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Vol 7                                                  Spring Nov 2021

Hi Everyone,

Let me start with a giant thank you for all the current shelter volunteers that have dealt with poop explosions, extra kennel cleaning, masses of washing and hanging in over time as we have worked through the last couple of weeks since lockdown has lifted. Dog numbers have increased and they are mainly difficult ones, and as a result there has been lots of hard work. So thank you to each and every one of you who has helped over the last three weeks.

Sadly, as we edge ever closer to the end of our time at Carlton, some 75 years, this newsletter has the latest updates on the changes and an invitation to a "Town Hall "meeting where you can keep up to date with the latest progress. Also, you are invited to our PAW-TY gathering at our favourite watering hole, to say thank you, to you our wonderful, amazing volunteers.

Please take a look through the annual report for the latest updates. The report itself is stunning to look at with lovely stories and pictures as well as all the important operational information.

Read on...
  • Annual Report 2020-21
  • Town Hall Meeting invite
  • PIA Companion Animal Rescue Awards ceremony
  • Farewell Carlton get together
  • Volunteering update 
  • Scenes from the shelter
  • Warm welcomes
  • Special thank yous
  • Foster care update
  • Past issues of Volly Vibes
Check out the fabulous, hot off the press SDCH Annual Report 2021.

There you will find:
  • President’s Report
  • General Manager’s Report
  • Animal Care & Veterinary Report
  • Operations Report
  • Fundraising & Marketing Report
  • Kurnell Project Sub Committee Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Financial Report
  • Infographic Stats
  • Happy Tails: Jasper, King, Chestnut and Apricot
  • Acknowledgments & Thank You
Access the Annual 2021 Report
You're Invited!


SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 30 November @7pm – 9pm via Zoom

PURPOSE: With so much going on, including staff and board changes and the implementation of the upcoming relocation and interim plan after we exit Carlton, the purpose of this town hall is to check in with staff, volunteers, and members with the aim to give all internal stakeholders an update and to provide a chance for any queries or concerns to be aired.

  • Meet the new Board members
  • Learn about:
    • New Strategic Plan
    • Relocation Plan
    • Intermediate Plan
    • Kurnell Project Update
    • Capital Campaign Update
    • Volunteering Opportunities
Zoom link details will be forwarded prior to the meeting date.
Awards Ceremony Wed Nov 10, 2021 at 12 noon.
Details below.

Congratulations Volunteer of the Year Finalists

Congratulations to the Finalists: Lachlan Barnard (Forever Friends Animal Rescue) Kaye Cromie (Lort Smith), Paula Oberosler (Greyhound Rescue), Melissa Penn (Sydney Dogs & Cats Home), Louise Stott (RSPCA Victoria) and Alison Dower (Rachie's Ratirement Home)

Click here to read more on all finalists.

Lucky door prize

Join the celebration! View the Rescue Awards Ceremony via the button below on Wednesday 10 Nov, 2021 at 12 noon AEDT, and you can WIN one of three copies of Lara Shannon's new book, 'World of Dogs' and a pack of goodies from Natures Gift. Just tell Companion Animal Rescue Awards about your rescue dog during the virtual event.

Read more.
Link to Awards Presentation

Volunteering Update

Our wonderful group of experienced red level volunteers are doing Furcations on weekends and during the week and taking out some of the bigger dogs. Trevor, Bill and even Greta got some time out last week. Look for the happy faces and adventures on the volunteer Facebook page.

As some lockdown restrictions have lifted, we have taken a deliberately slow approach to ease restrictions at the shelter. There is is a remote risk that an infection could still close the shelter, hence the caution. Currently we are in negotiations to merge the A and B teams back into one, both staff and volunteers. This will be confirmed soon. Also a few new volunteers will be recruited for the short-term to help out mainly with the cleaning and wash-up.

As other roles become available for the relocation project I will be reaching out for assistance as required.  This will likely involve some handyman help, assistance with packing, moving stuff between sites (any freebie truck rental would be amazing). Let me know by return email if you can help in that area.

Animal Movements
For September/October saw:

Dog: 20 including Harriet, Riley, Cotton and the brindle pups
Cat: 40 including Trifle, Pedro and Porkchop
Dog: 43
Cat: 9
Special Reclaim
Charlotte the 14 year old cat who had been missing for 6 years - her dog friend at home still remembered her and her family were very happy to have her back.

Volunteer Impact
The lockdown  reduced volunteer hours to an average of 350 hours during September and 420 in October.
Warm Welcomes

Relocation Project Coordinator 

We are excited to announce that Lucy Hay joins our team on Monday 15th of November. Lucy has a passion for animal welfare and previous experience in operations, administration and the project management of new site set up and openings. Lucy is coming to us directly from a role as Operations Manager at Maggie's Rescue, where she has coordinated various operational projects for the last 18 months.

