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The staff here at ABC are already looking forward to the day when students return and complete the unique atmosphere of life that characterizes our school!
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a summer challenge from the president

I have been reading through Job these past two weeks.  Though the record of Job’s suffering and restoration can teach us a lot about God’s purposes in our pain, I have been struck by the theology of Job’s friends.  While it would have been wiser for his friends to continue not speaking after being silent for 7 days,  what they said to Job was theologically correct in many ways.  Where they failed miserably was in how they applied their biblical theology to Job’s life. As we finish up our 2021 Spring semester here at ABC and we move into the summer months, I am confident that our students have received effective training this year in Bible study methods and Biblical exposition.  We spare no effort to be Alaska Bible College! My prayer for the students, the staff, yours truly and everyone who is reading this, is that we are just as careful this summer in our application of biblical theology as we are in our exposition of biblical theology.  Job’s friends had good theology but grossly misapplied it and thus did more harm than good for Job.  Let’s not have a summer of holding on to correct biblical theology while slipping away with careless applied theology.

- President Dave Ley

Mentor Letters to Graduates
Last weekend, we proudly sent off our graduating students with their degrees. We consider it a divine privilege and great honor to have been a part of their formation in Christ and equipping for Kingdom work!

Early on in their time at ABC, each of our students is paired with a staff member in a mentor/mentee relationship. This relationship enables students to maximize the potential of taking classes here: they can process what they learn on a more personal, applicational level with their mentor, and in the mentor relationship they have a safe space to process their struggles with both school and life in general. In essence, they are discipled. Over the course of a degree program, a student mentee and staff mentor have journeyed for quite some time through a lot of formative life. Below are letters presented to each of our graduates from the staff member who had the joy of being their mentor.

Crystal Lee Pio-Templeton,

On the occasion of your graduation from Alaska Bible College with your Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry with emphasis in Intercultural Ministry.

Dearest Crystal,

I am so blessed to have been able to spend the last four years becoming your friend. I have enjoyed our conversations, our laughs, our tears, and our crabapple eating adventures. I have enjoyed watching you encourage other students to pursue excellence. The most exciting thing has been watching you grow closer and more in love with Christ each passing year.

The last four years have been filled with a lot of obstacles for you and your family. I have watched as your faith in God has grown deeper every semester. Your trust in God never wavered even when things seemed hopeless. You have accomplished so much in the last four years. All of us at Alaska Bible College are so proud of you and are so excited to see what God has in store for you!


Christy Coté

Braden Kent Gerber,

On the occasion of your graduation from Alaska Bible College with your Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

The credits are rolling. Another game has been completed. Literally hundreds of hours have been spent as well as a boat-load of money, mostly in-app purchases. There were many starts and stops along the way and many sleepless nights. Times you wanted to give up, throw in the towel, or throw your controller at the monitor. There were difficult parts that you never thought you would master and had to turn in your cheat codes that didn’t work and admit to needing help to get through. Yet, here you are, victorious! 

But was it worth it? All those hours...all that money...all that effort grinding day after day for a college degree? Was it all for nothing? After all, how is your life any better today than it was when you started the game? Do you see any difference at all? Does anyone?

I can tell you I noticed. I noticed because for the past year you have been listening to me. Not to my lectures, but to my difficulties, my heartaches, and my pains. In our mentor meetings, you became my counselor. You asked questions, not for knowledge but for understanding. Whether you noticed or not, you figured out the key to unlock the next level—a humble, listening ear, who doesn’t have all the answers, but knows where to find them.

As these credits roll, you will discover that this was not the end of your game, but just the first level. Everything now resets to zero, except your EXP. You will take with you the lessons you learned—humility, honesty, empathy, a willing spirit, a servant’s heart. Congratulations! You have now leveled up to become a Servant Leader with Christ-like character.

On HIS Majesty’s service,

Benjamin D. Olson, Ph.D.

Anthony Ray Irsik,

On the occasion of your graduation from Alaska Bible College with your Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Anthony, your friendship with others has no boundaries. Your positive attitude is a blessing to any group. Your zeal for serving God began early as you explored any avenue opened to you. On a church mission trip, you learned how ministry to children is done in the crowded streets and churches of Central India. Having some Irish blood, you then found more ministry experience in a tour of missions and churches in Ireland. While there, your excellent speaking skills made you the pastor’s choice for Bible readings!

At ABC, you found the intensity of studies daunting at first but gradually learned the disciplines of planning and perseverance. The need to include part-time employment has toughened you. Your obvious gift from God is your commanding presence, loud, clear voice, and ability to draw attention. Just as the tall Abraham Lincoln gained attention by adding a top hat, your top hat announces your presence. You excelled in the Speech class; your speech, eloquent body language, and strong memory for passages showed us that you need a bigger stage.

In addition to your studies at ABC, you devoured books on every aspect of performing on stage, set design, directing, and soliloquies. your newfound skills led to your directing and performing as Joseph, the husband of Mary at Farm Loop. The local Glenn Massey Theater in Palmer looks forward to including you in a Shakespeare play very soon. The college will miss you, Anthony, but we will watch your progress as God continues to lead you.


Bob Bates

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