Dear Friends,

As I sit in my office at Alaska Bible College, I look out the window and see the Palmer water tower and the peak of Lazy Mountain. The iconic image of the tower and the snow-capped mountain remind me of two life-saving truths: Our physical human existence is vitally dependent on the life-giving properties of water, and our spiritual, eternal existence is vitally dependent on the gift of God in His son Jesus. When I look at the majestic mountains of Alaska I often respond with the heart of the Psalmist:

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2)

It is possible that David was reminded of His Lord’s deliverance when he looked at the mountains because David had spent several years hiding from Saul in those very mountains. Looking at them, he wrote this song while serving as king of Israel. When I view the grandeur of the “hills” in Alaska, I cannot help but thank the Lord for His deliverance and strength.

As I consider the six years our Lord has allowed me to serve as President of Alaska Bible College, those same thoughts of the Lord’s strength, provision, and deliverance flood my mind and heart. God has been good to ABC! We are celebrating increased enrollment of students who deeply love the Lord, His Word, and His call upon their lives.

Media in Ministry class learning some practical skills!

Media in Ministry class learning some practical skills. Click the image to see more

There is a cloud on the horizon, however, that I want to invite you to see and help address. The cultural trajectory of our great land no longer respects the authority of the Bible. More and more, the Christian worldview we intentionally and passionately instill in our students is being viewed as hate, and attacked with scorn and cancellation. We are excited to unleash a generation of servant-leaders with Christ-like character who will, with boldness and love, live out the claims of Christ and not be ashamed of His Gospel.

ABC Junior David Whipple preaches to a local congregation

ABC Junior David Whipple preaching to a local congregation. Click the image to listen to his message on Facebook!

Each year most of our students depend on Federal Student Aid in order to be trained for Christian ministry at ABC. We do not know how much longer such aid will be available to our students given the increasing hostility toward Gospel-based education. It is with this in mind that the leadership of Alaska Bible College has established a Scholarship Endowment. We are trusting the Lord for resources that will allow us to provide ongoing scholarships without the help of federal aid. We believe it is possible, with your help, to provide the same level of aid that our students would receive from federal programs, and not be subject to federally mandated attempts to restrict our mission. We cannot do this without your investment in ABC! We will need $5,000,000 added to our scholarship endowment over the next 5 years to accomplish that goal.

As you consider your end of the year giving this December, please pray about investing in our Scholarship Fund. Several generous friends of the college have promised $50,000 this year as a matching grant. For every dollar you give, they will match your gift up to $50,000. Together, we can take great steps toward meeting the needs of both current and future students.

Yours in Christ,

President David P. Ley

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