraits to action and publicity shots. Enjoy telling actors what to do without the rest of the of the job of directing!

Stage Manager: (some pre-show and during each performance).

  • We've all heard of this job! Once the audience are in place it's no longer the producer or director who is in charge. Like an orchestra's conductor a stage manager makes sure the actors and tech and stage crew are ready and in the right places, and essentially acts as the show's behind the scenes coordinator.
  • But as things always run smoothly they often help the stage crew set the stage with props and scenery so that they are not too bored.

Other Crew Members (various!)

  • Many of the key roles above will also need team members, people able to spare just an hour ot two to help the above key folks in various ways, perhaps just one evening before the curtain rises, or at a weekend.
  • Even if you can only spare us a little time you can still help us put on a great show!
  • Send producer Paul an email to join the list of potential general helpers!

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