Lucy will support our organisation's Leadership Team with our upcoming transitional and relocation project plans in this new role for an initial period of 6-months.

Welcome Lucy.

Special Thank Yous

We appreciate all our volunteers at every level for the time, commitment and effort so generously given.

Last-minute shift fillers - Again, the volunteers that jumped in last minute, over the last month. Thank you to Monica Lo Cascio, Campbell Fulton and Julie Dodd. You are Gold!

Chicken Providers - Big thank you to those that helped by providing wet food and chicken for the dogs. It is used to make the dry food more delicious for the dogs, used as a high value reward in training and to give something to the cats with more fussy palates!

Transporters - Thank you to Dorothy Wilmshurst for taking yet another car load of roosters to Golden Ridge north west of Sydney. And to Clare for taking Greta to her vet appointment and bringing her back.

Grooming - Big thank you to Christine Solomon for coming all the way from her place to mine to groom Stanley and Joey.  Lovely to see Christine again after 18 months and also the bright smiley doggy faces with the hair out of their eyes. Pictured below are Christine and Stanley.
Voucher Donation -  Our Amazing volunteer, Julie Dodd, works with the Forensic Mental Health Network as part of the student placements team. Their network has a yearly awards and recognition program and recently, Julie's team was awarded "Team of the Year". As part of the award, they received Westfield gift vouchers worth $600 and they unanimously decided (without Julie) to donate the vouchers to SDCH.
Julie says, "My team is the best ever! We are all HUGE animal lovers and they are always so supportive of my volunteer endeavours." Also, as October was mental health month, the team felt it very appropriate to help out the animals given the strong connection between animals and good mental health. So hopefully these vouchers will help get a few things the shelter needs. No doubt they will Julie, no doubt.

Foster Care Update
Isabella Polizzi - Foster Care Coordinator

Kitten season is starting to take off with two beautiful mumma cats in care with their young kittens. We have a total of 43 animals in foster care currently which includes 33 cats and kittens, 8 dogs and 2 rabbits! A recent surge in foster care applications has seen us onboard around 50 new foster carers.

I have also embraced the Covid-world of virtual everything with virtual puppy behaviour classes for the brindle pups which the carers really appreciated the support. Also bottle feeding kitten workshop was a success with 25 attendees all keen to learn.

Special Foster Case
Gilbert the 5 month old puppy has been with us since July. As he was growing, it became apparent that he had Angular Limb Deformity and has recently just had a big complex surgery at a specialist vet to correct the deformities and hopefully alleviate some of the pain he was feeling. A special mention of his foster carer, Ni Gordon, who was attentive, regularly brought Gilbert to his vet visits and ensured a smooth transition into a new foster home after the surgery. Gilbert’s new foster carer, Caitlin Jones, also deserves a special mention as she is taking great care of Gilbert during his recovery and ensuring he is getting plenty of cuddles, mental stimulation and the best post-operation care. Photo of Gilbert below:

Ash Update
The vet team has been doing a great job treating Ash, the very snotty cat. He has had two surgeries already to remove polyps from his ears and nasopharynx - the next surgery will be a specialist surgery which should provide a more permanent solution for him. Along the way, he has been kept comfortable and as snot-free as possible by the awesome vet team and his fabulous foster carer.

We are running a fundraiser to help with Ash's expensive surgery, so if you can make any contribution, Ash would be furry appreciative:


Sometimes a good outcome for the next stage in an animal's journey is to be transferred to another rescue. Especially bunnies, hens and roosters do well when relocated to an animal-specific rescue. Recent relocations:
  • Woody the Chihuahua went to Seniors and Silkies Rescue
  • The 3 Roosters, Chandler Wing, Jimmy Talon and Kayne Nest went to Golden Ridge
  • Dennis Quail will be transferring to Wofleys Rescue
  • Saffron is going this week to Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue (AWAR)
  • Jupiter will be going to Rabbit Sanctuary

Reminder: Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 10 November, 2021 6pm via Zoom link

Please note that date for this year's AGM is Wednesday, 10 November. If you're a member, you should have received correspondence relating to the AGM in the lead up to the event and emails containing the Zoom link.

Please email me immediately if you are an SDCH member and have not received the information.

Email link
Happy Tails

Past issues of Volly Vibes

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Thank you for everything you do to help look after the animals.
'Til next time, stay well and hope you continue to find some joy in every day.

Any questions or comments, or would just like a chat,  lift a paw and please reply to this email.

Thank you furry much!

Sue Pickering
Volunteer Coordinator
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