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Our October Production... Win Cabaret Seats & Cuckfield Remembers

Sadly due to a sudden illness (and emergency surgery yesterday) we have decided to cancel all four dates of our October double bill of The Browning Version and Dirty Business.

Our leading lady was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation and is not able to perform next week. She is now recuperating but not able to perform on stage. She is doing well (if immobile) and we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery.

We did not take the decision lightly. After attending the rehearsals last Sunday and seeing the superb quality of acting by the whole cast, we did not think that inviting a stand-in with a script in the hand would do the performance any justice it so deserves.  Our audience has come to appreciate the high quality of our performances and we pride ourselves to present you with nothing but the best!   We hope to present both plays at a later date.

Those of you who booked and gave an email address will already have had an email from TicketSource about the cancellation.

Refunds are being made automatically direct to your card if you bought online via TicketSource, or can be obtained at Marcus Grimes if you purchased there.  Please email if you have any problems.

refunds will be processed by TicketSource within one working day and the refunds will then take up to five working days to appear back on your card.)

Tickets are stil on sale for the Letters and Poems from the Front which CDS is presenting as part of Cuckfield Remembers.
Don't delay - book now online by credit or debit card
(and no booking fee!)
Or you can buy in Marcus Grimes by cash or cheque

Win Christmas Cabaret Seats in Leanne's Raffle!

CDS had donatLeanne for Mayor!ed tickets for next week's show to support Leanne Knapman for Mayor of The Independent State of Cuckfield as prizes in in her mega-raffle - see some of the prizes below!

With the show's cancellation we have upgraded these to two seats including dinner (value £40) for this year's 1970's TOTP themed Christmas Cabaret. With that event regularly selling out quickly (tickets will go on sale in November) this could be the best investment of only fifty pence per ticket that you could make!

You can buy in person tonight at the White Harte at the all important count , but if you can't be there you can send her some money by paypal to  (or any other method) and she will allocate you tickets!

And as usual every penny raised goes to good causes in Cuckfield distributed by the Independent State our unique local charity.

With other fabulous prizes including a meal for two at the Good Evening Thai at The White Harte, another meal for two at The Wheatsheaf, an Urban Sanctuary voucher, a GoPro, a giant bottle of whisky, toiletries, luxury sun glasses, Gym time & Dance vouchers, and more what better way to support one of the most deserving and had working candidates ever in this her fourteenth attemptI'm having another £10 worth myself!

Tommy will be parading in the new Mayor's Procession on Saturday, reminding us all of the i mpacty of the Great War on the people of Cuckfield and the upcoming events for Cuckfield Remembers.

Why not book now for Letters and Poems from the Front or the Independent State of Cuckfield Tea Dance?
You are cordially invited to a Tea Dance organised by the Independent State of Cuckfield in remembrance of those who served and lived through the Great War.

3-5pm at The Queen’s Hall on Sunday November 11th.

£5 per person,
including sandwiches, home made cake and bottomless cups of tea! Buy online from ISOC here.
CDS and guests will read famous war poetry and letters from the front including those from/to the soldiers of Cuckfield. There will also be some thought provoking sketches. This will be a multi-media event and is expected to last no more than 75 minutes including a short interval.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £4 for children and are available from the usual CDS channels,
If you want to pay by cash or cheque, tickets for the Tea Dance
and Letters from the Front are also available from Marcus Grimes.
All of the Cuckfield Remembers events are listed below

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