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It's true.

Slow Club is closing on August 30th.

For good.

It's the end of an unforgettable 24-year era.

I am honored to have become a part of such a dynamic, creative and caring community.

At the end if the day, it is about the individual people...and there have been so many that have shaped Slow Club over the years. On this unlikely corner of the Mission, we have been blessed to surround ourselves with amazing staff, regulars, purveyors and ultimately friends.

I could tell a hundred stories of the soulful food, the intoxicating drinks, the heartbreaks, the punches landed (3 that I know of), but my favorites are the romances. First dates turned into wedding parties and kids starting high school. The precious everyday moments fueled by nurturing food, community and a place to hang out.

Life in a restaurant is like an intense relationship. There are high highs and definite lows. But from the best relationships, we take with us something so special, it changes us forever.

Here at Slow Club, we are no strangers to change, but we are humbled by the impact of the relationships that deeply changed us, and left us better.

With gratitude and lots of love,

Erin Rooney
Owner of Slow Club since 1998
We hope you will join us before we close at the end of the month.  Make a reservation here or join us in the future at Serpentine in Dogpatch.  Either way, let's stay in touch.