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So Much NEWs

This year has been an 'it-can-really-ALL-happen' kind of year.  I have appreciated my Yoga / Meditation practice for helping me to flow with it all more and more easily.  This time last year my beautiful mum passed away, very unexpectedly.  My place in the world and the world itself shifted radically.  I left my job to focus on the Yoga and wellbeing work, leaving the 'security' that a job can seem to offer and feeling the call to find a new level of internal security.  I married the 'better-than-sliced-bread-on-a-month-of-sundays' man of the dreams I never knew I had and experienced again new demands on faith in a shared life.

Through all of this, through the focus that Yoga & Meditation guide me towards, I find a deeper and deeper knowing-that-everything-is-always-working-out-well, of the underlying wellbeing of everything, despite how things might often appear; an allowing of life to be easier, more comfortable and more fun.

I know that many of you have also been through eventful, transformational times.  Our awareness in the world is opening up so much, enhanced with mindful, holistic understanding and with old truths, ways and beliefs becoming unhinged.  There is so much knowledge, support and guidance around and my new services, clubs, classes, offerings (my own and in collaboration with others) are all being designed to open up as much of it to you all as possible.    

Yoga & Meditation have tangibly changed my life.  There are many styles and techniques and sometimes it can seem a bit complicated, mystical or tricky to choose which to practice.  In these sessions, while we will explore different meditative 'techniques' (there may be one or two you prefer over others), we will focus on the quality with which we want to approach any of them and what we are allowing for ourselves as we do.  In this way, I hope to help you find the inspiration, confidence and results that will make meditation an easy and sure part of your day. 
- LOVE YOGA Studio 12.15-1.15 for Mediation Lunch Club.
- Worlds of Wellbeing Facebook Group for FREE guided video sessions.  

MONDAYS 12-12.45PM*
-Kaimhill Yoga Group, Kaimhill Learning Centre, (supportive, all levels including those with injury or illness)
TUESDAYS 5.30-6.46PM
-Yoga Essentials, Love Yoga Studio (guided practice for all levels)
THURSDAYS 12.15-1.15PM
-Meditation Lunch Club, Love Yoga Studio (guided meditation practices & bring your own lunch)
-Meditation-Made-Simple Sessions, FREE in Worlds of Wellbeing Facebook Group (chat & guidance on video)

*changing to Wednesdays 9.15-10.15am from 1st November

COMING SOON - NEW Staff/Post Grad Class coming to Aberdeen University

Please contact me if you would like a taster class at your workplace or venue. 
My better-than-sliced-bread-husband with wedding photo!
"Emma was just 'spot on' at my first Yoga Therapy session! Emma has a lovely personality and made me feel totally at ease. I was very impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Emma made suggestions of what would and could help me physically after a period of painful sciatica. The exercises are great, I really enjoy doing them and they have definitely enhanced my physical wellbeing. Emma has also helped me focus on meditation which helps create balance in daily life. I would not hesitate in reccomending Emma to anyone". SB
Ever Feel Like Pressing Pause or Reset? 
 . . being soothed with sleep-inducing yoga in the evening, waking up feeling refreshed the morning after
. . without the distractions of home, you saunter downstairs to be guided in gentle, opening and energising movement and breath
. . feeling awake, fresh, tingly and hungry, you are served breakfast choices that are tasty and good for you
. . your mind quieter than usual, you have time to rest and shower
. . then, being guided in peaceful observations in nature, you walk quietly by a river and notice details and patterns that seem to answers concerns or decisions present in your life.
. . This nourishment continuing and deepening over lunch, into the afternoon, evening and the next day
. . Your body feeling lighter and the practices so simple you can take them home
. . Your mind clearer and more positive and you’ve felt a shift, an insight that’s subtle but so deep that you know you it might flutter but never leave for long.

The deeper the connection we have with ourselves and our environment, the more relaxed, supported and easy our lives become.  I've designed a retreat in Yoga & Nature to support you to learn to allow yourself more space for insight and connection in your daily life. 

From Friday 3pm - Sunday 12 noon we will be nourished with morning, midday and evening Yoga asana, pranayama & meditation practices and delicious, healthy meals & snacks.  Alongside, we will practise observing our surroundings through the ethics & principles of Permaculture, the first step in the Permaculture design system for sustainable living. 
We're using a pricing structure arranged to make the retreat as accessible as possible.
Booking form here. More info here.
Yoga adapts to whoever wants to practise and for whatever reason. NEVER think you're not fit, well or flexible enough to do it!
I work one-to-one and in small groups to support you to find your own Yoga practice.  I am trained therapeutically to address injury, illness and all kinds of conditions we find ourselves in (emotional/neurological/physical etc).   I also work with families to help form relationships that support wellbeing for all.
Range of packages/pricing available. Contact me at
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