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  • Audition Announcement - "The Bear"
    • a comedy in one act by Anton Chekhov
    • Part of our next October Double Bill
    • See the details below or at cdsweb
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Open Audition Call

‘The Bear’

by Anton Chekhov

Audition Dates:

  • Tuesday 11th June - 8pm
  • Wednesday 12th June - 8pm

Audition Venue

Performance Dates

  • First show Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30th October 2019 (TBC)
  • Last show will be Friday 1st November 2019
    • As usual this is half term week, but there will be no Saturday Show  because of clashes with Fireworks and Halloween Parties, and the Veteran Car Run that weekend!


  • Popova – Romantic, sentimental, a young widow, in mourning for her late husband.
    • 20's to late 30’s/ early 40’s
  • Smirnov – Brutish, (Bear-like) landowner, who has come to collect on a debt.
    • Late 30’s – late 40’s/early 50’s
  • Luka – Manservant to Popova. Gentle but with excellent comic timing.
    • Late 50’s –60’s/early 70’s

The Play

The Bear (or sometimes The Boor) is one of Anton Chekhov’s lesser-known plays, but it is is an excellent representative of a “Farce in One-Act,".

Fast-paced and with biting dialogue, its comedy involves exaggerated emotions that quickly turn into their opposites. Popova fancies herself inconsolably bereaved, while Smirnov considers himself a man's man, but could it be that they start to develop feelings for each other?

The Other Half of the Double Bill

Auditions and casting for The Bear are being announced now due to some planned holidays ...   But we have another short play in mind to complete the show. It also has a small cast size but we have not yet confirmed it.

In part this is because we are still seeking a director, either novice or experienced, and sometimes directors have strong feelings for or against particular plays. If a director has a preferred one-act play in mind we'd be happy to consider that as an alternative.
  • But we will be announcing the play and audition details before the end of May - with rehearsals starting after the summer. 
  • If you are interested in acting (in a small or large role) or directing, just send us an email or get in touch to find out more!
We would be especially happy to hear from anyone at other local drama societies who would like to be a guest director at CDS!
  • We have experienced directors who can assist or mentor you through the process of auditioning, casting, rehearsal planning and liaising with the technical and stage management areas before you step back on opening night!
  • And to make things run as smoothly as possible at CDS all off stage issues are managed by a separate producer. So unlike many groups you won't need to manage all the auxiliary details such as ticket sales, publicity, and front of house management.
  • Why not send us an email or get in touch to find out more?

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